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Quake First Person Shooters (Games)

Quake3 v1.30 Final Is Out 221

ipoverscsi writes: "A new Quake3 binary is out for both Linux and Windows. This is supposedly the final release of the game for all time. You can get the new version 1.3 at FilePlanet or your regular pusher. Mirrors would be good as the hour+ wait will only get worse." Ant provides a link to this thread on Blue's News (including a mirror) as well.
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Quake3 v1.30 Final Is Out

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  • last ever patch? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by MyMarty ( 262639 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @04:23AM (#2362714)
    I'm wondering whether that statement is accurate, given that one of the changes that they mention in the readme is:

    Within this release is an Auto Update system that can be used to at any time to check for and download updates to Quake 3 and Team Arena.

    Kind of pointless if they don't plan to be releasing any more. Perhaps a better interpretation would be that they're going to halt active development in preference for yet-to-be-released projects (Bring it on, i say)

    • Re:last ever patch? (Score:1, Interesting)

      by dingo ( 91227 )
      Maybe they are going to "auto update" maps or mods or something.

    • Interesting point, but don't forget Quake 3 technology is in a lot of other games, including Return to Castle Wolf and Soldier Of Fortune 2, and maybe others.

      Q3 has it's shortcomings, but it's probably the best development platform I have ever come across for games. It should be around for a while longer.

  • by Malc ( 1751 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @04:46AM (#2362750)
    ... that's just bollocks, and they f**k off. I went to and found the point release there. They don't have a very beefy server, but I've set ncftp downloading it without any of that fileplanet crap. They only allow 150 logins, but you could try: intrelease_130.exe []
    • given me 'server unavailable' Must be overloaded too. -sigh- I'm boycotting fileplanet from now on. ;)
    • by ewhac ( 5844 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @07:00AM (#2362923) Homepage Journal

      Fileplanet has a rather goofy history. When they first started, they had what appeared to be a massive index of files (replete with banner ads). But when it came time to actually download the file, the download URL pointed at So Fileplanet got the ad revenue, and got to eat the bandwidth. (Note: I have no idea if Fileplanet struck a deal with to defray their bandwidth costs.)

      Now Fileplanet (appears to) have their own servers, but now they're trying to arm-twist you into registering for the service so they can track you. Moreover, the registration requirement seems to vary on a file-by-file basis (some you can snarf anonymously; others require registration).

      There was a Serious Sam mod I wanted to download last week (Seriously Warped), and Fileplanet was the only operational server that had it. And they wanted me to register before they would cough it up. So I registered. Feel free to use this login at will until they wise up and cancel it:

      Password: slashdot

      I don't know where these so-and-sos got the idea that following people around and making notes on their every move, even electronically, was ethically defensible. I wish more people would take a stand on this.


      • by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 28, 2001 @07:06AM (#2362929)
        I go to fileplanet so I know the file name of a file I want then I use lycos ftp search ( asp) to actually download the file.
      • yeah.. damn them for providing us with millions of files and expecting something for all that bandwidth! what were they thinking.. you can't just go around asking people to register with you, just because you would have taken a nose dive a long time ago without it!
      • I believe they are part of the "Gamespy Network" which means that you can use your Gamespy id to login. It's probably just to integrate the various aspects of gaming and foster a "community" (which they oversee of course). Really I don't give a damn if I have to register, and it's only an annoyance the first time. What the hell are they going to track anyway? I don't participate in any of their other services (if there are any).
      • by tshak ( 173364 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @10:37AM (#2363509) Homepage
        The arm-twist you? They spend MILLIONS so they can server over 20TB in a week (yes, that's a big T) and you get it for FREE? Go download somewhere else if you think your name is none of their business. Personally, I don't like the waits, so I got a personal server. What arrogance to assume that you have the right to consume massive amounts of bandwidth for free.
        • <rant>

          Well if ISPs would start supporting multicast (or IPv6!), this wouldn't be consuming massive amounts of bandwidth.


        • The arm-twist you? They spend MILLIONS so they can server over 20TB in a week (yes, that's a big T) and you get it for FREE?


          You young whippersnappers who have been on the net for less than four years wouldn't know that did exactly that. For years.

          Measured in constant dollars, bandwidth has gotten cheaper since then, so you can't claim it's more expensive to run such a thing. If could do it without demanding tribute, Fileplanet can bloody well live by the same, long-established rule: It's none of their damn business.


          • You young whippersnapper...

            Interesting assumption. Let's be reasonable and stick to the facts that we know to be true. Agreed?

            First. Every argument you used against Fileplanet has nothing to do with my statement. I don't care if they ask for your SSN or for a fingerprint ID - you don't HAVE to use them (read: mirrors).

