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Linux Game Tome Returns! 58

amccall writes: "After a long outage, The Linux Game Tome has been updated and is now back in action!" Congratulations to Bob for getting the Tome back up, and mad props to Tony Guntharp and the crew at SourceForge for hosting the new site.
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Linux Game Tome Returns!

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  • There is a reason why games like Tomb Raider, Quake, Tetris and Gran Turismo (never heard of the last one, but then again, racing games aren't my thing) is so popular. They're Good!

    Sega and Sony moved the bar on the platform games, and played upmanship. Basically, they tried to make *better* games.

    If you have a better game than first-person shooter than Quake, fine, show it to the world. Don't just take a third-bit first-person shooter, write it for Linux, and then say "See DOS/Windows has Quake, we have Storm, therefore the Gameing situation on Linux is just as good as Win". If it's crap, people won't come.

    If I had the choice between Civilization and FreeCiv, I would choose Civilization over a bad copy any day.

    Games is not important enough in my life for me to try to debug, and rewrite to make better. Either it works or it doesn't. If it doesn't, I move on.
  • > Who knows, maybe the decline is due in part to the frequent moderating down of anyone who subscribe to the standard Slashdot groupthink.

    I don't think this phenomenon exists.

    I made a post [] a couple of weeks back, and it "enjoyed" a whopping 13 points of moderation. Without ever getting more than 3 points from the level I posted it at.

    (No need to click up the link; it wasn't anything controversial. Not even any MS bashing. The only thing it's good for is showing that...)

    Clearly, /. moderation is not being done by a clique that toes some kind of party line.

    When the postings that a new user sees devolve into a self-congratulatory sameness

    If you don't like the moderation, try adjusting your profile. You can make moderation go away.

    As a last resort, if someone is holding a gun to your head to make you read this site, ypetay elphay, and we'll send someone over to save you.

  • This also made it into one of the "Quickies" later that day and CmdrTaco caught a bunch of flak for posting the same thing twice...

  • Who knows, maybe the decline is due in part to the frequent moderating down of anyone who doesn't subscribe to the standard Slashdot groupthink. (Case in point [].) When the postings that a new user sees devolve into a self-congratulatory sameness, I can see why original minds would be less than thrilled about getting involved.


  • I would, if I had the coding fact, I will when I have enough knowledge to start or at least work on a project like this...but unfortunately I just started learning my first computer language(c++) a few months ago...I'm learning fast and want to be able to get onto some big projects once I have the knowledge...until then, I can only give encouragement(something which you seem to lack in your post) to other coders...
  • So you do not think that phenomenon exists?

    What are you out your rocker.

    If you say something like all software should not be free because programmers need to actually earn a living they will moderate you down to nill. If you call Linus Torvalds a hypocrite for saying all software should be free and open yet, hmm..., has he not been working on making a portable version of linux for Transmeta? Well wheres the code Linus the linux zealots will you know... jump on you like insipidous dogs.

  • It's still there [], just disappeared from the main page. Strange...
  • > If you guys who troll the site even read.. you driven me off.

    Alas, that's exactly what they want.

    The only way to win is to hang in there just to spite them.

    Browse at 5 if you must, but make a reply now and then just so they'll know they haven't taken over the site.

  • > If you say something like all software should not be free because programmers need to actually earn a living they will moderate you down to nill.

    Not true; we get a lot of posts like that that don't get moderated down. Some even get moderated up.

    > If you call Linus Torvalds a hypocrite for saying all software should be free and open yet, hmm..., has he not been working on making a portable version of linux for Transmeta?

    If he did in fact say that, and is now working on non-free software, then yes, he is a hypocrite. Did he? Is he? (Do I care whether the world has one more hypocrite in it?)

    > the linux zealots will you know... jump on you like insipidous dogs.

    Well, you've gone and said it, so let's hide and watch for the insipidous dogs.

    ps - What does "insipidous" mean?

  • at least they weren't backstreet boys phrases.

  • VA Media Monopoly? How is this possible when the SEC hasn't even finished reviewing the merge? The S-4 Was only filed last week. I thought I'd point that out. You are welcome to your opinions on the rest though.

    Also, if you look at what this post is about, I have to say I'm very proud of what VA has done, and I'm proud of my part in this. I mean, we rescued a site that was liked by a bunch of people with no strings attached.

