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Science & Industry 0.97b Half-Life Mod Release 110

Posted by michael
from the industrious dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Science & Industry, a teamplay mod for Half-Life, has been updated. S&I is one of the oldest Half-Life mods: it was there at the first Valve mod expo back in 1999, but it hadn't been updated since 2001! A new version is finally being released today. Science and Industry is a mod in which players assume the role of Security Officers in one of two rival corporations striving for domination in the cutthroat world of chemical and weapons research and development. Learn more about the mod on its website. This new version works for both WON and Steam versions of Half-Life. For a full list of changes, either check the Science & Industry website, or this detailed forum thread."
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Science & Industry 0.97b Half-Life Mod Release

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