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Submission + - Killing Your Sexual Desires for Academic and Intellectual Pursuits? 6

An anonymous reader writes: In the past few months, I have been applying to a multitude of graduate schools. Recently, I was accepted into a Ph.D. in computer science program at a fairly prestigious and demanding institution. Like most Slashdot readers, I have always been an exceptional student throughout high school and my undergraduate studies. However, as a heterosexual male individual, there has always been a persistent desire to associate myself with females in an effort to find love, have sex, and to be in a relationship. I have learned the hard way that this is often a colossal distraction from one's schooling and I would like to train myself to become more apathetic to such desires in preparation for the difficult but intellectually awarding years of graduate school that lay ahead. So, fellow Slashdot users, I ask you a rather odd but serious question on none other than Valentine's Day: How do you kill your sexual desires to enable you to focus more on academic and intellectual goals?
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Killing Your Sexual Desires for Academic and Intellectual Pursuits?

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  • Personally, I keep a track of my finances noting the money saved while single compared to dating or in a relationship. Also, since I entered IT in a later stage of life, I tend to remind myself of how I could have been at this (satisfying) stage earlier if not for wasting years in relationships that usually turn sour. Finally, considering the impact of entertainment and media on American women today, I decided to no longer date them; it has been my experience that women from other countries tend to be more
  • Killing sexual desires is not a healthy thing. You will be desensitized from a possible love attraction that may be valuable in your future. If a woman distracts you from your studies she is not the woman for you, dump her. That's it and easy. Profesional woman usually consider your employment and understand not to interfere. It seems like you like many go for the crazy, crash and burn type and that's not good. Even if you like crazy girls, I bet there are crazy girls in your line of profession that will re
    • by Genda ( 560240 )

      Depends if he's the one that goes crazy in relationship. Some guys just can't get involved without GETTING INVOLVED... killing desire is better that slow burning when you've committed yourself to accomplishing something in a given time frame. That said, blocking testosterone is a pretty heavy handed solution. Doable, but moderately expensive and takes serious discipline to ensure no bad surprises.

      • Testosterone is expensive and a serious discipline? Sounds like getting married to a wife that doesn't give sex but wants your wallet and in order to sustain your relationship you must be very disciplined. How does inhibiting natural responses makes you better at your work when the ultimate result of your work is to be interfaced with people? They should get involved! It is a part of life you don't want to miss out on! Face your fear even if you spaz out, you can recall yourself later and see how brave yo
  • You could always have yourself castrated. But why do that when you could use your sexual energy to your advantage by conditioning yourself into having some kind of weird programming fetish.
  • If your distraction is from your mate, the as others have posted, you need to change up your mating style, might I suggest a geek gurl. Someone with the same interested technologically as you, who you can actually play with technologically as well as in a mammalian fashion. That way, you can have a study partner, a person who will be able to push you in developing your puter chops as well as any other chopping you see fit.

    If on the other hand, it is you that becomes distracted in the presence of anyone poss

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