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Ultima Online Expansion Sept. 8, WAR Expansion In Near Future 40

IndustryGamers recently spoke with Mythic Entertainment execs about the futures of Ultima Online and Warhammer Online. UO's newest expansion, Stygian Abyss, was recently given a September 8th release date. As for WAR, they say, "... we just finished up a major patch for Warhammer Online and there's a lot of stuff we're thinking about for improving and enhancing the gameplay experience and guaranteeing that the product lives up to the legacy of the Warhammer franchise. You should expect an expansion in the near future." The Overly Positive blog suggests that recent developer interviews have undergone a change in tone, demonstrating a greater willingness to acknowledge the game's flaws and work out ways to correct them.
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Ultima Online Expansion Sept. 8, WAR Expansion In Near Future

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  • Rule, Britannia! (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Draconi (38078) on Saturday August 15, 2009 @12:13AM (#29073829)

    What a day! We just launched the open beta, and now I get to come home and see UO up on the front page of Slashdot!

    This totally made my registration all those years ago worth it :P

    Seriously! A lot of people don't even realize UO is even around, when it still has a playerbase that outshines (in size *and* passion) many of the newest entrants, who're so quick to fade away while Britannia lives on.

    It's amazing, and humbling, when I think about how different UO is from the grindfests so prevalent these days, when all we do is try to let players live in the Ultima universe with some fun, tile-based physics and a penchant for interactivity (and in Felucca, a bit of brutality!)

    The Stygian Abyss expansion may not be 3D (awww, sorry Ultima Underworld), but there's plenty homage paid to our rich past :)

  • Re:Amazing (Score:5, Interesting)

    by ShakaUVM (157947) on Saturday August 15, 2009 @02:27AM (#29074357) Homepage Journal

    >>Don't forget when ti came out you could not become a 7xGM because someoen would lgiht a campfire next to you and you'd gain a point in Camping and lose one of your GMs.

    Yeah the skirmishing combat chefs were one of the best parts of the early guild battles.

    Don't look! He's cooking an omelet!

    (For those of you who didn't play UO, the above is not actually a joke. You'd send people in front of their army to cook in order to drop their highest skills - the game had a skill cap, and also a system where you'd learn skills by watching other people. And the first skills to be dropped were your highest ones, like grandmaster spellcasting. =)

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