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PSP Wi-Fi Impairs Processor Speed 57

Posted by Zonk
from the interesting-design-choice dept.
GameDaily reports that the PlayStation Portable has an interesting restriction: its full processor power cannot be utilized at the same time as its WiFi functionality. Therefore, games that are played online cannot make use of the chip's 333mhz processor speed. The original finding from Beyond 3D was confirmed to GameDaily by Sony. Dave Karraker, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications: "The recent firmware upgrade (3.50) that removed the restriction on the PSP's CPU speed enables developers to utilize speeds either lower or higher than the default 222MHz, up to the full 333MHz clock speed. The article is correct that increased CPU speed cannot be used with the PSP's wireless feature." Though speculation is that this is a power-saving decision, there has been no official announcement as to the root cause.
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PSP Wi-Fi Impairs Processor Speed

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  • by r_jensen11 (598210) on Monday August 13, 2007 @08:15PM (#20219781)
    You decide whether to play your Playstation Portable at 333Mhz or using WiFi capabilities. You choose to:

    1) play at 333 Mhz. Page 108
    2) play with WiFi capabilities. Page 42
    3) do both! Page 36

    p36. "Your PSP reads 'Emergency shut down. Battery dead.' You go to plug in your PSP to recharge it and the bettery explodes. You die.
    p42. You experience a decrease in graphics quality but are happy to be playing with people instead of on your own.
    p108. You run to your room, lock the door, and admire the 333Mhz in all their glory. You forget where you place the key for the door and die of starvation. One week after your death, your PSP spontaneously turns on, its battery explodes, and your corpse is set on fire.

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