    And before you say things like "owned and controlled" you should take a look at the terms of service and the rest on sourceforge, and maybe you should read the GPL too, we don't own anyone's software. We just want to provide the real developers in the community with the resources they need to succeed. The GPL prevents that sort of thing from happening, I really don't think you understand the licence at all.

    Chris DiBona
    VA Linux Systems
    Grant Chair, Linux Int.
    Pres, SVLUG

  • > TONS of stories with less than 100 comments... many with less than 75.

    I think /. has been posting more stores per day for ~half a year or so now, with the result that people jump from one story to the next without generating the deeper threads of discussion as often as they used to.

    > i think what i'm trying to say is that in the last year or so, the quality of things have been going down hill

    Not least because about 1/3 of the posts are whinges about the content or the moderation -

    Or at least, that's what I would say if I could say it without contributing to what I was complaing about!

    > so moderate at will, my fellow slashdotters

    Forgive me, but I'm really getting tired of the "please kick me" tags that seem to be de rigueur among the whinge posts. Since you're already metamoderating, or maybe metametamoderating, shouldn't you be saying "please moderate me up!" instead?

  • > You said something that fit in with the "groupthink" mentioned earlier

    Not. I merely observed that if linking to an illegal site made your site illegal, then it was also illegal for someone else to link to your site, and that by induction we could expect essentially the whole WWW to become illegal under those rules.

    That's not groupthink; that's mathematics.

    > Nine were positive for various things and four were negative because it was "overrated".

    Precisely my point: the supposedly monolithic block of moderators wasted eight precious moderation points that could have spent moderating you down instead - wasted them splitting hairs over the proper rating of a post that, according to you, they all should have agreed with to begin with.

    You do realize that anyone with a login name gets a turn at moderating, don't you? And that not everyone with a login name takes the same position on any given issue?

    When you get a turn as a moderator, do you moderate in favor of what you term "groupthink"?

  • Man, did you just read the total and not read what the moderation was for? Nine were positive for various things and four were negative because it was "overrated". You said something that fit in with the "groupthink" mentioned earlier, and the only debate was whether it was deserving of 4 points for near total submission to the desired thought pattern or 5 points for absolute homogeny.
  • Yeah the LGT rocks out! They post all kinds of cool stuff up there, including *BLATANT PLUG* my friend Joe's Java Game [] which has the source available under the GPL!*/BLATANT PLUG*

    But anyways, I digress... whenever people blab to me about the lack of games for Linux, I always point them to the LGT... that seems to shut them up pretty damn quick :-)

    The Mad Poet, AKA Maker OF Cowart

    Populus Vult Decipi, Ergo Decipiatur. []
  • I feel the same way too about slashdot, it has been trying to go more mainstream now that IPO greedy Andover bought them. It seems Andover feels the geek niche can not bring in as many hits as a more mainstream site can.

    Lately I have been going to Kuro5hin [] instead of slashdot. Kuro5hin is a weblog much like slashdot but the registered user votes for the stories in stead of a selected few moderators.

  • I spent some time poking through the Tome and it's seriously depressing. Asteroids clones, Space Invaders clones, worm-gets-longer games, Tetris clones, Sokoban clones, etc. I don't know which is worse, that:

    1. Programmers have monstrously powerful systems in front of them--orders of magnitude beyond what was available for home use 20 years ago--and yet they're writing knock-offs of 20 year old software and the results aren't nearly as polished or fun as the originals.

    - OR -

    2. That there's almost a complete lack of "I'm going to follow my own vision" as opposed to "I'm gonna look for someone else's game to clone." Is this an inherent weakness of Open Source or are video games, the medium that was once halfway considered to be on the road to a new art form, truly dead?
  • Nothing warms my heart like seeing a post on the freeciv list, with someone asking:
    Can I run freeciv under Windows?
    And people say OSS games will never succeed!

  • by Duxup ( 72775 ) on Sunday April 30, 2000 @10:52PM (#1100534) Homepage
    I noticed that you haven't posted anything recently with the exception of this post. Maybe you were out of town or something, but it is hard to take the post too seriously when you seem to be not participating. Just complaining about the lack of intelligent posts and not posting any doesn't help.

    I would note that I do not agree with your assessment that if you get moderated up "I will know that the community I call myself a part of feels the same way I do." I'm sure you can say that at least some of the community agrees with you. However claiming that you would represent the community as whole or even majority seems far fetched. I only takes a few people with some moderator points at that specific time to mod something up.