            Second, what is doing is generally freeware. What they've been doing for years is offering tons of Demo's (Future Crew, etc), and MODS/S3M's/XM's, etc. So although bandwith was much more expensive 5-6 years ago, most of the files they served barely hit 200K (on average). Even now the files aren't that big. I don't see offering the latest 80MB Deer Hunter demo or the 430MB Motor City Online demo (to tens of thousands of people in a week, nevertheless). You're comparing apples to oranges.
    • by Masem ( 1171 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @07:01AM (#2362925)
      Fileplanet *used* to be a good mirroring of many popular game files. Then Gamespy got greedy, and started to change everything; the number of FP mirrors dropped significantly, and then of late, they *require* you to log in to download something, and even then, you have to wait in their so-called queue because their FTP servers are so slow and heavily used. And unfortunately a lot of game companies release their patches through FilePlanet exclusively (at least for the first week), presumably because of their 'mirroring' abilitiy.

      Fileplanet needs to take a less from a site like Tucows; mirror and mirror often. Even if there were only 10 US mirrors instead of 3 or 4, they'd be much better off and I'd have less of a problem with them requiring a login. But as it stands, many alternative gaming sites are picking up the slack, such as, which while not having the polish of FP, does have the files and capacity of it.

      • The whole fileplanet situation wouldn't be so evil if they smacked you in the face with their intentions right at the beginning. Instead they wait till you ALMOST get the file you want to let you know you can't get this file UNLESS you register, which I think costs money now.

        I acutally broke down and created an account, but I STILL couldn't download some files form them.
    • The number of FilePlanet mirrors decreases, they are not faster than other sites (on the contrary, at least not for me), the pop-ups drive me mad, their download-queue scheme prevents me from comfortably using a download manager - in other words: they suck. Don't go there anymore.
    • How the hell did the parent article and several related articles in the thread get moderated as "Offtopic"? The posting is about Fileplanet, which is dicussed in the story. It even gives an alternative link, in line with the story mention hour+ waits at Fileplanet. There are either some really ignorant moderators around, or some moderators who are Fileplanet employees abusing their power. The parent article started a whole thread, with some really interesting comments. Duh! I tried meta-moderation, but didn't get a chance to review the fuckwits.
  • I would imagine we'll be seeing 1.30 for Windows, Linux, MacOS Classic (8.x, 9.x) and MacOS X. But has there been any word on a port to SiliconGraphics IRIX? I recall one being started about a year ago, but I haven't heard anything since. Quake and Quake2, I know, have already been ported. Q3A would be a nice additional diversion on our machines at work. We fire up a Q2 deathmatch on our old Octanes every now and then.
    • There actually is a IRIX port. The website for it was somewhere on reality, which of course is down now (but rumor has it may return one day. sooner than you might think too hopefully). However it needs something with TRAM is my understanding. Try Octane MXE, or maybe SE will do. For now Ill stick to Q2 on my octane se.
    • I would imagine we'll be seeing 1.30 for Windows, Linux, MacOS Classic (8.x, 9.x) and MacOS X. But has there been any word on a port to SiliconGraphics IRIX?

      You're not serious, are you? The rest of us are lucky to get a non-Win32 port. Do you have any information which would lead id to believe that the market share for Irix is large enough to justify a port? I mean, SGI isn't exactly what it used to be, is it? Technically, it's not a stretch, but this is an era of belt tightening. An Irix port seems a bit superfluous.

      I'm not bagging on SGI or Irix, it's just that neither of them are doing particularly well as far as market share, you know?


      • Technically, it's not a stretch, but this is an era of belt tightening. An Irix port seems a bit superfluous.

        Tell that to the developers who did the Irix port of Q3A. They didn't seem to think it was all that superfluous.

      • Linux didn't have enough market share to warrent them supporting the team arena mod, but that didn't stop them.

        I seem to recall that large parts of quake were designed on IRIX machines and they are rather better suited to 3d stuff than PC's, so it probably would be almost trivial to get it playable.

        I like id, they are one of the few game companies out there whose sense of fun doesn't stop where the buck does, and they seem to acually care about their customers.
  • Oh no ... (Score:3, Funny)

    by Dr. ( 74418 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @04:49AM (#2362754) Homepage
    ... as if the global recession isn't enough! Now all production will end as well! I can already picture several fridays ending in gaming and beers. =D
  • download mirror (Score:3, Interesting)

    by jhealy ( 91456 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @04:57AM (#2362765)
    i'm mirroring the update to test out my dsl line, and because i'm probably stupid... anyways. trelease_130.exe
  • by MyMarty ( 262639 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @05:05AM (#2362777)
    If you're paranoid (or lazy) use this to log into fileplanet:

    pass: slashdotted
  • Quite Sad (Score:4, Funny)

    by squaretorus ( 459130 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @05:33AM (#2362815) Homepage Journal
    I find it pretty sad (as in dead hamster) that we're all pretty much excited about this. Where are the new games???

    It's like the music industry - you know your getting old when your more interested in a new best of, or an album from a 15 year old band than something fresh.

    Either that, or all the new stuff is just dross. Are we all getting old, and reliving our youths through Quake and the B52s? or are all new games just dross?

