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First Jedi Player Unlocked In Star Wars Galaxies 78

mr_don't writes " reported today that the first appearance of a Jedi Initiate has occured in the PC MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. The Star Wars Galaxies Community Pages state: 'Monika T'Sarn of the PA Combine on the Intrepid Server unlocked her force sensitive slot today. Akinom T'Sarn (her FS character) is the first player confirmed Jedi Initiate in all of Star Wars Galaxies.' Here is a pic of the new Jedi." We recently ran a story on lack of player Jedi in SWG.
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First Jedi Player Unlocked In Star Wars Galaxies

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  • by EvilBastard (77954) on Sunday November 09, 2003 @05:24AM (#7427831) Homepage
    OK, as far as I can see, it goes something like :

    1) Make a character. Max it out.
    2) Camp a rare drop item from a rare spawn that everyone else wants.
    3) It tells you to delevel, and max out another character of class $random
    4) Camp a rare drop item from a rare spawn that everyone else wants.
    5) It tells you to delevel, and max out another character of class $random2
    6) Camp a rare drop item from a rare spawn that everyone else wants.
    7) It tells you to delevel, and max out another character of class $random3
    8) Camp a rare drop item from a rare spawn that everyone else wants.
    9) It doesn't tell you what to do. You just max out 2 other classes and hope that's them
    10) (Possible) Visit every location.
    11) Max out a serious number of tradeskills
    12) Camp some rarespawn items for the lightsabre
    13) Make the first step of the lightsabre to make the Training Sabre.
    14) Camp some more items for the real lightsabre.
    15) Do the final combine, and it's bugged, and doesn't work.

    Meanwhile, over on Ebay, SWG Bria ~Force Sensitive Jedi Slot~ [] Jedi characters are up for sale for $510.00

    Damn I'm glad I never started that game. I wonder how Luke had time to do all that between making runs out to Toshi Station for power converters.
    • Maybe I'm all alone, but IMO, the appeal of the Star Wars Universe is the Jedi mythos. This is why every other Star Wars licensed game to date has allowed you to "Use the Force" in some way shape or form (even the Atari Empire Strikes Back game. Anyone else remember that?).

      THIS game on the other hand seems to want me to pay $50 + subscription fee specifically to be a supporting cast member. It wants me to be Stormtropper #3 or Rebel Infantry #9. It's 300,000 subscribers in, and now it has ONE "possible" Jedi, that now everyone in the game will be trying to kill. This just doesn't seem like my idea of a good time.

      But maybe I'm missing the appeal. Can anyone clarify for me?
      • by dougmc (70836) <> on Sunday November 09, 2003 @04:24PM (#7429937) Homepage
        Maybe I'm all alone, but IMO, the appeal of the Star Wars Universe is the Jedi mythos. This is why every other Star Wars licensed game to date has allowed you to "Use the Force" in some way shape or form
        Is that true? I don't think the original Dark Forces [] did, and certainly games like Tie Fighter [] didn't ...
        • > ...and certainly games like Tie Fighter didn't ...
          Well, that's not really accurate. The Defender of the Empire expansion for TIE Fighter allowed you to become part of a secret club, advancing along in the ranks until you became "The Emperor's Hand". The advancement featured a little cut scene were someone (presumably Palpatine) shot your arm with Force-lighting, giving you a purple tatoo indicating your rank within the club.

          And, arguably, the only pilots to survive THAT many runs in a shieldless snu
          • And, arguably, the only pilots to survive THAT many runs in a shieldless snubfighter MUST be force-sensitive.

            I was "snubfighter" a Star Wars term or is it drawn from earlier maybe real world material (same way the physics are drawn from WW2 fighter planes...)
          • The advancement featured a little cut scene were someone (presumably Palpatine) shot your arm with Force-lighting

            I thought about that, but you're not using the force ... it's being used on you. And since it's an expansion, it's not really part of the original game anyways.

            And, arguably, the only pilots to survive THAT many runs in a shieldless snubfighter MUST be force-sensitive.

