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First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - New Open Source FPS shows promise

Softhaus writes: "The guys at Blood Frontier have been busy for the last two years working on a new FPS called (surprise) Blood Frontier. This game is an enhanced Cube 2 engine with original artwork and great new gameplay (including a kidmode which optionally turns off the blood which is a nice option for a change). Add the new paintball mode and you have a real "game community" here. The code is all there (complete for you to play with), the team listens to feedback from the community, and the game is great!

Its nice to see these talented guys showing a true free software attitude.

They mentioned the first actual release is schedule for next Friday (but I couldn't wait so I built the latest dev snapshot from SVN and made an installation available here (sorry only a windows build for now))

Does anyone know of other great open source projects where they are truly "open"?"
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New Open Source FPS shows promise

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