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Submission + - Solving Gamer Rage with an Arduino based biometrics headset (sammatson.net)

An anonymous reader writes: Gamer rage is common to any gamer that plays video games online, characterized by intense frustration when playing a game created by stress in game that can have significant impact on the gamer's ability to play well.

To combat this rage and train gamers to deal with the stress, visual designer Samuel Matson of Seattle has created the Immersion project, integrating a pulse sensor tied to a Tiny Arduino with Bluetooth into a headset to monitor the gamer's heart rate. The heart rate data is sent real time to the gaming PC where it is displayed in the game, and he’s even created his own FPS using the Unity game engine that varies the AI and gaming difficulty based on the user’s heart rate. Using this system, the gamer is able to train themselves to recognize the stress and learn to control it to make them a much more competitive player.

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Solving Gamer Rage with an Arduino based biometrics headset

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