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An anonymous reader writes: Cory Banks at Gamers With Jobs has an interesting look at Irrational Games becoming "2K Boston" and "2K Australia" on the eve of the Bioshock release. It's not just about 2K and Irrational, publishers re-naming independents to generic studio names has obviously been going on for a long time. "Rockstar Games is often credited with the Grand Theft Auto series, but the games were developed by Scottish developer DMA Designs, who were bought by Rockstar in 2002, shortly after GTA III came out, and quickly renamed Rockstar North to build up the brand recognition associated with the mega-blockbuster. Rockstar isn't even a development company at all, but a collection of development studios owned by Take-Two, sharing one brand name. The general public hardly knows the difference."
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Irrational No More, What's In a Name?

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  • I've never understood the idea of buying a studio then taking away the very identity that made them attractive to start with. Sega at least had the right idea with letting their "studio's" keep a bit of independence even if it was in name only. Everyone looked forward to what Smilebit or Team Sonic or Team Andromeda was going to do next. 2k whatever city is just so bland that there is no individuality. Irrational had a good reputation that could have been used to bolster 2k now they have thrown away tha

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