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Hallowe'en is coming. Trick-or-Treaters who visit ...

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Will get some conventional candy treat.
  4115 votes / 34%
Will get an above average candy treat
  1747 votes / 14%
Will get fruit, religious pamphlets or other non-candy
  1248 votes / 10%
Get to see my awesome haunted house (but fun)
  206 votes / 1%
Will get scared out of their wits, at least that's the goal
  1051 votes / 8%
Will probably egg or otherwise vandalize my house.
  3659 votes / 30%
12026 total votes.
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  • Don't complain about lack of options. You've got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.
  • Feel free to suggest poll ideas if you're feeling creative. I'd strongly suggest reading the past polls first.
  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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Hallowe'en is coming. Trick-or-Treaters who visit ...

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  • by klingers48 (968406) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @12:05AM (#41615747)
    ...Will be told summarily to go away because this is Australia and we're not obligated to follow American traditions they've seen on television. There's always a few every year... [/getofmylawn]
  • There will be no trick or treaters, or at least if there is, I won't know. I won't be home. I'll be out having fun at a show or other such event. The following day is my birthday, so it goes without saying that Halloween is one of my favorite and most enjoyed holiday.
  • by droopus (33472) * on Thursday October 11, 2012 @01:26AM (#41616095)

    As always, I will be distributing beer and fried chicken embryos.

    That is how we celebrate Halloween in France. []

  • by Mitchell314 (1576581) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @01:44AM (#41616167)
    Trick-or-treaters who visit will get off my damn lawn. >:(
    • Where's the "set the dogs on them and chase them to the road with shotgun in hand" option when you need it?
    • I'd boil some brussel sprouts and dip them in melted chocolate, leave in the fridge overnight, and serve to any unfortunate trick-or-treaters.

      But, I'm glad it doesn't happen round here. Children should not be allowed to watch that American crap on TV.

  • Lights out!
  • Hallowe'en doesn't bring out trick or treaters where I live (Sydney) except in very small numbers and I've always thought that the idea was to give those who come knocking either a treat or a trick. That sounds like much more fun than what it turns out is little more than extortion.

    Think about it, trick versus trick and you get to choose and prepare the battleground. Trip wires just before buckets of poo covered by gladwrap. Night vision goggles and paintball guns. Stinging nettles and poison ivy. Spider
    • I've always thought that the idea was to give those who come knocking either a treat or a trick.

      You're misunderstanding the options. "Trick or treat" is similar to the Mexican "Plata o plomo" deal (give us silver or we'll give you lead (ie shoot you)). It's not "give us a treat or give us a trick". It's "give us a treat, or we'll vandalize your property"

  • You insensitive clod.

  • by Dahamma (304068) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @02:38AM (#41616413)

    Never put up an American-centric poll late at night. Turns out it's the next morning in Australia where a bunch of cranky readers haven't had their coffee yet, jeez.

    • by azalin (67640)
    • by war4peace (1628283) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @05:04AM (#41617019)

      Never put up an American-centric poll.

      There, fixed that for you.

  • by 93 Escort Wagon (326346) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @02:41AM (#41616429)

    But that round-headed kid is getting a rock.

  • by Tastecicles (1153671) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @03:33AM (#41616643)

    Years of AOL CDs: check.
    Years of pizza flyers: check.
    Years of loan and insurance spam: check.
    Years of begging spam: check.

    And if that doesn't work, I've got a video wall at the back of the atrium playing footage from the aftermath of me releasing my cat on a mouse clearing. On a loop.

  • If they have a guy for the fire next week, they get a penny, otherwise they get shot as rebellious colonists:)

  • by Tom (822) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @05:28AM (#41617107) Homepage Journal

    Where are the "I don't give a flying fuck", "we don't celebrate Halloween over here", "we don't celebrate Halloween like that over here", etc. options?

    Yes, I know, don't complain... yes I know, /. is an american site... I just sometimes wish it would pull its head out of its own arse and stop supporting anti-american prejudice, you know?