            I guess in the Star Wars Universe, things like `luck' and `Reload last saved game/restart level' are always based on th

      • I've never seen MMORPGs to really be any fun at all. I played Asheron's Call for about a year and a half but have not much to show for it. I played Dark Age of Camelot beta and played for 3 monthes and quit finally after the class I was playing never got finished. I played Asheron's Call 2 beta for a while, I was fun but pretty vague on help people get places. I even beta tested Shadowbane, which I thought would meet all my hopes in a MMORPG. Again, I was let down. Poor graphics and gameplay ruined any shot
      • I'm pretty sure that there is more than one possible jedi slot available. You just have to do an enumerable amount of work to get the slot. From what I understand, the person who got the first slot deleveled like 3 times, only to have to remaster one of the professions he let go.
        Whoever has that much time to spend on the game has got to really step back and look at his/her life. It takes an enormous amount of time to do what this person accomplished. For what really? Nothing. A game shouldn't be an
  • by Trillian_1138 (221423) <> on Sunday November 09, 2003 @05:29AM (#7427841)
    I can think of two main possibilities for how the first force-sensitive player (note that she's not actually a Jedi yet) will affect the SW:G universe.

    The first posibility is that it attracts new users, and drives current users to play more. The idea of actually being a Jedi will once again be cool enough to increase the userbase and allow people to see past the problems in SW:G. (Note this is not a rant about SW:G. I haven't played the game. But, like ALL videogames, EVER, it does have some problems. I'm not judging or reviewing SW:G...)

    The second posibility is that it will, in the long run, piss people off. How, you ask? Others have pointed out in the past that SW:G has something no other MMORPG has had before: A specific class that is "better" than all others. EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, the forthcoming WarCraft MMORPG, all classes and races will be 'equal' from the standpoint that, while some are better at magic, some at melee, some at crafting, there isn't one class that is undeniably "cooler" than the others and can kick their ass. SW:G has a built-in aristocracy.

    All MMORPGs, even borderline ones like Diablo, have people who have been playing obsessivly since the game came out and, whether from cheating or simply playing the game a helluva lot, have a disgusting amount of hitpoints, armor that can survive anything, and a weapon that will defeat anything. But a force sensitive player who hasn't even gained a single level is going to be "cooler" than a master dancer. It's an interesting situation that Sony has gotten themselves into.

    (The third possibility, which I'm ignoring, is that it won't change a damn thing...)

    Personally, I think a little of both will happen. Just the posting made me look again at SW:G forums and reviews, and think that maybe I should finally take the MMORPG plunge and join up. On the other hand, I can see people getting bored with the game quicker if they've poured their time and energy into becoming a medic or dancer or whatnot, only to feel useless when a Jedi walks into the bar.

    Regardless, I DO have to compliment Sony for not allowing everyone to become a Jedi right off the bad. Because, obviously, that's what everyone would do. But regardless of the 'math' you see sometimes concerning how many Jedis there 'should' be in SW:G, obviously not every single person should be a Jedi. That would just be silly. So if Sony can keep up a ballance, and keep the game enjoyable (or, if some of the games detractors are right, make the game finally be enjoyable after another patch or two), I'll be impressed.

    • Diablo? (Score:4, Interesting)

      by AvantLegion (595806) on Sunday November 09, 2003 @06:25AM (#7427932) Journal
      Dialbo is not a "borderline" MMORPG. It is not "massive". It also does not have a persistant world (or worlds). It only has persistant characters.

      Not only that, but Diablo is only an RPG in a very loose and generous application of the genre label.

      Diablo is "online click-click-click game with persistant characters." p.

      • Diablo is "online click-click-click game with persistant characters."

        I believe the phrase you're grasping for is "online dungeon crawl" or "rogue clone"...
      • That's why I said "boderline." Because you're right, it only losely fits each of the letters in MMORPG, and doesn't have a persistant world. But the point I was making, that simply by leveling up and getting better armor (whether in Diablo or EverQuest) the ones who play more are going to be 'better' than the ones who don't. This isn't surprising, and there's nothing wrong with it. If you play more and have played longer, you'll be better and have cooler stuff.

        But the point I was making, about SW:G, is tha
    • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday November 09, 2003 @06:38AM (#7427950)
      The second posibility is that it will, in the long run, piss people off.

