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Wednesday December 06, 2017 @01:22AM New Evidence Points To Icy Plate Tectonics On Europa
Tuesday September 27, 2016 @12:50AM Jupiter's Moon Europa May Have Water Plumes That Rise Up About 125 Miles
Wednesday May 18, 2016 @04:39PM Europa's Ocean Chemistry Could Be Earth-Like
Tuesday November 17, 2015 @05:17PM Inside the Mission To Europa
Thursday December 12, 2013 @10:25PM Hubble Discovers Water Plumes Over Europa
Tuesday January 01, 2013 @12:28PM European Commission Support of FRAND Licenses Hurts Open Standards
Monday December 31, 2012 @04:05PM European Commission's Low Attack on Open Source
Saturday December 10, 2011 @12:50PM NASA may send landers to Europa in 2020
Wednesday November 16, 2011 @05:19PM Life-Bearing Lake Possible On Icy Jupiter Moon
Tuesday May 03, 2011 @12:45AM Cracker-Size Satellites To Launch With Endeavour
Saturday July 10, 2010 @08:30AM NASA's Plutonium Supply Dwindling; ESA To Help
Wednesday March 17, 2010 @08:05PM Complex Life Found Under 600 Feet of Antarctic Ice
Thursday April 30, 2009 @07:59PM Intel Faces $1.3B Fine In Europe
Wednesday February 11, 2009 @07:12PM Fly Me To Which Moon?
Sunday February 03, 2008 @09:46PM Life May Have Evolved In Ice
Monday January 07, 2008 @03:50PM Russia to Search For Life on Europa
Thursday March 09, 2006 @04:49PM Cassini Finds Evidence of Water