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Building Your Own Skeeball Game? 36

Posted by Cliff
from the feed-me-weird-things! dept.
Squarepusher wonders "When a friend of mine started talking about building his own skeeball game, I knew exactly where to go for the scoop on this undertaking. Many people seem to be making their own arcade game cabinets now-a-days, but hows about skeeball? Does anyone have plans, tips/tricks, or knowledge of the inner workings? In short: Where does one begin and what exactly is my buddy getting himself into?"
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Building Your Own Skeeball Game?

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday December 31, 2003 @08:05PM (#7849768)
    For the same reason that some people build furniture when it's cheaper to buy it. For the same reason some code things that have already been written. For the same reason people climb mountains when they know what's at the top. For the same reason some people like working on old cars when a real mechanic can do it much quicker. The list goes on, and as the saying goes, if you have to have it explained...

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