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I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "Microsoft is now saying that Vista SP1 disables some 3rd party applications. The KB article on SP1 incompatibility claims that, '[f]or reliability reasons, Microsoft blocks these programs from starting after you install Windows Vista SP1,' though it does link to several vendor support pages with updates or work-arounds. Unfortunately, at least one of the solutions consists merely disabling part of the program, which could leave you with half an anti-virus program."
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Vista SP1: Now Less Compatible Than Before

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  • Doesn't SP1 bring a new kernel for Windows Vista (the one from Windows Server 2008)?

    Then i think it's pretty normal for it to break compatibility with certain applications, namely Antivirus and the like, as they depend more on the kernel than a usual program.

    When I heard about the different kernel, I knew it would bring this kind of problem. When I update my Linux kernel, sometimes I also have compatibility breaking with some drivers. That too, may another issue the SP1 may bring.

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