    Regarding your commentary on the advertisers, I doubt /. (or any sites) would have any advertisers if they removed every companies adds with whom someone had a bad experience with. Advertising between you and that company, and not the site you saw an advertisement on.

  • A) Sorry, chum. VA and Andover arent "merging". VA bought Andover out because they wanted control of their holdings, ala Slashdot and Freshmeat. Believe me, they didnt buy Andover because they're big fans of Canadian publishers. They wanted control of important fixtures of the Linux community. Andover was aquired [] . Dont try and sugar-coat it, Chris.

    B) You guys "rescued a site that was liked by a bunch of people with no strings attached"? Bullshit. If VA was interested in philanthropy, they would have donated money to Rob & Hemos, and done the same for Patrick over at Freshmeat. Guess what. They didn't. They paid millions of dollars for the right to own it all lock, stock and barrel. Infact, if the rumors are true, VA was one of the original bidders for Slashdot, from what I hear. They were turned away because of details they insisted on including in their offer. They didn't get it. So, they did the next best thing they could. The instant they had the money to do so, they aquired the company that DID get them. Somehow, I dont think "love" was Larry's main motivation here. Of course, you're welcome to have your own opinion, Chris. Then again, you'de probably be canned if you said anything even remotely damaging your company.

    C) Thats right. VA owns and controls the things it owns., and everything beneath it, are now corporate holdings. This includes Sourceforge. See, thats why they purchased In other words, they payed money to obtain ownership of it all. I know, wacky concept, isn't it. Paying money means you own things. The reality of it is, VA Linux Systems, at any time, can pull the plug thousands of community projects at its own discretion. They own the boxes, they lease the pipe, they employ the admins. All it takes is a call to one employee to walk over to and yank the plug out of the wall. With Sourceforge, they now own a little ant-farm called where they can watch bright-eyed kids come up with amazing things that might be of use to the company. If one of ideas is important enough to VA, they'll put people to work on the task full time, under the auspices of "community involvement".. This is precisely what happened with System 12, in my opinion. We were forced off the map the instant we started talking about being a fixture in the Linux community. They couldnt own the idea, so they gave the order to their own full-time employees to replicate it and slap their name on it first before we could even get off the ground. Why else would they have put several of its employees on the task full-time? I'll bet you ten bucks to a goddamn donut the same thing is happening on Sourceforge right now. Someone there , right now, has an idea that could give VA an advantage over their competition down the road. Right now, VA doesnt have to worry about a thing. VA has no competition--They now own their competitors. And when the bright-eyed kids begin making waves about what they're shooting for, they'll get screwed so hard they wont be able to walk straight for months.

    The premise that VA purchased, Freshmeat, Slashdot, and countless other sites out of the kindness of their own hearts sounds about as laughable as hearing Bill Gates whine about how Microsoft is being denied their "freedom to innovate."

    Snap out of it. I'm so tired of your spin and bullshit I could squat.

    Bowie J. Poag
  • Artwork, music, gameplay. Free Software might be able to solve the gameplay issue, although I'm not sure the feedback is as good in the community as it is when people are paid to give feedback.

    You could always try to *pay* the artists, you know. Open Source/Free Software doesn't mean free (gratis) software. You can always try to sell your game. GPL doesn't stop you from charging for your product.

    Or you can try to sell support for the game (if someone is willing to buy from you instead of Redhat or LinuxCare), or sell manual for it (if O'Reilley doesn't beat you to it).

    Whatever you decide to do, keep the source GPL and FREE, otherwise ./'ers and RMS and everybody inbetween will call you a parasite and clueless.

  • Uh, did you read the post itself? I was talking about Happy penguin. Duh. You spend so much time and trouble being angry that you seem sorta nutty.

    You really need to chill! (or, in your terms, squat)

    Also, System12 wasn't even on the radar much less a "threat" to SF. Anyhow, who -cares- if someone competes with SF, it just makes Tony and the boys work harder. Anyhow, you didn't come up with the concept of hosting, bucko, we've been doing it (and a lot of others have been too) for years before you were on the scene, we just did a good job of it. Wacky Concept, that.

