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An anonymous reader writes: What started as a hobby project about 5 years ago, now suddenly got a name...

While this framework was in development, it was always somewhat hard to explain what the use it exactly had; the few that did were always keen for the end result.

Now, the term IF-less programming got coined up for the problem of combining in essence procedural programming with objected-oriented programming.

This framework intends to provide a solution to circumvent this, by working around it and instead provide a dynamic and configurable way to map individual If-Else branches in metadata; complemented with Inversion of Control, Aspect Oriented Programming, Chain of Responsibility and the likes, this provides a solution and pattern that could be used across different languages and platforms.

Why bring all product to all the workers, when you can instead set up different factory lines for different "intents"/requests and have the request be handled in a neat procedural order?

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Colore - The IF-less programming framework

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