    What with my aged fragile maind I cannot decide!
    • Re:Quite Sad (Score:4, Insightful)

      by Eugene O'Neil ( 140081 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @09:59AM (#2363329)

      Why do so many people assume that just because something is old, it must be obsolete? Characterizing Quake III arena as "old" epitomizes this attitude almost to the point of self-parody. If you think that is old, you may be shocked to learn that some people still play DOOM. I like to play Fallout 2, which does not even have a first-person-perspective 3D game engine. Some people even play games that date back to the dark ages before computers were invented: games with eldrich names like "Poker" and "baseball". Oh, the horror!

      The point should not be how new a game is, or how technologically advance it is: the point should be how much FUN it is. I feel sorry for anyone who loses track of this basic truth.

    • Re:Quite Sad (Score:2, Interesting)

      by F34nor ( 321515 )
      That's why the only game I am playing right now is good old 100% computer crack... Starcon2 Melee.

      If you think its too easy do a /frenzy on a 1GHz Athalon.


      My Phunk is going to kick your Orz ass all the way back to the Rainbow planet!
    • I agree. I, for one, am rather disenchanted with games in general at the moment. The only thing that has kept my interest in Quake 3 has been Q3F, and I'm even getting a bit tired of that.I was sick of CounterStrike the day I played it. UT lasted quite a bit longer, but despite its valiant efforts, it too faded from my mind.

      Then there are the non-FPS's (a category in itself these days). FF VIIII kept my attention for a while, but as the credits scrolled by, I knew it was over. I think I played Everquest twice. After spending 15 minutes trying to chase down and kill wombats or marmots or whatever the hell the random-ass creature of the day was, I spent the rest of the time running around yelling "Hail!" and molesting the general populace. I was so tired of all the games typically played in the local gaming room (internet cafe, but not), I started playing Descent 3. That game provided for more amusement than I'd enjoyed in a long time.

      The N64 has kept me reasonably sane throughout this drought, with such absurdity as Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, Perfect Dark, and the Rush games. I'm waiting with bated breath for the Gamecube, with hopes that it might delay my nervous breakdown for at least a few more years.
  • FYI (Score:5, Informative)

    by stevarooski ( 121971 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @05:46AM (#2362827) Homepage
    If you want to avoid the mirror snag, use Q3's automatic update feature. Not sure if linux has this too, but the Win version got the game patched pretty quick.
    • It doesn't, but I got 500 kB/s from :)

      I'm not sure if I like the new rail and plasma effects though. They both make me think of soap bubbles.
      • I don't like them, either. They're kinda hokey, and the "particle" engine they're based on (you can trust me, I make a mod) is just a list of sprites.

        The new effects weren't developed by id - they came from someone else. You can turn them off by setting cg_oldrail, cg_oldplasma, and cg_oldrocket all to zeros.
  • Mirror Available (Score:4, Informative)

    by TalShiar00 ( 238873 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @05:48AM (#2362829) Homepage

    Here is a mirror of the file directly from file planet: xe []

  • I use an ATI Rage Fury Pro 32MB ViVo AGP card, and while playing Q3A (retail) the textures will ocassionally become corrupted and look "funky" (honestly, for lack of a better term-- I'll explain "funky" at the bottom in more detail), but everything will continue as normal (eg: poly's still moving and I can still make out SHAPES of objects). I actually have this problem with more than just Q3A, but other titles (like Emperor: Battle for Dune) appear to handle it more gracefully or atleast update their textures often enough that this corruption lasts only briefly.

    Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, was there a solution or work-around to keep it from happening?

    (Definition of "Funky" -- Textures will sometimes keep SOME of their original image, but will have dots or hatches in them (lines dotted through the texture), while other times the colors will become corrupted but everything else remains the same. Usually though, it's a combination of both of these, colors AND texture become corrupted and it never reverts back unless I quit (again, this is only in Q3A that I've noticed so far, Emperor: B4D appears to update cached textures (I assume this is the problem) frequently, so if a texture does become corrupted it's usually updated again within a few seconds.).)

    (Other system specs-- Windows 2000 Server, 1.25GB PC133 SDRAM, Tyan Tiger 133 (S1834D) motherboard, Intel Pro/100S Ethernet adapter, Dual Pentium III 800 MHz processors, SB Live! Value (OEM), various (more than 4) hard drives, and a Promise Ultra100 IDE controller (used in conjunction with the onboard Via ATA/66 controller).)

    • I've started seeing this with RtCW. At first I thought it might be because of my Matrox G400, or even something to do with XFree86. Looks like it isn't. I haven't been able to get rid of it.

      Nothing in my system looks similar to yours, except perhaps the network adaptor: Debian, 512 Rambus PC600 (yuck), Intel 840(probably) motherboard, probably Intel Pro/100S Ethernet adapter, Single P3 733, on board i8x0 sound (double yuck), fast IBM hd of some description. (In case you're wondering, its an IBM intellistation)
    • Hi DarkEdgeX
      The usual suggestions in this case are:
      try the latest drivers [], ease off on the overclocking (if you are!), and if that's a VIA chipset motherboard, download the latest via4in1 drivers from 'just about anywhere' (don't have link handy)
      You could also try some of the various rage tweakers [] and fiddle around with the texture settings. Lastly, check the agp settings in your BIOS, and try a slower spead (1x instead of 2x).
      Happy fragging,
    • Yup, I would get those same funky texture corruptions on my Matrox g400 card on win2k pro (the win98 version was fine, for some reason).