    Chris DiBona
    VA Linux Systems
    Grant Chair, Linux Int.
    Pres, SVLUG

  • You're missing the whole point here. Groupthink isn't a specific philosophy which applies in every instance - it is merely a reflection of the ideal held by the majority of members of a group. In this case, though, the majority squashes the minority. True, your post didn't reflect one of the obvious pillars of Slashdot groupthink (for instance "Linux is good" or "Corporations are bad") but it nevertheless fit in with what the majority of Slashdot readers think is a good post. The moderators did all agree with your post (you moron) they just couldn't agree on whether it deserved the highest rating or merely the second highest. When I get a turn as a moderator, I moderate fairly and try to be unbiased. And I always lose karma as a result.
  • and TONS of stories with less than 100 comments... many with less than 75. then there is the severe lack of intelligent comments as of late

    Slashdot is quite a bit better on weekdays than on weekends. There tend to be fewer w4nk3rs trolling /. on the weekdays and more users who want more games for the GNU/Linux system.

  • /. is not the be all and end all of news, else they wouldn't link to news stories elsewhere. It is the first place I go for news, but hardly the last. And I usually enjoy the discussion, but i'll agree there is alot of crap.

    The problem, as far as I see it anyway, is that people take this far too seriously. which really is no different than anything else in life, but still . . . ideally nothing that is said here would really personally affect anyone the way it does (look at any given flamewar). Ideally people would look at good posts, bad posts, offtopic posts and insane posts under the same light. But this is not the case. People feel passionately about the discussion here. While that's good for them (I guess), it's not good for the overall discussion. And gives room for the trolls (not the dumbfucks like the first reply to your post) room to play.

    My opinion of this site has not changed in the two years or so i've been reading. If people would just loosen up and stop reacting so vehemently to the "abuses", they would stop, or at least those that would remain would be more productive. I suppose you'd still get first posters and what not, and I certainly wouldn't stop doing that crazy thing I do, but things could get a little better.

    my 2 cents anyway. I'll go crawl back under my rock now.
  • but it was slower than the second coming of Christ!

    You mean that already happened?!?!? Dammit, they forgot to send me a memo! I specifically left orders to be notified on J-day! Damn that incompetent Peter-- oh wait, you mean he's the boss now? Oh, sorry... I'll just go back to my cave for another couple of millenia now...

    (Chalk that up as my piece of pointless anti-Catholic humour for the day...)
  • NOTE: This was rejected as a slashdot front page article, but it seems relevant here:

    These guys [] at Brown University put together a huge (ten story high) tetris game, made out of their library's windows. Damn cool if you ask me!

  • by B-Rad ( 66696 ) on Sunday April 30, 2000 @05:18PM (#1100543) Homepage
    Rejected because it's already been posted. Peep here [].
  • Arg.. Thats it.. its annoyed me for the last time.

    Okay.. I have never really intentionally trolled. Ive been off topic a few times and I usually post half-thought posts just to toss my opinon out

    into the fray.. But ive just seen the last troll. okay. I love this site but I see all this totally STUPID shit that some 12 year old is posting.

    I see a community that encourages this. some trolls are funny.. I like them occasionally poking a little fun at Cmdr Taco is funny okay? NOT all the time.

    If you guys who troll the site even read.. you driven me off. I am to afraid to even load this site in my office because I may scroll by some lude ASCII art or the wonderful big "FUCK YOU!" things in ASCII art. That is SO not cool.

    I refuse to browse at like one or two only because I mostly do not in the moderation system.

    However I know people who do browse at 2 or more.. so I try and mod up good stuff whenever I meta moderate and all that.. but im just tired of even trying.

    Yes ive posted a lot of noise but I DO post thoughtful and decent posts when im actually experienced in something posted that I know about.

    Or maybe I have something insightful that no one else has picked up on and posted yet..

    But I dont like sites I cant even view at work. So.. ill come back in 4 or 5 months and check it out again. I dont expect it to be much of a change.

    Slashdot has kept to its core for a long time but it was unprepared for the 12 year old's whove come and stuffs gotta be fixed.. Hell I even support Hemos and Taco and the gang when a lot of time they get negative community support.. But this is stupid. /. is to much of a target. So I woefully regret them ever selling it and making a big public mess out of this. You know if it comes down to it this site is an investment now. Its lost something I believe. It took me a long time to reach this conclusion.. And im glad for the people who profited over their labor of love. And yes if it were me I would sell to. No way should they lose an opportunity like this to make money of a labor of love and fun. Its way cool. So I salute you guys for being able to make a life out of /. Its very good.. But im ready for something different. No hard feelings here, im just a bit dis-illusioned with the mess.

