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Games Entertainment

Game Tunnel Client Links Xbox, PS2, and GC Games 31

Posted by Zonk
from the dogs-and-cats-living-together-mass-hysteria! dept.
SuperStar writes "XLink Kai, the only global gaming network that allows you to tunnel all link-compatible games for Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube, launched their new client. As almost all 'Online-enabled' games also allow 'link/network play', this makes Kai a free and legal alternative for Microsoft's Xbox LIVE and Sony's online PS2 service. Using psSDK (instead of WinPCAP) and a new MAC caching subsystem allows them to become the fastest frame tunnel available. They not only offer a win32 binary, but also one for Mac OS X and Linux. A hands on of this release is available."
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Game Tunnel Client Links Xbox, PS2, and GC Games

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  • Re:I dont understand (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 18, 2004 @12:40AM (#10554108)
    it's like using a link cable, except you use the internet instead (which provides more players, and even a medium for people to meet [a la gamespy])
  • Re:I dont understand (Score:3, Informative)

    by wickedj (652189) on Monday October 18, 2004 @01:42PM (#10557647) Homepage
    No, you can't. Basically, if you have Midnight Club 2 for Xbox and PS2, you will not be able to link them and play against each other. This software is designed so that you can connect only the same consoles. The problem lies within the fact that each game is designed specifically for the console. Some have different level layouts, controls, hardware limitation, etc. which make it impossible to cross link. The only game I know of that allows a cross link is Final Fantasy 11 for PC and PSX. The other issue is region compatibility. If you have PAL as opposed to NTSC, most likely the consoles will be unable to link. Hope this answers your question.

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