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Redesign The Classics With Tile Molester 16

Posted by simoniker
from the interfering-with-metroid-now-felony dept.
Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing to the recent release of Tile Molester, which the author describes as "..a multi-format, user-extensible graphics data editor that lets you create, view and edit graphics in arbitrary binary files, with a particular focus on binaries for game consoles." It's written in Java, so "can be run on any platform that has a Java Runtime Environment installed", and the site gallery has some example graphics rips, including the often-ripped Zelda, and the less often hacked-with classic Deluxe Paint - other platforms thought to have editable data include Amiga, N64, and even Playstation.
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Redesign The Classics With Tile Molester

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  • by edwdig (47888) on Sunday June 15, 2003 @06:47PM (#6207468)
    Zelda 2 had some text clips that were translated but not used. There was a bug where if you were in the town where you learned the upward thrust skill - I think it was Darunia - you could get to a secret town. Cast the jump spell, and jump on the roofs of the houses. From certain roofs you could jump high enough that link would overlap with the status displays at the top. While overlapping the status, cast the fairy spell. You'll start falling, and land in another town. Some of the people there would say things that aren't aren't anywhere else in the game. When you finally left the town, you'd end up in the middle of the ocean a little west of the final palace. You'd be stuck and have to reset the game.

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