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Wednesday February 15, 2017 @06:42PM Autism Starts Months Before Symptoms Appear, Study Shows
Thursday December 15, 2016 @06:17PM Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy Linked To Autism
Saturday September 10, 2016 @11:13AM Microsoft Hopes To Hire More Coders With Autism
Saturday March 26, 2016 @10:54PM Tribeca Film Festival, Robert De Niro Pull Anti-Vaccination Film
Sunday March 20, 2016 @06:20PM Autism Associated With Shorter Lifespan, According To UK Charity Study
Tuesday July 28, 2015 @11:29AM Interviews: Dr. Temple Grandin Answers Your Questions
Thursday February 12, 2015 @12:45PM Autism: Are Social Skills Groups and Social Communication Therapy Worthwhile?
Wednesday March 20, 2013 @08:26PM New Drug May Reverse Autism Symptoms
Tuesday December 04, 2012 @01:07PM Congressional Committee Casts a Harsh Eye On Vaccination Science
Tuesday December 04, 2012 @12:33PM Congress promotes antivaccination quackery
Monday December 03, 2012 @02:11AM No More "Asperger's Syndrome"
Friday November 30, 2012 @08:33PM Ask Slashdot: Software For Learning About Data Transmission?
Wednesday October 31, 2012 @01:06PM Early therapy can change brains of kids with autism
Friday October 19, 2012 @08:46AM How Do You Spot a Genius?
Thursday September 06, 2012 @02:05PM Rare form of autism could be curable with protein supplements
Thursday July 19, 2012 @12:13PM Meet the Robisons and Their Low-Cost RepRap Kit (Video)
Tuesday May 01, 2012 @12:01PM Researchers identify genetic systems disrupted in autistic brain
Wednesday April 25, 2012 @01:29PM Dad wires up autistic son, 10, to expose 'bullying' by teaching staff
Tuesday April 10, 2012 @05:02PM Scientists Develop Reliable Mobile Tool for Diagnosing Autism
Wednesday February 15, 2012 @11:40AM Doctors 'fire' vaccine refusers
Thursday December 15, 2011 @09:29PM Autistic android apps?
Saturday November 05, 2011 @05:54PM Oxford Professor Taken To Task For Linking Internet Use To Autism
Friday October 21, 2011 @12:32PM Proposed Mercury Ban Threatens Vaccines
Thursday October 06, 2011 @07:48AM Autism Traits Prove Valuable for Software Testing
Thursday August 25, 2011 @02:01PM Could Assortative Mating Explain Autism?
Wednesday August 24, 2011 @11:54AM Could "Assortive Mating" Explain Autism?
Saturday June 25, 2011 @10:33PM UK Hacker Ryan Cleary Has Asperger's Syndrome, Court Told
Thursday June 23, 2011 @12:02PM Tracking Bracelets for Autistic Kids and Senior Citizens
Tuesday June 14, 2011 @11:52AM Ask Amir Taaki About Bitcoin
Thursday January 06, 2011 @01:05PM Famous British Autism Study an 'Elaborate Fraud'
Wednesday January 05, 2011 @09:39PM Famous British autism study an 'elaborate fraud,'
Wednesday January 05, 2011 @07:05PM Wakefield autism study "an elaborate hoax"
Monday October 18, 2010 @09:23AM Tablets Are Game-Changers For Special Needs Kids
Tuesday September 21, 2010 @12:46PM Study finds association between Autism and wealth
Saturday September 11, 2010 @09:07AM Family To Receive $1.5M+ In Vaccine-Autism Award
Wednesday August 18, 2010 @04:23PM Autism Diagnosed with a Fifteen Minute Brain Scan
Sunday July 11, 2010 @04:27PM Teaching With Robots
Sunday June 13, 2010 @06:07AM Doctors Reverse With Drugs Autism-Linked Fragile X Syndrome In Mice
Wednesday June 09, 2010 @01:09AM Studies Prove BPA Can Cross Placenta To Fetuses
Monday June 07, 2010 @03:39PM Urine Test For Autism
Tuesday February 02, 2010 @03:27PM The Lancet Recants Study Linking Autism To Vaccine
Sunday January 10, 2010 @10:35PM Startup Tests Drugs Aimed at Autism
Sunday January 03, 2010 @12:00PM Tyler Cowen on Autism creating a Digital Society
Thursday December 10, 2009 @01:35PM Robot Can Read Human Body Language
Wednesday December 09, 2009 @08:43PM Company Trains the Autistic To Test Software
Monday October 19, 2009 @05:16PM Are Software Developers Naturally Weird?
Tuesday July 21, 2009 @01:05PM The Speed Gamers Raise Over $26,000 For Charity
Sunday May 24, 2009 @05:16PM BPA Leaches From Polycarbonate Bottles Into Humans
Thursday February 12, 2009 @05:40PM Court Rules Autism Not Caused By Childhood Vaccine
Friday April 11, 2008 @08:55PM Blogger Subpoenaed for Criticizing Trial Lawyers
Wednesday March 05, 2008 @11:14PM Will Mars be a One-way Trip?
Tuesday January 08, 2008 @04:57PM Thimerosal Does Not Cause Autism
Monday July 09, 2007 @03:28PM Robots Teach Autistic Kids Social Skills
Tuesday February 20, 2007 @03:39PM Possible Cure For Autism
Monday February 19, 2007 @10:41AM Possible cure for autism
Friday February 09, 2007 @04:33AM Mice Cured of Autism
Tuesday October 17, 2006 @10:28AM TV Really Might Cause Autism
Sunday May 14, 2006 @08:06PM PDD, Asperger, and Geek Syndrome?
Sunday May 14, 2006 @07:47PM Fortune Takes a Look at Bram Cohen
Sunday May 14, 2006 @07:45PM Kim Peek, aka Rain Man Focus of NASA Study
Sunday May 14, 2006 @07:44PM A Savant Explains His Abilities
Sunday May 14, 2006 @07:44PM Device Developed To Help Socially Challenged
Sunday May 14, 2006 @07:43PM Scientific Brain Linked to Autism
Wednesday April 26, 2006 @11:28PM Genetic Testing For Geekiness?
Thursday March 30, 2006 @03:40PM Why geek geniuses may lack social graces