    Jeremy -- Signing off.
  • My bad... I'm surprised I missed that one... almost two weeks ago!
  • The key to Linux's success on the desktop is gaming.

    OpenGL is key; the effective death of Glide is the best thing that's happened toward that goal. Another key is robust video card driver support. Consider the benefit for Linux and open source in general if GPL'd drivers for popular video cards were available that provided better functionality than the manufacturer's closed drivers.

    Oh, when and if Linux takes off on the desktop because of gaming, I resolve to not cry "Who let all these gamers in!?"

  • People "wanted" Mario (TM & © Nintendo), but Sega's and Sony's consoles still made money licensing devkits for their consoles. Do players want Tomb Raider^TM, or do they want behind-the-player shooters? (Big 7i75 can be worked into any custom player skin.) Do they want Quake^TM, or do they want first-person shooters? Do they want Starcraft^TM, or do they want real-time strategy games? Do they want TETRIS®, or do they want puzzle games? Do they want Gran Turismo^TM, or do they want racing games? By restricting themselves to brand names, they miss out on fun.
  • Amen to CSoft sucking ass. I followed the ad from everything1 a few years ago, and got an account. Had 2 really good sites going (and in progress), then they said someone was doing something illegal from my account and cut me off. No explanation. No reponse to emails. Back to good old llamacom for me...

    Oh yeah, I agree with everything else here. Too much politics, not enough geek. And the geek there is has been posted 3 times on /.. But most importantly, I agree with csoft sucking.
  • Anybody know where the game manic miner [] can be found? The link given is bad and I haven't had any luck.

    I've checked out the page for the DOS version of this game, but there aren't any pointers to a Linux version. That page says that the game is FREEWARE but that he won't release the source. Something I've never understood, but that's a different thread...

  • Dinsdale! []

  • Hmmmm...
    I can't speak for anybody else...but I've had really good luck with csoft. All of my emails are responded to quickly, and i've never had any extended downtime.

    maybe it's just me.

  • What happened to the article that was here like an hour ago?
  • Did anyone else see it? It was an Ask Slashdot, on the front page, just before this article.

    Last Seen with about 30 comments.. where'd it go?

  • In the spirit of all the recent off topic "Slashdot has changed for the worse when ____" posts:

    I am posting off topic to say that I actually LIKE Slashdot. In fact I plan to continue to visit Slashdot! I may even visit more often than I have ever before. I enjoy many of the posts and think there are lots of great posts. I ignore the trolls and flames and enjoy the stories and many comments posted. I enjoy what is posted for what it is and participate frequently. Slashdot is a good site, and I plan to continue to visiting. Feel free to post your opinion about when you felt Slashdot "went good" below.

    Of course I have to add the ever martyr bating:
    Moderate as you will!

    My personal apologies to those who were reading for comments regarding the Linux Game Tome site. I think it's great they're back up too, it's nice to have a good central location for such stuff. Very useful for me to point friends also new to Linux to for game stuff.
  • Yeah, what piman said :P I'm still paranoid that I'm getting 1 or 2 emails a day to regarding bug fixes and patches for software I wrote with that email address as a contact...
  • I'm working on a new gaming site for linux.
    I registered games4linux / lingames / cultgames . (which one would you prefer?)
    I'm developing the site-engine in my spare time right now. But due to my workload I don't have that much time.
    So maybe some of you want to help me out with reviews/articles/ideas or other help.
    If you're interested please email me.

  • I think I share your sentiments. Regardless of the effort Rob has taken to make sure things dont change, they have, and irreversibly so. I'm also nearing the point where i'm looking for places other than Slashdot to get my news. These days, most of the stuff I see on here I would classify as irrelevant crap. Pointless lawsuit posts, for example.. its like, who cares.

    Nowadays, the people in charge of posting articles to Slashdot are more clueless than the average reader, it feels like. It goes beyond repeat posts, rampant trolling, and the like.. Instead of having a page where we're all equals, Slashdot has eroded into a boys club of have's and have-not's. A handful of questionable people dole out the news to the masses instead of the other way around, like it used to be.

    Nobody knows who Timothy, Jamie, Emmet, Roblimo, and others are. No offense, but all we know is that theyre all very obviously poor substitutes for Rob and Hemos. I look at a list of 7 news items on Slashdot's front page right now, and 2 out of those 7 pages are posts I've seen before, even *years* ago.

