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Thursday April 19, 2018 @04:41PM German Supreme Court Rules Ad Blockers Legal
Monday January 08, 2018 @06:05PM Google Rebrands All Its Payment Solutions As 'Google Pay'
Tuesday October 31, 2017 @12:46AM Seagate's New 'SkyHawk AI' Disk Drive Is Just a Slightly Higher Speced Version of Its Predecessor
Wednesday August 30, 2017 @02:29PM Best Buy Will Now Send a Salesperson To Your House To Sell You Things
Friday May 05, 2017 @05:32PM The Apple Watch Outsold Every Other Wearable Last Quarter
Thursday March 23, 2017 @05:04PM YouTube Loses Major Advertisers Over Offensive Videos
Tuesday March 21, 2017 @05:37PM Google Wants To Create Promotions That Aren't Ads For Its Voice-Controlled Assistant
Monday November 21, 2016 @04:46PM 4K Netflix Arrives On Windows 10, But Only Via Microsoft's Edge Browser
Friday October 28, 2016 @06:06PM Apple Says It's Out of the Standalone Display Business
Friday October 28, 2016 @04:10PM New MacBook Pros Max Out At 16GB RAM Due To Battery Life Concerns
Wednesday September 28, 2016 @01:52AM Nissan Debuts 'ProPILOT' Self-Driving Chair
Thursday September 22, 2016 @11:23PM Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Is Secretly Funding Trump's Meme Machine
Wednesday September 21, 2016 @04:34PM Blizzard Is Getting Rid of the Name
Wednesday September 14, 2016 @04:09PM It's Not Just Wells Fargo - How Sales Targets Can Encourage Wrongdoing
Tuesday September 13, 2016 @05:37PM New York Fines Viacom, Mattel and Hasbro For Tracking Kids Online
Monday September 12, 2016 @08:57PM Microsoft To Kill The Lumia Brand In Favor of a New Surface Phone, Says Report
Thursday September 01, 2016 @06:18PM WrkRiot Collapses Amongst Allegations of Fraud
Wednesday August 31, 2016 @12:33AM Google To Drop Nexus Brand Name, Move Away From Stock Android
Monday August 29, 2016 @06:35PM C Programming Language Hits a 15-Year Low On The TIOBE Index
Monday August 15, 2016 @07:45PM Former CEO of Angry Birds-Maker Rovio Hired To Revive Nokia's Phone Business
Wednesday August 10, 2016 @09:22PM Man Becomes 'Accidental Millionaire' After's Sale To Walmart
Thursday May 26, 2016 @05:39PM Scott Walker Rents Out Email and Donor Lists To Pay Campaign Debt
Tuesday May 10, 2016 @07:51PM Sue Googe Uses Google's Font To Run For US Congress
Tuesday May 03, 2016 @06:01PM Apple Loses Exclusive Rights To 'iPhone' Trademark For Non-Smartphone Products In China
Friday April 22, 2016 @02:07PM Why Movie Trailers Now Begin With Five-Second Ads For Themselves
Monday April 18, 2016 @08:19PM Verizon and Hearst Team Up To Buy Complex Media
Monday April 18, 2016 @07:18PM Smart Mattress With Lover Detection System Will Track Your Partner's Infidelities
Tuesday April 12, 2016 @04:07PM Badlock Vulnerability Falls Flat Against Hype
Thursday March 31, 2016 @06:41PM FCC Proposes New Restrictions On How Broadband Providers Share Data
Tuesday March 29, 2016 @11:56PM CNBC Just Collected Your Password and Shared It With Marketers
Monday March 28, 2016 @08:27PM Microsoft Finally Ships $8,999 Surface Hub
Thursday March 24, 2016 @08:16PM Microsoft and HP Enterprise Invest $73.5 Million In Mesosphere Startup
Thursday February 18, 2016 @09:56PM Bad Karma: WISP Pares Back Its Monthly 4G Hotspot Plan, Again
Tuesday December 29, 2015 @09:47AM Verizon Offering $650 To Switch To Their Network
Thursday October 01, 2015 @01:02PM UK Gamers Can Now Get Their Money Back For Publishers' Broken Promises
Thursday September 17, 2015 @03:47PM Intel Kills a Top-of-the-Line Processor
Thursday August 20, 2015 @09:06AM New Rules Say UK Video Bloggers Must Be Clearer About Paid Endorsements
Friday June 26, 2015 @08:42AM Wi-Fi Router's 'Pregnant Women' Setting Sparks Vendor Rivalry In China
