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Submission + - Valve engineers weed out bad 'lying' game servers (teamfortress.com) 1

billlava writes: "Tired of Team Fortress 2 servers that lie in order to attract players, engineers at Valve (creators of the Half Life franchise) have come up with a way to weed out servers that give false information about the number of players online, or custom server options.

After kicking around some proposals, we came up with a simple system built around the theory that player time on a server is a useful metric for how happy the player is with that server. It's game rules agnostic, and we can measure it on our steam backend entirely from steam client data, so servers can't interfere with it. We already had this data for all the TF2 servers in the world, allowing us to try several different scoring formulas out before settling on this simple one that successfully identified good & bad servers...

Of course, this only works with their games running on Steam."

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Valve engineers weed out bad 'lying' game servers

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  • This seems like it would become exploited as servers fight for who is the best rated (From people logging in and out of servers to lower their rival's score, and vice versa.). Overall, it is a nice sounding idea, but would end up causing an overall decline in the TF2 community.

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