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Submission + - How to deploy a game console in the office?

SkydiverFL writes: "Does anyone have an idea for a good solution for using a game console (Xbox 360, PS3, etc.) with a laptop and / or external monitor?

I am planning to setup each of my developers at the office with a shiny new Xbox 360, surround headphones, and Gold memberships. The only catch is that I have to do it "gracefully." I would be grateful for any input on the technical setup and politics (how to get it in and how to work through the politics).

Long story short, I am the MIS Manager / Lead Architect for a blue collar non-tech company. My team needs to be happy but the folks in the rest of the office do not really understand what that means for the types of personalities that exist in our department. Even though my team is tucked away in a different part of the building, we do have clients and employees come back here from time to time. I cannot set a monitor on their desk. The console can be here, but it needs to be not so "in your face."

Each developer currently has a maxed out Dell Latitude D830 laptop, docking station, and a wide screen 20" LCD. The LCD has a dual-input configuration... one for SVGA and one for DVI. The DVI port is in use by the laptop.

It would be preferable NOT to feed the console directly into the monitor. We have employee monitoring software in use and need to track the usage of the console. SO, it seems best to use a capture card along with some type of viewer utility. This would allow us to have a record of WHEN and HOW LONG the console was used in case anyone else in management ever has a problem."
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How to deploy a game console in the office?

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