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thinkzinc writes: "The sexes may fight equally hard for that remote, but new research demonstrates that men are predisposed to have a harder time letting go of a video-game control once they get started than women. Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine did functional brain imaging of 22 young adults — 11 men, 11 women — while they played a simple video game on a computer screen with minimal instruction. The researchers found that while both men and women quickly picked up the game's concepts, the guys were somewhat more aggressive and successful at gaining "territory" on the screen. Brain images showed that the entire group experienced increased activity in a section of the brain associated with reward and addiction. But the male brains showed much greater levels of activity in those zones, and that the activity increased according to how much territory they had gained. There was no similar match for the women."
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Male brains wired for video game obsession

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