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Submission + - Senator Feinstein: we need video game control (guns.com) 1

ducomputergeek writes: Since the AWB seems to have died in congress looks like she's now turning her angst on video games...again. Yet as the article points out, since the introduction of games like DOOM, the crime rate in the US has gone down. Dramatically. Correlation != causation and all that jazz, but there are a lot of violent video games these days and yet crime has continued to go down.
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Senator Feinstein: we need video game control

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  • But the only diference between Republicans and Democrats is one party LOVE guns while the other just LIKES them !
    Every single country that implemented a full assault weapons ban saw large reductions in murder rate, specially mass murders and suicides.
    Not the completely watered down, no teeth legislation that passed in the US Congress a while ago.

    But since a very large and very activist portion of the US population don't want any gun controls, more mass murders will happen, again and again.

    Violent Video game

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