      Downloading and installing the latest glsetup [] drivers fixed it.
    • Well, not related exactly to your specific problem... I put an ATI Rage 128 Orion card into an old beige Mac G3 (along with a memory upgrade) and started having some real wierd texture problems -- the coolest was playing Quake II with no textures on any of the characters -- the background/environment looked normal, but all characters were just white (with lines for the vertexes). It looked pretty damn cool, actually. I figured the card was fucked, but it turned out to be the RAM. Not sure why -- I would think that with bad RAM it either wouldn't play at all, or would just crash at some point -- I don't think system RAM is used for textures -- but replacing it fixed the problem (and some others as well...)
    • I had that same texture "funkyness" when I played in Linux w/my Voodoo3 2000 PCI.

      I ended up fixing it my setting my desktop color resolution to 16-bit AND q3's color resolution to 16-bit. Maybe it'll work for you.
  • Are there any links to the linux version of the v1.30 point release?
  • by TalShiar00 ( 238873 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @06:25AM (#2362877) Homepage

    Here is a mirror to the different distributions available: []

    And if you would like to send us a nice note thanking us for making the mirror available (while it lasts) [mailto]

  • by antdude ( 79039 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @06:28AM (#2362880) Homepage Journal
    I copied, pasted, and reformatted:

    8-23-2001 (1.30)


    -IF YOU ARE HAVING MOUSE SENSITIVITY ISSUES WITH THIS, AND THE VERSION 1.29g POINT RELEASES PLEASE READ THIS - This and the last version of the point releases, were compiled with a new version of Direct Input that may have changed your mouse sensitivity. If you have noticed a change, we have a fix for you. The cvar \in_mouse can be used to set the "feel" of the sensitivity back to previous versions of Quake III. At the console type:

    \in_mouse 1 - To get the same "feel" as version 1.27h. This is the default "feel" that was shipped with Team Arena.

    \in_mouse -1 - To get the same "feel" as version 1.17 of Quake III. These are the only 2 "feels" that Quake III and Team Arena have ever had, so one of the settings should get you back on track.

    \in_restart - must be used to initialize both of the above commands.

    -NEW id CREATED PRO MAPS - One of our newer employees, Fred Nilsson, is an avid fan tournament style game play, and is very interested in the professional gaming community. Via feedback from professional Quake 3 players, Fred has made some modifications to some of the more popular maps that shipped with Quake 3 including "The Camp Grounds", "Lost World", "The Proving Grounds", and "Vertical Vengeance" You can play them in the single player game by advancing to tier 7, or run them on your server by using the map names "PRO-Q3DM6", "PRO-Q3DM13", "PRO-Q3TOURNEY2" and, "PRO-Q3TOURNEY4". These are a lot of fun! Give them a try!

    -NEW NETWORK CODE - There is a new compression system built into the network code of the latest point release. Essentially, this reduces the bandwidth usage of Quake 3 and Team Arena by a ratio of 5:1 over previous versions of the game. Modem players, as well as everyone else, should experience a significant improvement in internet game play because of this.

    -AUTO UPDATE SYSTEM - Within this release is an Auto Update system that can be used to at any time to check for and download updates to Quake 3 and Team Arena. When you install the point release a file will be created in your Quake III Arena directory and in the Start Menu called, "Check For Quake III Arena Updates". Running this file will check our servers for updates and notify you if there is a newer version or inform you that your files are up to date. The auto updater will create a directory on your C: where downloaded updates will be stored. It is important that you DO NOT delete this directory. If you plan to uninstall Quake III, make sure to uninstall all of the point releases as well. (Auto Update is for Win32 systems ONLY.)

    -NEW RAIL, ROCKET LAUNCHER, PLASMA GUN, and LIGHTNING GUN EFFECTS - There have been several new weapon effects that we've managed to sneak into this release. We've turned them off in the game by default, but you can enable them from the console by pressing the ~ key and typing the following commands:

    \cg_oldRail 0 (enables the new rail effect)
    \cg_oldRocket 0 (enables the new rocket effect)
    \cg_oldPlasma 0 (enables the new plasma effect)
    \cg_trueLightning 0.5 (enables the new lightning gun effect)

    In addition, the colors of the new rail effect can be changed with the cvars \color1 and \color2 with values of 1 through 8. (ex. \color1 1 or \color2 5). The new Rail gun effect was donated from the Alliance mod team The new Lightning gun effect was donated from the CPMA mod team

    -NEW CHEATING COUNTER MEASURES - There has been quite a bit of new code added to make it much more difficult to cheat and hack the game. We'd tell you more, but that would be defeating the purpose... Rest assured that it will be harder to cheat than ever before.

