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Submission + - WiiMann the Nintendo Wii SuperHero (blogspot.com)

rafaelmizrahi writes: "WiiMan the Super Hero is a full action figure costume of a super hero
that functions as a Nintendo WiiMote remote.
Having trouble playing Wii? WiiMan to the rescue.

This GarageGeeks (http://www.garagegeeks.org) project combines Gaming,
Technology and Useless Activity to the extreme.
Rafael Mizrahi, an artificial vision and experience explorer at
Feng-GUI (http://www.feng-gui.com) and a GarageGeeks
(http://www.garagegeeks.org) member along with Yael Hertzog
(http://www.yaelhertzog.com/) built this custom that acts as a fully
functional Nintendo WiiMote remote with buttons, bluetooth,
accelerometers, and an IR cam.

BTW, last year, they built another hero, The Guitar Hero Noid, a robot
built with Tal Chalozin http://guitarheronoid.blogspot.com/
that plays the Playstation game Guitar Hero."

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WiiMann the Nintendo Wii SuperHero

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