  • Paintballs. (Score:5, Funny)

    by subreality (157447) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @05:34AM (#41617131)

    The velocity of their treats depends on their tricks.

    I used to rig ghosts on fishing-line zip-lines (invisible in the dark) so they'd swoop in at high velocity when they were walking back down the driveway. Lots of loooong waits for the right moment, but the few times I got it right they would hear something fluttering up behind them; they absolutely piss themselves in terror when they turn and see this THING coming at them at tens of meters per second and fly just over their heads.

    Their screams have kept me warm at night for years.

    • by bratloaf (1287954)

      I did exactly this one year back when I was in my late teens (too old to trick or treat, but young enough to have fun still). Sitting on the roof all night was fun, and those moments when you get it right and scare the crap out of them make it all worth it. People simply do not generally look up....

    • I would wear a cup and body armor (ie: from martial arts), then put on baggy clothes and stuff my clothing with newspaper and straw so I look like those makeshift "scary" people props a lot of people leave out in the burbs. I think have the candy bowl not too far away. Kids will debate if it's a person or not. Some little shits even kicked me HARD a couple times (hence the cup). When they are convinced I'm not alive, I wait until they are just close enough, then JUMP at the lot. I've even had parents runnin
  • Trick or treat not popular in Spain, besides,

    1) I live in a rural area - people rarely see this area
    2) We have three German Shepherds. Assuming you can find 1) Someone coming to this area, and 2) Someone Spanish doing 'trick or treat', I think they would do nothing to my house :-)

  • I live on a steep hill and kids are too lazy to walk up my driveway. I grew up in the neighborhood and trick-or-treated the house back when someone else owned it. It's not any steeper now than it was then.
  • Isn't

    Will get fruit, religious pamphlets or other non-candy

    essentially the same as

    Will probably egg or otherwise vandalize my house.

  • In our new house, I'm told by the previous owner to expect about 12 kids, tops. So I'll probably get decent sized candy and non-candy stuff for those who show up.

    At the previous residence, we had to economize with "fun" size items. We had 210 trick-or-treaters -- not counting the grown-ups that escorted the little kids -- before running out of stuff and finally having to turn out the lights. To our surprise, the mini play-doh cans went quickly, even with good candy still in the baskets.

    First year we lived

    • by geekoid (135745)

      Old enough to drive? No candy. Exception for peopel who do something awesome. A dad dress as a dinosaurs and going "RAWR!" that's a candy. Dad wearing a sports jersey as a 'costume' no candy.

      No costume? no candy regardless of age.

      My wife and I often go out bags with a small candy, some trinket. One year we gave out bags of candy and sealed pokemon cards.
      This year, probably full size bars.

  • So, a fruit roll up with various religious symbols on it.
  • I did this last year: []

    The older kids loved it and made it to the door to get their candy. But the young ones were scared s%^&less. I just thought it was fun. Didn't even think it would be scary to kids!

  • The sound of cute little footsteps
    as they approach my front door

    Letting the children inside to drink beers
    Razor blades hidden in Three Musketeers
    Screams from the basement of kids begging to be set free
    That's what Halloween means to me

    Tightening the clamps that are holding
    their little heads so tight
    Putting my lips to their ears
    as I whisper please don't fight
    I promise to you go home
    if you swear not to tell a soul
    Well I'll just untie these
    I'm kidding, now where is my hacksaw*? Let's rock and roll!

    A pinch of yo

  • []

    Note to parents: Don't take your kids to the home of an intentionally childless couple - we will load them up on stimulants before sending them back to you.

  • by Lawrence_Bird (67278) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @07:56PM (#41625485) Homepage

    leave the pagans alone

  • by Landshark17 (807664) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @08:04PM (#41625541)
    I keep toying with the idea of dressing up in a yellow clean suit and re-breather then giving away blue rock candy in small plastic bags.

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