    -NEW PROTOCOL CHANGE - The changes made to improve network code and prevent cheating will make this and future version of Quake 3 and Team Arena incompatible with older versions. This will affect older versions of demos as well. We wish it were possible to maintain game compatibility through each release, however major code changes limit our ability to do so.


    -TEAM SELECTION - When a player starts a game with map or devmap the team logos displayed will be the last two teams used in the single player game. The console cvars g_blueteam and g_redteam commands will allow server admins to change the teams being played on dedicated servers.

    -Q3:TA TEAM CREATION - It is now possible to create original Team Arena teams with new team logos, body models, head models, voices and skins. Previously the code had been designed to limit the game to use of two body models (James & Janet). With this point release, hobbyists who know their way around the skills of model-making, animating, and skinning can make new team content for Team Arena. The "how-to" details for the creation of new teams are extensive and will be documented in a separate publication. These new teams will be available for use in single player, and multiplayer games.

    -INCREASED VERSATILITY FOR USER-CREATED TEAM SKINS IN Q3A AND Q3:TA - When a user-created skin for a model is accompanied by a set of similarly named matching team color skins, the game will now use those instead of the model's default team skin. For things to work right you have to have the following in the pak file for a blue team skin for and example skin for the Crash model name Hellion:

    Hellion_blue.tga models\players\crash\
    Hellion_blue_f.tga models\players\crash\
    Hellion_blue_t.tga models\players\crash\ models\players\crash\
    Icon_Hellion_blue.tga models\players\crash\ models\players\crash\ models\players\crash\ models\players\crash\Hellion\

    Note that the file must be in the crash directory and the must be in the crash/Hellion directory for the model to work properly. A model configured in this manner will be back-compatible with earlier versions of Q3A.

    The search process for model skins has been refined for core Q3A and Q3:TA. Details will be in the Team Creation document to follow. Essentially, the game will look deeper into model directories when looking for model head selections.


    Fixedlegs : put in the animation .cfg this command freezes the programmatic rotation of the legs.
    Fixedtorso : put in the animation .cfg this command freezes the programmatic rotation of the torso.

    - MAPMAKING CHANGES - ENTITIES CAN BE SET TO APPEAR (OR NOT) BASED ON GAME VERSION. Map makers now have the option to make their maps use different entity sets if a game is being played in original Quake III Arena or in Quake III: Team Arena. By adding one of the following key/value epairs, the mapper can create conditional tests that look for what code is being used or NOT being used to run the game.
    KEY: "notq3a" (i.e.; Not Quake III Arena)

    VALUE: "1" or "0" The default value is zero for an unmarked entity. If this value is set to 1, the marked entity will not appear if the game is played with "vanilla" (unmodified) Quake III Arena game code. Example: A Chaingun from Q3:TA could be marked with this epair. It would show up in Q3:TA game, but not in a Q3A game.

    KEY: "notta" (i.e.; Not Quake III: Team Arena)

    VALUE: "1" or "0" The default value is zero for an unmarked entity. If this value is set to 1, the marked entity will not appear if the game is played with the Team Arena expansion set and its game types.

    Should you want an entity to NOT appear in either game type (Q3A or Q3TA), you would set BOTH keys to 1. In this case, it would work with any other game mod which supports that entity

    If botplay is desired, these epairs should not be used on entities, such as func_statics, that significantly change the flow of the game map.

    Fixed Issues with TA and Q3

    8-23-01 (version1.30)

    -Fixed sound bug (with Graeme hints) -- this crashed some mods

    -Made sure Sys_Printf doesn't get into an endless loop if logfile is on

    -Fixed qconsole.log issues, +set logfile 1 +set fs_debug 1 was crashing (any OS)

    -Fixed logfile 1 / ttycon 1 issue, didn't exit properly (same endless looping)
    Also fixes an issue reported by q3f team

    -Changed rcon commands from Com_DPrintf to Com_Printf so that they show up
    in the console (with IP information)

    -Fixed autodownload toggle in q3 ui

    • Offtopic, I know, but after reading about these commands in the parent post, I have to ask.

      I thought most people didn't like the command line, which is why Windows is so popular. And yet it is in a game? Played for fun?

      Don't get me wrong, I love the command line. However I can't imagine all Quake players are Unix-lovers. And Quake is not the only game to contain a console. Although I can't remember the name, I even saw an Interplay RPG with one. Do gamers suddenly want to be l33t? Anyone care to explain this?

      IMO, I think a console in a game is actually kind of cool. Now if it were extended to be able to run external commands.... "!ssh", hehe :) Oh, and virtual terminals..
      • You don't have to use the console, it just provides more features, is more convenient for some things and allows you to make scripts. So people who don't like CLIs simply don't use (or don't even know it exists), and only the more CLI-minded people care for it, and use it.

        Sounds like a good explanation to me, though I can be wrong off course, as I have proved often times in the past.

