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XBox (Games)

XBox 360 Designed for Portability? 66

Posted by Zonk
from the would-almost-have-to-be-smaller-wouldn't-it? dept.
Spotless Tiger writes "XBox enthusiasts (or at least, those smart enough to read Slashdot) know now that IBM's PowerPC is at the heart of the next generation XBox 360. IBM has released a paper (PDF) on Solid Logic Technology, SLT, a processor technology that will debut on the 360. Essentially, this is another attempt to produce chips that are high performance with low power consumption. There's speculation that, with Microsoft's technology choices and rumours of a removable hard drive, the XBox 360 is designed to be much, much, smaller and more portable than its predecessor." Update: 04/15 04:27 GMT by Z : Removed the link to the paper from the stone age. Sorry about that. As much as I like reading research papers...
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XBox 360 Designed for Portability?

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