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Title Fight For Best All-Time Game Scheduled 167

Posted by simoniker
from the duke-em-out dept.
Decaffeinated Jedi writes "Title Fight: The Ultimate Gaming Grudge -- a tournament in which gamers can vote to determine the greatest game of all time -- is underway at GameSpy. The rules for the tournament are simple: '64 games enter, one game leaves.' Polls are now open for the qualifying round, allowing gamers to choose titles from a wide range of genres that will eventually comprise approximately half of the 64-game final bracket. Qualifying will last until February 22, and first-round voting will begin on February 23." This is somewhat reminiscent of the GameFAQs Character Battle tournaments, but featuring entire games, not just videogame characters - predictions for the finalists and overall winner are welcome.
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Title Fight For Best All-Time Game Scheduled

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  • missing titles (Score:5, Informative)

    by an_mo (175299) on Friday February 20, 2004 @03:33PM (#8343076) Journal
    spacesims: missing freespace 2
    I also couldn't find descent, the best game ever
  • by OgdEnigmaX (535667) on Friday February 20, 2004 @07:11PM (#8345644)
    I believe the point is that the playing field is skewed by the age of the readership and thus what they've been exposed to. It is certainly *possible*, and in many cases true, that many newer games are better than their older counterparts...but you can't trust someone without working familiarity with (or even awareness of) all games in a given category to be able to choose the best of them. If I say that The Maltese Falcon is a far superior film to Casablanca, it's a totally meaningless claim because I haven't seen either of them.

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