      • by Jburkholder ( 28127 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @08:43AM (#2363099)
        Funny thing was that the quake 1 command line was one of the things really drew me in. It started small: you could set up a config file to do things like set your rendering params, bind special commands to certain keys (really useful things like combinations for rocket jumping and sending common chat phrases and the like).

        I had never experienced this level of control in a game before. Quake 2 came out and a really excellent mod called lithium came out. Lithium was basically a customizable server mod that let the admin change a wide variety of gameplay characteristics (change the weapon damage, gravity, spawn delay, you name it). I decided to try to build a server for the first time and hook it up to my brand-new cable modem and run lithium.

        I was hooked, except the only thing I had around to use for a "server" os was NT4 workstation. Needless to say, I had no end of grief getting the thing to do everything I wanted. I started to lurk on the lithium server op mailing list to pick up any tips, and the conversations were dominated not by how to set up a server using nt, but which linux distro was easiest to use to get quake going and the like.

        Guess what? I went out and got a RedHat 5.2 boxed cd from compusa and dove in with both feet. By the time q3test came out I had learned quite a bit, had networked my whole house, set up a masq box to do the connection sharing instead of the quake server and I had moved to debian.

        Command line in Quake is fairly unique in games overall. I think having command line interpreter in the game was a strong contributing factor in the game's popularity with the budding online gaming community. It gave a fine-grained control to the user that was willing to tweak a custom .cfg file and no doubt led to a certain feeling of 133t-ness among those who followed the mod community.
      • I thought most people didn't like the command line, which is why Windows is so popular.

        No, people don't like the CLI as their primary UI. The same goes for Quake. I love the CLI for certain things (especially scripting, in both scenarios), but that doesn't mean I don't want to code in an IDE, or play games where I have to type /menu to get to the main menu :-).
      • It's all about control and giving people what they want.

        In my opinion, the best software of any sort is the kind that is simple to pick up but doesn't really hide anything. It's really hard to pull off in most cases. In Quake's case, the easiest way to mix simplicity with control was to add the console. You'll notice that the game is perfectly playable without it, and in fact, there is a high percentage of Quake players that refuse to use it.

        I suppose it gives both people who like a simple interface and those who like a complex interface exactly what they want. I hate having to do a "skirmish" to test out a CTF map - I always pull down the console and send a "g_gametype 4" and a "map [blah blah]".
    • NEW CHEATING COUNTER MEASURES - There has been quite a bit of new code added to make it much more difficult to cheat and hack the game. We'd tell you more, but that would be defeating the purpose... Rest assured that it will be harder to cheat than ever before.

      Obscurity not Security, which means it will only be a matter of time before someone figures out a way to cheat just the same...... *sigh*

      • Obscurity not Security, which means it will only be a matter of time before someone figures out a way to cheat just the same...... *sigh*
        Normally I'd think you were right, but I got to thinking. There was an artical a few weeks ago about how obscurity isn't such a bad thing, when it is used in conjunction with real security. It makes sence that if you have really good security it just makes it better if you don't reveal all the details about it. Say you have security that can be hacked in about 15 hours, if you hide the details of how it was done it will end up taking longer. Obscurity isn't always a bad thing. If it's used the right way it can make something that's fairly secure even more secure.
        • Here's the problem with that: you won't really *know* whether you have good security or not unless there is some sort of peer review. Otherwise, you may have missed something that is easy to exploit.
          • But it will have peer review, people are most likely going to try and cheat right away. These people are testing the security of the system. If they can't cheat, or there are dramaticly less cheats then the security has done it's job. You will NEVER be able to stop people from cheating, but you can at least slow them down so that legitimate users can enjoy the game for that much longer.
      • Despite all the raving about how easy it is to cheat, I've run across one, and only one, person cheating at quake in a year of playing it now. Given that I don't generally lose in games at large on the net, only when playing on unadvertised pro or wannabe-pro servers, I tend to notice when people win 'artificially'.
      • There isn't much choice unless you want to do a major tradeoff between security and efficiency. For example, one of the major reasons people can make proxy cheats ( or otherwise ) that have pop-up radar screens that show where everyone is, is because the server sends the location data of other clients when they are not quite yet in the screen, but in the potentially visible set.

        One secure alternative would be for the server game to cast a ray from each client to every client in the same PVS every frame. If they are visible, send their location on the next snap.

        Sounds good, until you realize that with latency issues a client may not start getting drawn until he's halfway across a doorway if he strafes by. Gets even worse when you consider how expensive the trace calls are on the server (maybe not TOO bad these days).

        That was a bit of an oversimplification, but most security in Q3 has to be obscure to make up for the required tradeoffs in efficiency over an untrusted client.

        The extreme would be to send jpegs over the wire and have the client just display them, in exchange for telling the server which buttons the client is pressing. It goes without saying why this isn't done.

  • by antdude ( 79039 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @06:34AM (#2362888) Homepage Journal
    I was able to play Urban Terror [] mod in Quake 3 Arena v1.30 without problems. I didn't find out if the servers were using v1.30 when I played tonight.

    • Yeh, 1.30h is backwards compatible with 1.29h, and every ut2 server I know of is running 1.29h currently, although some will probably update given the cheating countermeasures.