Saturday May 02, 2015 @03:04PM Free Comic Book Day Event Features Neil Gaiman, the Simpsons
Thursday April 30, 2015 @08:27AM Internet Explorer's Successor, Project Spartan, Is Called Microsoft Edge
Sunday April 05, 2015 @01:50PM Swiss Launch of Apple Watch Hit By Patent Issue
Tuesday February 10, 2015 @09:35AM Microsoft To Offer Azure Credits To Compete With IBM, AWS
Thursday January 22, 2015 @12:19PM Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret
Thursday November 20, 2014 @02:44PM Apple Swaps "Get" Button For "Free" To Avoid Confusion Over In-App Purchases
Saturday June 14, 2014 @12:00PM LinkedIn Spam Lawsuit Can Continue
Wednesday November 27, 2013 @09:02PM Online Shopping: Hazardous To Junk Food's Health
Friday November 01, 2013 @09:48PM Google's Barge Is a Marketing Showroom
Wednesday October 30, 2013 @05:28PM Lenovo Want Ashton Kutcher As More Than Just a Pretty Face
Thursday October 24, 2013 @11:06AM Blackberry BBM App and Suspicious Google Play Ratings
Friday August 16, 2013 @07:14PM Obama, Romney Data Scientists Strike Out On Their Own
Thursday August 01, 2013 @03:15PM Samsung Offered StackOverflow Users $500 For "Organic" Publicity
Tuesday June 25, 2013 @09:00AM iFixit Giving Away 1,776 "iPhone Liberation Kits"
Friday June 21, 2013 @07:11PM Data Miners Liken Obama Voters To Caesars Gamblers
Monday May 13, 2013 @10:35AM Mozilla Handing Out Free Firefox OS Developer Phones To Bolster App Marketplace
Saturday May 04, 2013 @11:23AM Ask Slashdot: What's Your Company's Marketing-to-Engineering Ratio?
Thursday April 25, 2013 @11:21AM Microsoft Ad Campaign Puts a Hotspot Inside a Magazine
Thursday April 25, 2013 @08:37AM Startup Founder Plays Tech Press Like a Fiddle
Tuesday April 16, 2013 @01:00PM Samsung Accused of Paying For Negative HTC Reviews
Tuesday February 19, 2013 @09:11AM Bill Gates Says Windows Phone Strategy Was Inadequate
Saturday February 16, 2013 @03:27PM Ask Slashdot: I Just Need... Marketing?
Thursday January 03, 2013 @09:36AM Security Firm Predicts "Murder By Internet-Connected Devices"
Thursday November 15, 2012 @09:31AM Mark Cuban: Facebook Is Driving Away Brands — Starting With Mine
Monday September 17, 2012 @01:58PM AMD's Hondo Chip 'A Windows 8 Product'
Tuesday September 11, 2012 @12:39PM Why Are Operating System Version Names So Absurd?
Tuesday August 28, 2012 @09:19AM Inside the Business of Online Reviews For Hire
Thursday August 23, 2012 @03:03PM Microsoft Unveils First New Company Logo In 25 Years
Tuesday August 14, 2012 @12:13PM Nokia Spinning Featurephones as Smartphones
Thursday August 09, 2012 @10:33AM Mitt Romney To Announce VP Decision Via Smartphone App
Thursday July 19, 2012 @10:03AM Apple Gets the Importance of Packaging; Why Doesn't Google?
Tuesday July 17, 2012 @08:18AM It Costs $450 In Marketing To Make Someone Buy a $49 Nokia Lumia
Tuesday March 13, 2012 @12:47AM Marketing Agency Uses Homeless As Wi-Fi Hotspots
Tuesday March 06, 2012 @01:05AM Why Distributing Music As 24-bit/192kHz Downloads Is Pointless
Tuesday November 29, 2011 @10:46AM Facebook Denies Disputed Page To Both Mercks
Sunday November 06, 2011 @12:04PM How Android Phone Makers Are Missing the Marketing Boat
Friday November 04, 2011 @07:10PM AMD Layoffs Maul Marketing, PR Departments
Tuesday October 18, 2011 @07:54AM Microsoft 'Hut' Opens Outside Seattle Apple Store
Thursday October 13, 2011 @08:26AM Company to Send DBA into Space
Tuesday October 04, 2011 @05:42PM Zune Dead, Then Not Dead, Then Officially Dead
Saturday August 06, 2011 @09:00AM McAfee Disclaims Claims of Chinese Involvement in 'Shady RAT'
Thursday July 14, 2011 @02:03PM 34% of iPhone Owners Think the 4 Is 4G
Tuesday June 14, 2011 @01:17PM Adobe's CTO Pitches 'Apps Near You' Concept
Saturday June 11, 2011 @08:25AM Windows Phones Getting Buried At Carriers' Stores