    I keep asking myself, how did these new guys get into the position of being able to post articles? If this is supposed to be a community page, who appointed them? Who are they? VA goons? Andover people? Whatever the case..Slashdot has taken a very obvious nose-dive in recent months, largely due to crap posts and the resulting trolls they inspire. Garbage in, garbage out. I hate to admit it as well, but i'm looking for somewhere else to get my daily news.

    I don't think i'm alone in feeling fed up with the VA media monopoly..Strong words, sure, but stop and think about it now. Your news, your software, your project -- All of it is owned and controlled by one singular company with questionable intentions. If I had to choose between this "new" Linux community and the old one, i'd take the old one in a heartbeat.

    The whole mindset of ownership, and class division is a complete 180' from the ideals which formed the Linux community to begin with.

    Go ahead and moderate me down if you want. Just sharing my $0.02. You dont have to agree with me.

    Bowie J. Poag
  • Insipid
    Lacking flavor or zest; not tasty. Lacking excitement, stimulation, or interest; dull.

    In the context I used I meant lacking interest especially my interest (you hear me damn linux zealots you lack my interest!!!).

    Next time if you do not know what a word means go to the Dictionary [].

  • >Nobody knows who Timothy, Jamie, Emmet, Roblimo, and others are.

    Emmet is an open source advocate who has had far less exposure than the likes of ESR and RMS..
    There has been no less than two Slashdot storys on him however most were more intrested in the effort than the names.

    RobLimo for the most part is unknown to me however is known to Nitrozac of After Y2K
    During a spat between Slashdot and Technocrats it was RobLimo and not CmdrTaco who stood up for Slashdot. (It was over the early SlashCode liccens)

    Timothy and Jamie seem to be hired help... (Someone forgott to train them me-thinks..)

    Slashdot has seen a lot of people come and go.
    Someone around here ran with a .sig crying of joy for the loss of one Slashdot author.
    At one time it was friends of CmdrTaco now it's employees of Andover.. I think CmdrTaco should try to stick with people familure with open source such as Emmit and RobLimo and maybe thats exactly what he is doing...

    Hemos and CmdrTaco have tripped over each other long before the existing crew signned on..
    As Hemos has pointed out on at least one occasion.. After reviewing 100 submittions an hour every day for years you forget stuff...

    Slashdot started as a rant forum and it still is.
    Maybe no one noticed it before...
    Open source has become profesional over the last few years and thats a good thing...
    In comparison maybe Slashdot no longer looks as polished as it once did years ago when it was CmdrTaco alone posting rants on a collage website...

    However for those who wish to have an alternitive I welcome you to MeowBBS.
    But don't abandon Slashdot just yet...
  • People getting uppity as of late...

    Slashdot has become the core of the community and it isn't all they want it to be.

    I personally suspect people want alternitives...

    Such alternitives do exist and Slashdot dose premote them...
    Not MeowBBS.. but thats MeowBBSes fault not Slashdot :)
  • > I suggest someone take that code and undermine /. with it. Competition
    There are allready a few websites compeating with Slashdot... and allready Slashdot like forum software.
    Technocrat [] runs on SquishDot...
    MeowBBS [] runs on ZenToe...

    All are available for download...
    You don't need to use SlashCode if you want to compeate with Slashdot...

  • I had the choice between Civilization and FreeCiv, I would choose Civilization over a bad copy

    A lot of these games are more art than code. Look at the typical game's credits; there tend to be twice as many artists as coders, and good game artists generally don't work for free beer (unless they're alcoholics :-). Anyone know how to solve the "better art in games with closed source code" problem?

  • Who says there's a lack of games for the GNU/Linux system? Probably critics who have never been to the depot []. Or you can click my Home Page link or signature.
  • Oh yeah. I was getting a bit bored with q2 and the BSD text-mode games that came with SuSE. (not to say that Christminster and Nethack are bad, but...). I don't know the history of the Tome, being new to Linux, but I'm very happy to see something like this. The main thing my roommates dislike about Linux is the lack of games, and I'm really hoping this will turn them away from the dark side. (Well, that, and they don't like the fact that they won't see their GPFs again... :)

  • It's finally back - but it was slower than the second coming of Christ!

    More linux games are desparately needed. I wish those jerks at blizzard would let Loki port Starcraft, etc. to Linux.

    If there is ONE thing killing Linux (amd thus keeping MS alive) among everybody I know, it's the damn LACK OF GAMES for linux. It's like MS is PAYING Blizzard, et al not to make games.