    • The number of changes made to the game/mod source is negligible from the 1.27g to 1.29h jump. A few arbitrary limits have been raised for who knows what reasons, and the new media for the cg_old* weapons have been added to the client game.

      It's possible to run 1.27g source mods on 1.29h. I doubt 1.30 is much different. Certainly my mod's beta test last night went smoothly on 1.30.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    AKA "The turd is finally polished!"
    Counterstrike has completely quad rocketed quake3 into submission. Don't believe me? Check's stats. I'll even save you the trouble....

    Top 5 Games By Players

    Half Life

    Quake 3: Arena

    If this isn't "Ma Mmma Ma Monster Kill" I'll buy you a copy of Unreal Touranment. How did an old creaky 3 year old engine (21 October 1998 release) have an order of magnitude of difference in popularity. Didn't Carmack get the curved surface alpha blended Wow-a-tron 9000 SIMD enhanced shaders right? Unfortunately he did at the cost of his core audience.

    The CPL (Cyberathelete Professional League) [] has dropped Q3 support. Other major tourneys are considering following suit and there seems to be a lot of frustration with the limitations of VQ3 (Vanilla Quake 3) turning into an eleborate game of pong. He with the best aim wins 40K!

    This is obviously an overstatement but isn't far from the truth. Read some of the pro tourney demo reviews (zero4, fatality, lakerman) and commentary on (and affiliates). Search for the word "aim". All of the pro players recognize that big league Q3 is all about the crosshair. Obviously you need to hit your target but is that all deathmatch is about?

    Q3 seems to be bunny hopping right into the "wrong place", errr... Actually it isn't, and thats some of the problem. You can't bunny hop, acceleration jump, double jump, do complex air manauvers, and perform weapon switch combos (rocket to shaft -> pin to wall) because these were obviously bugs and Carmack fixed them. Its a near wonder that rocket jumping isn't "fixed". Maybe it is in Wolfenstin MP Test, I'm not sure. Q3 is bad deathmatch. Why? Let me count the ways:

    You can't control a map with 5 second item respawns, Depleting armor makes it armor heavy, you can't enhance your velocity, way too much weapon balence, the Grenade Launcher is timed poorly and is about as precise as throwing a dead tuna, the rockets are still too slow, etc, etc...

    Wait a minute you're saying... If these are legitimate problems that hardcore quakers tend to agree on, and the Q3 source is open, and easily moddable- why don't I shut up and start coding?

    Simple. Its already being done for and by hardcore quakers. Its called CPM Challenge Pro Mode [] it essentially rebreaks what Carmack has "fixed", and it makes a much more enjoyable (rewards dedication >> depth) deathmatch experience. It isn't nearly as fringe as you might think. If I was a betting man I'd give it 2to1 to overtake VQ3 in 2 years when all of the "I do it for the pretty colors" first person shooter llamas have moved on to the NBT.

    Look at the featureset, here []
    See what hardcore quakers have said about it here [] and here []

    Vanilla Quake3 is finally "gold"? Great. I could care less.
    • by ewhac ( 5844 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @07:29AM (#2362960) Homepage Journal

      Your Half-Life numbers are a bit disingenuous, as the crushing majority of "Half-Life" servers are actually serving TeamFortress Classic and CounterStrike. There are comparatively few HL servers running straight HL deathmatch (not to be confused with DeathMatch Classic, which attempts to recreate original Quake deathmatch, but with brand new art).

      As for the rest: Though the technique has been shown to me, I have yet to develop any bunny-hopping skill. Frankly, I have enough trouble shooting straight without having to worry about whether I'm turning the right amount in the middle of a jump. Don't get me wrong; I've spec'ed rather skilled bunny-hoppers, and it's very impressive when it's done well, but at my current skill level, it's a hopeless distraction.

      You can't control a map with 5 second item respawns, [ ... ]

      Whenever I can, I play deathmatch mode 3 (weaponstay). I detest deathmatch mode 1, since it basically turns the whole thing into a game of keep-away (which is about as fun for me as it originally was in the schoolyard). It's especially bad on DM3 (The Abandoned Base) in Quake{World}. "Kwitcher whinin'," I hear you say, "and go develop your 5k1llz." Well, thanks. Just how, in practical terms, do I go about doing that without some advice? Doing it on one's own tends not to yield helpful results: *blam* "Well, that didn't work." *blam* "That didn't work, either." *blam* "Fragged me again." *blam* "Nope, he's still not injured." *blam* "So he's got -- what? -- 90 rockets by now?" *ZOT!* "Oh, I guess he got bored with the rocket launcher." *blam* "Sigh..."

      I agree that Q3 rockets are too slow, and that they impact and detonate in a manner most unfamiliar to longtime Quake{World} players.


    • This is likely to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Is it really true that the 'pro's want flawed games with bugs they can exploit.

