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42% Of Windows Users Plan To Switch To Apple

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  • The story does not relate the question. Just the answer? Did it ask are you thinking of leaving your pc behind? Or did it ask if you are not planning on using Windows 8 what else?

    Most people do not know what Windows 8 is yet so they reply well of course I would get a mac if I can't get a PC. I doubt these people are really into technology and want to switch or only those who are really care enough to answer the survey. We all know IT and hobbiests hate Modern with a passion.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      install classic shell on a windows 8 system. you get a start menu back, just like windows 7/p or even classic start menu, you can boot right to a desktop and bypass Metro/Modern entirely, and you still get a system that cold boots to a usable desktop even on slow hardware like my Dual Core AMD C50 tablet in 20 seconds. To top it all off, I have exactly 1, count them 1, piece of software that is incompatible with windows 8, and that is the one that lets me use my Acer iconia (android) tablet as a second moni

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