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Bone Game Announced by Ex-Lucasarts Team 19

Posted by Zonk
from the better-than-a-game-based-on-a-movie dept.
CanarDuck writes "Telltale games is a company founded last year by a trio of former Lucasarts employees. They have announced that they will develop a game based on Jeff Smith's popular comic series Bone. There is an interview at Adventuregamers discussing the title, and the fact that it will be a point and click adventure game."
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Bone Game Announced by Ex-Lucasarts Team

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  • Awesome (Score:5, Insightful)

    by aldeng (804728) on Saturday February 26, 2005 @06:07PM (#11789502)
    Bone has always been awesome and if Jeff Smith is working as closely with the team as TFA suggests, this game should be awesome. How can you lose with the guy who invented Phoney and the people who made Day of The Tentacle?
  • Not point and click, more like arrow-keys-and-space-bar, if monkey island 4 is any measure.
    What this team has done before has been in 3D, not 'point and click' as such.
    Of their previous work, only Grim Fandango has really been any good.
    I only hope it doesn't turn into a low-poly puzzle-fest..

    One thing that bugs me is that every publisher says that 'adventure games are dead', and makes it self-fulfilling by not releasing any.

    • One thing that bugs me is that every publisher says that 'adventure games are dead', and makes it self-fulfilling by not releasing any.

      Well when one DOES decide to publish an adventure game, the others watch closely. But no matter how hard they look, the sales figures are just not there. So who's to blame? (at least one adventure game was canned because Syberia II didn't sell)

      On a similar note, it's always weird to see topics concerning adventure games get a lot less posts than other topics. Speaks s
      • Syberia II was also pseudo-3d wasn't it? Without a point-and-click interface? Sam & Max, DOTT, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Full Throttle, The Dig, all of those sold OK and they were old-skool 2D.
        • I'm pretty sure Syberia 1 and 2 were point-and-click affairs with realtime 3D characters in prerendered environments. There might have also been keyboard control of sorts, but the point-and-click interface worked well.
  • Yes!!!!
  • I never expected such an announcement (then, I never expected Scholastic to republish Bone in color, either). This almost makes up for the loss of Sam & Max 2.
  • How well do the different Bone books translate to adventure games? I see problems here. For instance, the first two books basically are humorous stories with some serious stuff thrown in. The latter books are very dark and deeply serious. I'd say the first books are easier to translate to a game than the last books.

    Furthermore, I think they will have serious problems selling the later games. The interview says they are planning NINE adventures, each based on one of the books. But the books are so closely

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