      I would think that skill and strategy would be the biggest factor in what makes people good at a game. And not the knowledge of some bug/flaw.
      • Wrong. Try promode before you flame it. The movement variations (strafe-jumping, ramp-jumping, air-control, etc.) do add a lot more depth to the game. That they are possible due to a "bug" is a happy coincidence. Yes, they take some practice, but are well worth it. The point AC is making is that Carmack passed up the chance to release a FPS that involved more than just aim: strategic control of real estate, movement in 3 dimensions, individual creativity in combining game actions.

        If you want a game where everybody moves the exact same speed and in 2 dimensions, I'm sure you can find a Doom 1 download somewhere.

        Promode gives you somewhere to go after you've mastered vanilla quake.
    • So you don't like it. Fine. Play something else. But whats the point in banging on for ages about how its not good enough for the 'hardcore elite'? These people make up maybe 2% of the sales of the game, probably less. The rest of us buy a game to HAVE SOME FUN! For goodness sake, does a Formula 1 driver whine that a Ford Focus isn't 'hardcore' enough to do 200MPH? No. He realises that maybe its not what hes after and he finds something that is.

      Frankly, I'll wager you lose most of the Quake games you play and you're just looking for an excuse. And Carmack is an obvious target. Grow up.
    • You know, to this day, Carmack still gets a cut off the Half-Life / Counterstrike sales.

      Look who's crying now, eh?


      - Ed.
  • My Mirror (Score:3, Informative)

    by alexburke ( 119254 ) <alex+slashdot.alexburke@ca> on Friday September 28, 2001 @08:04AM (#2363007)
    Here's my mirror [] (Windows only, unfortunately).

    Don't hit this mirror before 8:15AM EDT since the file is currently being uploaded to the webserver.
  • by Adnans ( 2862 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @08:08AM (#2363018) Homepage Journal
    Courtesy: []


  • ...failed.

    The one thing I wanted in the next linux version and its not there. Oh well.
    • Oh bah... I have been waiting patiently for that for over a year. Fired emails to Loki when they were the ones responsible, and they were "working on it, look for a release soon."

      Oh well... guess it simply won't happen.
  • Mirror List (Score:3, Informative)

    by onco_p53 ( 231322 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @08:54AM (#2363135) Homepage Journal
    Hit these... q3pointrelease_130.exe []
    q3pointrelease_130.exe []
    q3pointrelease_130.exe []
    q3pointrelease_130.exe []

    Actually I had over 30 mirrors but the Lameness filter decided it would be in your best intrest if you did'nt see them Head over here [] for more
  • by bconway ( 63464 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @10:14AM (#2363387) Homepage
    If you've been experiencing segfaults when the sound system starts in Quake 3 under recent Linux kernels, it still isn't fixed, FYI. I've mailed the main Linux guy for Quake3 over at id multiple times, but he's basically said "the kernel's broken." All my Loki games work perfectly under 2.4.10, and I'm not sure if it's affecting all sound cards or only the two I've tried, but oh well, I figured I'd pass the word along.
  • I use both Mac OS 9.1 and OS X and I'm wondering - worriedly - if there will be a Mac version. Has Id quietly dropped support for PPC?

    • Earlier up in the postings, somebody said that ID had dropped Mac support for Q3. And doesn't have any mention of a Mac update, but I'm sure somebody will come along and help us out. There Mac community isn't exactly small, and it has more than it's share of talent.

      What's currently available from ID can be found here: []
  • has 26 mirrors [] listed at last count.
  • MIRROR! (OC-3) (Score:2, Informative)

    by Prolixium ( 458542 )
    Fast mirror [] here thanks to my OC-3 EDU connection...
    • Thanks man! Got the file in 5 minutes instead of having to wait 4 hours (other sites were giving me a sloooow download). Yours gave me 105-114 KB/Sec through the whole thing. :)
  • I got my copy from .run [].

    The MD5 is:

    Anyone want to check if this is the same as the official one?

    • Dunno if it's official, but that's the same MD5sum I've got - from a different site, of course.

      So, either we're both okay, or we're both toast.

  • by hoggoth ( 414195 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @01:10PM (#2364472) Journal
    I'm serious.

    My toddler likes to pick up the gamepad and push the buttons while watching my screen saver swirl around (gee, does this mean daddy is on the computer too much?). I'd like to put on some 3D First-Person game so he can get feedback and enjoy making it walk around and jump up and down. Can anyone recommend a FPS and a level or mod that would look interesting to a toddler with NO VIOLENCE and NO MONSTERS in it.

    BTW, before you even mention it, Blowing Barney's head off with a shotgun, while satisfying for me, is definitely a no-no for a toddler.

    I will try Half-Life in the "reception area" at the beginning of the game. There are a few guards and scientists, interesting walls, and no monsters. But I'd like something more interesting for him.

    • I think there was a UT-engine game called nerf arena. There's still shooting, but you can't have everything.

      Theres also the voyager elite force add-on pack that had the Voyager walk-through.
  • I mean, I use Quake III Arena to check if my Win2K machine is properly installed.

    When Q3 crashes, half my DLL's must be broken :)

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