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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Alternatives for startups when domains are already registered 2

An anonymous reader writes: Recently we've been trying to start a small company in Argentina. When trying to acquire the domains we need (.com and .com.ar) we found that they were already registered but not in use. We contacted the owners, which are companies or individuals that buy and sell domains for a living.

They said that .com would be a six figure domain (!), which is pretty impressive given that it's not a recognized brand or anything, it's a simple english noun.

On the other hand, for the .com.ar (which is actually free!!) we were asked around 2000.

We think this is outrageous. There has to be some legal way for small enterpreneurs to be able to start their own business without having to pay to these people.

Maybe if we register the name then we can request to be given priority over the domain?

Has any of you ever had to deal with a situation like this?
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Ask Slashdot: Alternatives for startups when domains are already registered

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  • Pick a different name. If it's a new product that has yet to hit the market this will be trivial. If not, add something. Ten years ago I put a bible online, wow but it was hard to find a decent name. I went with a .us domain, holy-bible was open so I used it. I'm sure someone else has it now.

    Whatever you do, do NOT under any circumstances do a whois lookup or type your wanted domain into a browser address bar, because it will be seen and snagged quick. Go straight to the registrar. I suspect that's how you

  • It is extremely difficult to use the legal system to force a domain squatter to give up the domain.
    All the good to almost shitty .coms are taken.

    Buy it from them or pick a different name. $2000 sounds reasonable for the .com.au

    Six figures for a .com... well thats just silly when you can buy a TLD for $180,000
    But they are probably hoping some large company will put out a technopurse and gladly pay the ransom for technopurse.com

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