Thursday June 02, 2011 @01:39PM Apple Nixes iPad Giveaways
Sunday May 29, 2011 @03:49PM Amazon and Barnes & Noble Jostle Over Battery Life Figures for Nook, Kindle
Saturday April 16, 2011 @01:24PM Today Is Record Store Day 2011
Thursday March 17, 2011 @01:53PM Paramount Pictures To Release Film On Bittorrent
Wednesday March 02, 2011 @08:10AM How To Protect Your Privacy and Make Money
Sunday February 27, 2011 @07:33PM Apple Deemed Top of Movie Product Placement Charts
Saturday February 12, 2011 @01:35PM How Major Film Studios Manipulate YouTube Users
Thursday February 10, 2011 @01:17PM Samsung Rains Paper Airplanes From Space
Friday February 04, 2011 @07:05PM Piracy Boosts Anime Sales, Says Japanese Government Study
Tuesday January 25, 2011 @10:36PM Microsoft's Approach To Battling the iPad In the Workplace
Monday January 17, 2011 @01:49AM Taiwan Develops Face-Recognition Vending Machine
Sunday January 09, 2011 @08:47PM UK Targets Twitter and Blog Endorsements
Friday December 17, 2010 @11:19PM ITU Softens On the Definition of 4G Mobile
Monday December 13, 2010 @01:44AM ChromeOS Laptop-Smashing Ad Equation Solved
Thursday November 18, 2010 @09:11PM Paying With the Wave of a Cellphone
Thursday October 14, 2010 @01:06PM Microsoft Admits Is a Contender
Thursday September 16, 2010 @04:52PM Microsoft's Chief Exec For Latin America Says 'Open' Means 'Incompetent'
Thursday September 09, 2010 @02:47PM How 6 Memorable Tech Companies Got Their Names
Tuesday September 07, 2010 @06:56PM Anti-Product Placement For Negative Branding
Thursday September 02, 2010 @02:00PM AMD Hates Laptop Stickers As Much As You Do
Tuesday August 31, 2010 @08:19PM Why Microsoft Is Being Nicer To Open Source
Saturday August 14, 2010 @02:36PM Startups a Safer Bet Than Behemoths
Thursday June 10, 2010 @01:15PM FTC Bombs Massive Robocall Operation
Thursday June 10, 2010 @11:19AM iPhone 4's "Retina Display" Claims Challenged
Wednesday June 09, 2010 @01:52PM Steak-Scented Billboard Entices Drivers
Wednesday June 02, 2010 @03:02AM Why Apple Is So Sticky
Monday May 24, 2010 @05:28PM Twitter To Block Third-Party Paid Tweets
Monday May 10, 2010 @11:23AM Apple's Haves and Have Nots, Around the World
Saturday May 08, 2010 @04:00PM Is the 4th Yellow Pixel of Sharp Quattron Hype?
Wednesday May 05, 2010 @08:29AM Best Way To Sell a Game Concept?
Wednesday April 28, 2010 @01:20PM Apple Bans Online Sales In Japan
Wednesday April 21, 2010 @12:57AM Study Finds Fast-Food Logos Make You Impatient
Sunday March 14, 2010 @03:07AM Pharma Marketing Faces a Character-Count Conundrum
Tuesday March 09, 2010 @07:17PM Game Devs Only Use PhysX For the Money, Says AMD
Thursday February 11, 2010 @05:10PM Why Apple Doesn't Market Squarely To Businesses
Wednesday November 25, 2009 @07:38PM KDE Rebrands, Introduces KDE Plasma Desktop
Sunday October 25, 2009 @08:55PM When Software Leaks (and What Really Goes Down)
Sunday September 20, 2009 @02:22AM "Long Tail Effect" Doesn't Work As Advertised, Say Wharton Researchers
Saturday September 05, 2009 @03:05PM Microsoft Attacks Linux With Retail-Training Talking Points
Saturday August 29, 2009 @12:09PM Apple Kicks HDD Marketing Debate Into High Gear
Friday October 24, 2008 @05:39PM Study Debunks Gamer Stereotypes
Monday October 08, 2007 @07:33AM Most Users Think They Have AntiVirus Protection, While Only Half Do
Wednesday December 20, 2006 @07:11AM 10 Best IT Products Of 2006
Sunday October 15, 2006 @09:42PM Intel's Guerrilla Marketing, Second Life Mashup
Monday August 21, 2006 @02:24PM Nintendo's 'Wii' Just A Marketing Gimmick?
Sunday June 18, 2006 @10:49AM Viral Marketing to Become the Norm?
Saturday May 20, 2006 @05:03PM Apple's New NYC Cube Store
Monday May 08, 2006 @10:36PM Intel Names Upcoming Chips
Friday April 28, 2006 @05:54PM Both Sides of Wii