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Submission + - Suggestions for learning C# for game programming

An anonymous reader writes: So I, like many people, want to make my own game. Outside of MATLAB, Visual Basic, and LabVIEW I have no real programming experience.
I initially started with Ruby, but after doing my homework decided that if I ever wanted to progress to a game that required some power, I would basically need to learn some form of C anyway. Further digging has led me to C#.
The other parts of game design and theory I have covered:
- I have ~8 years of CAD modeling experience including Maya and Blender
- I have a semiprofessional sound studio, an idie album on iTunes, and am adept at creating sound effects/music in a wide variety of programs.
- I'm familiar with the setbacks and frustration involved with game development; I beta tested DotA for 9ish years.
- I already have my game idea down on paper (RTS), including growth tables, unit types, unit states, story-lines, etc. I've been planning this out for a year or two.
- I will be doing this on my own time, by myself, and am prepared for it to take a couple years to finish.
The reason for listing that stuff out, is that I want people to understand that I know what I'm getting myself in to, and I'm not trying to put out a not-so-subtle "help me make a game for free lol" type of post.
With all of that said, where is a good place to start (ie, recommended books) for learning C# for game programming? I am familiar with object oriented programming, so that's a little bit of help. I'm not necessarily looking for the syntax (that part is just memorization), but more for the methodology involved.
If anyone also has any suggestions for other books or information that deal with game development, I would love to hear that too. I know enough to understand that I really don't know anything, but have a good foundation to build on. That statement kind of goes contrary to what I've said above, but I hope you get the gist of what I'm trying to say.
Either way, this is the best place I know of to ask these sorts of questions, so thank you everyone for your time.
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Suggestions for learning C# for game programming

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