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hypnosec writes: The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that it could have sold over a million units of its credit card sized computer – the Raspberry Pi. Announcing the achievement, the foundation wrote that one of its distributors – Element14 has sold over half a million units of the Raspberry Pi and even though the foundation doesn’t have up to date figures from its other distributor RS Components, it is expecting to have sold its millionth unit of the computer. The foundation wrote on a blog post, "The folks at element 14/Premier Farnell announced today that they alone have now made and sold more than half a million Raspberry Pis."
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A Million units of Raspberry Pi Sold

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  • They are very cool and surprisingly capable. I had an initial bad experience (3 of 5 ordered from Newark were toast - the USB and ethernet would fail after several minutes), but they quickly replaced them with 3 good ones. I assume there was a bad batch in there somewhere.

    It runs XBMC [] very well, and streams 1080 H.264 video just fine. I've also successfully used an RPi to decode ADSB transmissions [] from overhead aircraft using this software [] and an el-cheapo USB TV dongle. That's no small feat - the radio is

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