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Submission + - Is the Wii U Already Dead? ( 2

kube00 writes: The Wii U has been struggling as of late. Even Nintendo has admitted sales haven’t been as high as they would like. So what went wrong? Is this just a fluke? Will the Wii U recover and bounce back? Will the PS4 and the next 360 come out the door and leave the Wii U in the dust? GoozerNation takes a look at some of the NPD’s and speculates on what it all means.
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Is the Wii U Already Dead?

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  • We already have a Wii that never gets played and the kids have never even asked about getting a Wii U. They seem just find playing games on Ipods & Laptops. Maybe because they can get thousands of games instantly for free or for under $3. We wasted $40 on Wii games many times they said they wanted, that they then play 2 times.
    • The Wii Remote has a directional pad and physical buttons that the player can feel, and the Nunchuk accessory has a Control Stick. Likewise, the Wii U GamePad has a Control Stick, Control Pad, and buttons. What's the effective way to simulate these on a flat sheet of glass like that in a tablet or phone? Or are games that use pointing-based mechanics inherently superior to games that use joystick-style mechanics?

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