      I couldn't think of a worse game structure for a casual player. I suppose it must be nice for them to reward the truly hardcore, but what about the 95% of players who don't play for 6 hours every day and don't have the time and effort to put into reaching insane levels?

      If I was playing SWG, I'd try to organise some sort of resistance - get a group together using regular characters to gang up against any Jedi characters and set a precident where people don't *want* to be Jedi or nobody will help them and they'll get repeatedly mobbed in PvP combat.

      If there are Jedi, where's the Empire?
    • Keep in mind that it takes a HELLUVA long time to get a Jedi character.
    • by Kulic (122255) on Sunday November 09, 2003 @09:19AM (#7428302) Homepage
      While most people would agree that Jedi are cooler than other character classes, Jedi are not everyone's cup of tea. Sure, you're going to get the hardcore players running around as Jedi and Dark Jedi, but will the average players want to play as these classes?

      Keep in mind that apparently force sensitive characters can only learn Jedi skills (yes, I RTA). This means that they are fairly easy to identify (well, at least anytime they aren't hiding - but you won't see them changing people's hair), and this coupled with the bounties on them will make them hunted. Sure they're cool Jedi, but now them are characters who have groups out hunting them, and they suffer permanent death.

      I don't think that the average gamer will feel too jaded when you start seeing Jedi being taken down all the time, while everyone wants their character to heal them, change their appearance etc. There is a place for everyone, and Jedi aren't going to be running all over the place. Besides, you can be sure that the Dark Jedi will also be thinning the numbers ;)

      What is more likely to change the balance in-game will be the refinement of the process of unlocking the force-sensitive slot. I'm fairly sure that this still won't be something that you can do in 2 days, but will still be doable in the long term even if you only play a few hours a week (keep in mind that you are paying a subscription fee here).

      I guess what I'm trying to say is that yes the Jedi are cool, but they have their own problems, and a lot of people are happy to just stick to their dancing etc and not have all of these additional problems (a lot of people play games to relax, you know). Seeing as it has taken months for the first force-sensitive slot to be unlocked (and there are still no Jedi), I am fairly confident that there will not be hundreds of Jedi running around any time soon.
    • take a look at the picture..

      especially on the chat boxes

      "i've killed 2 han solo"

      "i've killed 10 so far"

      so, make your assumptions on how anything you do affects the world from that...

    • The second posibility is that it will, in the long run, piss people off. How, you ask? Others have pointed out in the past that SW:G has something no other MMORPG has had before: A specific class that is "better" than all others.

      There already is an element of unbalance in the game. Bounty Hunters get a vicious attack (eyeshot) that kills players dead in a hurry and there's no way to effectively heal during the fight. I've seen player imperials with two AT-STs, which have like 70% resistance to all attacks
    • "Balanced characters" is a convention, not an unbreakable natural law. In paper roleplaying games some very well regarded RPGs, such as Ars Magica [], consciously abandon the principle that all character classes should be equivalent in power. (In ArM, for instance, mages totally rule, and everyone else is basically support.)

      And you know what? Players still have fun. Players still play the "inferior" character types. Because in these games it's not about maximum firepower, it's about roleplaying. You can have

    • For a non-player, you have good insight. I'm a player in SWG, and the first part has already happened. People have been playing more, trying to unlock a force sensitive slot.

      The second part doesn't really apply. You get three deaths or so, and two more when you reach master. After the fifth, your character gets reset. This is a great equalizer.
  • by zenintrude (462825) on Sunday November 09, 2003 @05:40AM (#7427855)
    immediatly set up that account for auction and began work on making another Jedi, keeping the creation secrets to myself?
    • Well I think if you sold the only jedi in the game they might cotton on to it...

      I wonder if she actually knows how she unlocked the jedi? Like does it tell you what the successful steps were, or is it just "voila! you are now a jedi for completing an unknown series of steps"?
    • if you had so little to do that this is how you spent your time.

      not to troll, but how is someone being a jedi in a game newsworthy? i thought the general consensus was that this game wasnt that great anyway.

      I still want a XvsT remake...

    • She opened her sensitive slot??

      Uh? Oh...never mind.

  • by Farscry (674981) on Sunday November 09, 2003 @05:59AM (#7427891)

    In the interview with one of the producers on IGN [], they stated that before making announcements, they had to get approval from Lucasarts.