    ...and that's the MacNeil Perspective...
  • its great to see that there is one site to go for linux games. its also great to see that this is a sourceforge site. Windows is still king of games, but between this and loki the penguin might over take his thrown.
  • It's like MS is PAYING Blizzard, et al not to make games.

    Are you implying that MS engages in unfair business practices in order to eradicate its competition?
    Where could you get such an idea?
  • by haledon ( 43675 ) on Sunday April 30, 2000 @04:05PM (#1100568)
    this post is purposefully off topic. in some ways, it's also an experiment. i have some strong feelings, and i've had them for a while. if this get a 0 score, i will know that my feelings are unfounded. if it gets moderated up, then i will know that the community i call myself a part of feels the same way i do.

    i want to preface this by saying that this is not a knock on Rob or anyone else. i'm not here to criticize anything or anyone; i'm just here to make an observation about things.

    i went to read this story, and i noticed a funny thing. it's been almost 2 hours, and no one has posted anything of value. i've noticed this a lot as of late... then we see all these repeat stories, stories that beat the same subject to death, and TONS of stories with less than 100 comments... many with less than 75.

    then there is the severe lack of intelligent comments as of late... it seems like the only intelligent comments i read anymore are the ones like this one, complaining that things are going down hill... don't get me wrong, ther eare still a few really intelligent people nice enough to explain things calmy, but they seem to be a dying breed.

    i think what i'm trying to say is that in the last year or so, the quality of things have been going down hill. this is not a knock at all the hard work that people are putting in, but maybe some of that hard work could be redirected or something.

    i just feel like this used to be a place i would come many times a day, and one i would spend a long time on. one that i cared about.... and as of late, i seem to be getting more and more of my news elswhere... i don't even care all that much when i get to moderate b/c i feel like it's not going to make a difference, and the majority of what i read are either not applicable, or flame wars between pseudo-intelligent people. the ask slashdot articles aren't what they used to be, and neither are the news stories... and from what i'm getting in the comments that others are posting, my feelings are not an anomoly. from what i've been reading, i feel like there are a lot of "ask slashdot" stories and regular news stories that i would be *VERY* interested in reading.. and that many others would be interested in as well... but which never see the light of day.

    and slowly, little by little, those of us who helped make this site such a great place are starting to go elsewhere.

    so moderate at will, my fellow slashdotters. let's see what happens.

    p.s. slashdot should really check to see whether their advertisers are legit. due to some horrible unprofessionalism from, my email address is down. if you want to send me any comments, please use (ack!) my hotmail account at [mailto]

  • yup. i was here before the moderation started (actually there werent any real user accounts back then - everyone posted as ACs)...first there were selectable options (to lower the first posting to last - i.e. newest first), then there was the threading/flat options followed by moderation (which everyone opposed at first - it was also limited to a select few) then the nested, more moderation options, meta moderation and finally the current system.
  • by --delphi-- ( 131620 ) on Sunday April 30, 2000 @03:54PM (#1100570) Homepage
    I never knew this was gone...this is the first time I've heard of it...but I'm glad it's of the problems which makes people less enthusiastic about linux is its lack of games. Granted, these aren't the market killing games out there for other platforms like Diablo or Halflife, but this is a good way to attract attention to the gaming side of linux. I think that a good thing to do would be to start open source gaming projects. It would be a lot of fun, and if enough people got into it, a great game could be created. With the advent of cross-platform gaming libraries [], we might be able to see such things.

    If youre interested in starting up a group, start one, make games...this is the way linux will succeed...don't sit around saying to yourself that this is what needs to be done, do it...
  • Sure, GNU might have lots of games, just like OS/2 had lots of applications.

    But is it games people wants, or is it games for the sake of saying there are games on Linux? What difference is there if there are games for GNU/Linux if is not the games people want?

  • It was probally before moderation. Auctually, and hopefully some original posters could verify this, first posting was probally originally just about getting your post up top where all would see. It probally slowly downgraded as people became more obsessed with being first and then compromised the contents of their posts. Eventually they would append first post to the end of their posts and finally the contents of the post were ommitted.
  • "... and mad props to Tony Guntharp and the crew ..."

    y0 y0 y0 slash dotta's! this is funky cool and the fools, representin' da east side posse, waaaazzzzuuuuuuuup!

    Am I the only one that doesn't want to read thug phrases on my favorite website?

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