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GameCube (Games) Entertainment Games

Warp Pipe Launches With Mario Kart Support 28

Posted by simoniker
from the banana-tailpipe-intersection dept.
jkeyes writes "The Warp Pipe project for playing LAN GameCube games online has just released Beta 0.3 for Windows. This is the first release to support Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, contains significant optimization, and even has region-free play, so you can battle against gamers from Japan or Europe - the first Macintosh beta is planned for next week."
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Warp Pipe Launches With Mario Kart Support

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  • This news (Score:3, Insightful)

    by zr-rifle (677585) <zedr AT zedr DOT com> on Thursday November 27, 2003 @04:53PM (#7578568) Homepage
    ... made me seriously consider buying a gamecube instead of an xbox this xmas.

    For 99, I'd get the latest in home entertainment technologyl, complete with online play (even if still buggy, as I presume it is since it's a beta).

    Before unleashing the wrath of the DMCA upon these hackers, Nintendo should think about the advantages brought to it's console at absolutely no cost whatsoever.
    • Re:This news (Score:2, Informative)

      by Dave_B93 (528595)
      Actually if you go to Wal*Mart Tomorrow, you can get one for $78

      For more info, check out this blurb at GameSpy []

      or are you counting the cost of a broadband adapter ( approx $35US) in your total?

  • by Anonymous Coward
    The last GPL'd release of Warp Pipe (including sources) is available here [] for download.
    • That version is 2-3 weeks old and doens't work very well with MK:DD, also it isn't being maintained by anybody. (not to mention the fact that the source is still availible from sourceforge CVS for now which has a fatter pipe, or that they thought they'd gone closed source a few months ago, so having that code is kind of questionable)

      There's already 2 projects working on GC tunelling warppipe [] and X-Link [], so I don't see how starting a new fork of warppipe off 3 week old code is going to help unless you'r

  • Considering the way Nintendo whores out it's GBA-GC link cable with the promise of extra content (most of which really should have been enabled from the start), I can only imagine how much stuff they'd force you to go online for... they'd probably end up giving you only half a game. The other two quarters would be unlocked via the internet and GBA link respectively... No thanks!
  • Can't wait for this thing to be stable, plan on grabbing an adapter soon as they get a 1.0 release with a match finder built in. as long as it runs decent, it will be great to play people from around the world at a game which, for the first time in a long time, I feel i'm deadly at. Bring it on

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