    Basically, SWG has to conform to Lucas's vision, and based on what we've seen in the movies, that means that the odds are more likely that once there are "enough" jedis, people will start unlocking Ewok slots instead of Force-sensitive slots.

    And who's going to pay for an Ewok character auction on Ebay? ;)

  • Nonsense! (Score:3, Informative)

    by AvantLegion (595806) on Sunday November 09, 2003 @06:28AM (#7427935) Journal
    Jedi players in SWG are not due until March 7th! []

    • Something changed.
      Because of the lack of people repaying for the game and even less joining the game they needed to do something to try to keep people in. So they changed from the original "We will provide no clues, everyone has a chance." To a "Here is what you need to do, provided you want to camp."
      That changed the predictions from next year to a few week from when they did it.
  • by Chuck Chunder (21021) on Sunday November 09, 2003 @09:49AM (#7428367) Homepage Journal
    She's going to snap in half.
  • ...and it only took, what 4 or 5 months? Sheesh. I guess that's why I bought Jedi Academy -- I was a Jedi immediately after installing the game. Talk about your instant gratification! Yep, that's me! Always taking the quick and easy way. And... and...

    <ominous voiceover>
    You... like your Father... are now.... MINE!
    </ominous voiceover>
  • by dpdawson (624716) on Sunday November 09, 2003 @11:18AM (#7428620) Homepage
    The First Jedi Player In SWG Hunted Down And Killed

    What an idiot.

  • Nope, Star Wars Galaxies [] does not run under Linux [] natively or with Wine or Transgaming's WineX.

    The list of Star Wars games that do work (if you don't mind a little tweaking) or have a chance to work are;

    Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy []

    Star Wars Insiders Guide []

    Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns []

    The Phantom Menace []

    Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith []

    Galactic Battlegrounds []

    Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 []

    Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast []

    Rebellion []

    The devil is in the details, so take a l

  • Hmmm (Score:3, Insightful)

    by (687626) * on Sunday November 09, 2003 @01:59PM (#7429341)
    This sounds interesting but I can't see running Windows just to play it. As for the game, this is a milestone. Other interesting milestones should be:

    First full jedi
    First full Sith
    First combat between a Jedi and Sith
  • sad (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Lepruhkawn (199083)
    I have no interest in buying a Star Wars game where becoming a Jedi is extraordinary news.
    • The reason for the big press releases is that SOE needed to do something to keep people paying and maybe get some new people to purchase the game. Also the game is just being released in Europe.
      People are leaving and have left the game so much that it some major cities are now ghost towns.
  • by Herkum01 (592704) on Sunday November 09, 2003 @11:38PM (#7431848)

    Well now we have the first Jedi, in SWG, they are supposed to be UBER-character in the game right?


    The first jedi has turned into a freak show, everyone wants watch and follow them around. Look at this! [] Would you want to be a Jedi with this mob around you? No wonder all the Jedi are hermits hiding in the farthest reaches from everyone. Or maybe she will go to the dark side and start killing everyone. At least we know why they become so EVIL!

  • Now that there's an (almost) jedi, I think most of the jealous wannabe-jedi bounty hunters will kill off our good little initiate to see if a) she stays dead and b) she really does become a glowy ghostie.

    All that effort just to become a lab rat!
  • fake (Score:1, Troll)

    by nogoodmonkey (614350)
    this is a fake picture for a couple reasons:

    1) dark jedi is not implemented in the game, so she should not have a red saber..
    2) the text above her head is the same size as the people 10 meters behind her (probably couldnt find the font in photoshop)..
    • Dark jedi are implemented. Color is dependent on the materials used. The screenie is not a fake.

      It is possible to make a fake screenie by changing the textures of a sword to be a lightsaber (although only you will see the lightsaber). But that's not what was done.
  • First I'd like to state that I have not played this game. However, in the Star Wars Extended Universe force sensitive people are rare and during the reign of the Empire they were hunted down either to be killed, like most of the Jedi during or after the Clone Wars, or have their loyalty linked to the Emperor, as with Mara Jade and the Emperor's Hands.

    The appearance of any force sensitive would probably have the empire hunting for the for one reason or another, espeically if they make a name for themself

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