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Quake First Person Shooters (Games)

Tenebrae Quake 219

viperstyx writes "Ah, the days of running around in bland 3d environments and fragging your best friends surrounded by a plethora of sprites and simple textures. What if we could go back to those days, except with per-pixel shading and transparent water? Well now, thanks to Tenabrae Quake you can. This small [just over 3mb] mod to the original quake engine allows users to play Quake while taking advantage of new technology like per-pixel shading. Its beautiful and definitely worth any old skool gamer's time =]"
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Tenebrae Quake

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  • Seems that this site is already slashdotted, if anyone has a mirror location please post it under here.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Sheesh.. well I managed to download the compiled binaries in a 3.16MB zip file but the site is already struggling.

    • Damn it, only a 3 meg file, and I get download it because its slashdotted. Wait, it started downloading when I writing this post, 9K a sec! Come on baby, finish before his server croaks.

      • Well, his server is the webserver of the biggest (and the only one providing cable) provider here in Belgium. So it's not only his server, but a lot of others too. Don't think Pandora (the ISP) will like this :-)
  • For one who started with Quake ... this is a feel good mod to play it with all the bells and whistles on
  • How many people still play this game? Egg Troll doesn't mean to imply that its time for them to move on or anything. On the contrary, Egg Troll has moved on to other games but still has fond memories of Quake 1.
    • qw (QuakeWorld) is still being played in both europe and the states. Tournaments are held once an year, maybe more... It's not a huge following but it definately exists... The Q1 physics were much different and it is still the 'fastest' game in the quake series (i think, maybe q3), so for some people it's much better.

      Of course this is compeditive gaming, and not actually playing q1 start to finish with all the monsters. I'd think that the lighting might be something they'd rather not have because when you game compeditivly you don't want any distractions so you take the 'detail' of the game down dramatically as a trade off for speed. I'm not sure if this is relevant for q1 cause I would assume that most computer it's being played on right now could easily handle it (unlike my 486 which positivly GROANED).
      • I never really cared for Quake II or Quake 3. The original Quake, played in CTF or Thunderwalker CTF was my all-time favorite.

        I think the things I didn't like about the newer varients were the extremely (imho) slow grappling hook.

        Hooking around on Q1 CTF on a big monitor, felt like flying. And it was great! Nothing else has come close to the same feeling yet.

        There was nothing like the feeling of having a gang of opponents hot on your heels as you were making tracks with the flag and being able to hook away leaving them in the dust. You could even stay totally airborne in some of the bigger rooms.

        I still get nostalgic when I play Q1 - I used to be able to play for 6 hours a day over the dialup at my old job :)

        Those were the good ol' days...

    • With the right nods [], Quake 1 still offers the best deathmatch experience, bar none.

      Give me infinite weapons and a well-tuned grappling hook any day over per-pixel shading. :)
    • You betcha it's still played. I never warmed up to Quake 2 (too ugly) or Unreal Tournament (flaky network handling), so I still play QuakeWorld a lot. My favorite servers are NOBODY'S QUAKEWORLD [] (yes, all caps), and MommySue's Happy Place [].

      Grab yourself a client and join in!


    • Of course people still play Quake 1. In fact, I play Quakeworld all the time. Quakeworld is Quake 1 with enhanced netcode. I suggest playing on any of the KTPRO servers, as they use the most up-to-date version of the Quakeworld server out there. Other servers have an annoying jumping bug that causes your jumps to randomly fail. Really annoying bug that will have you screaming "I PRESSED JUMP!". The older servers have a few other bugs that are fixed in the new KTPRO server.

      The KTPRO servers also have automatic server-side demo recording. These demos can be viewed from any perspective... so yeah, improvements have been made in other areas.
    • by Schnapple ( 262314 ) <> on Saturday August 24, 2002 @09:40PM (#4134955) Homepage
      Well whether or not people still play Quake is not the point - rather, the point of this is
      1. The technical demo of retrofitting an existing OpenGL engine with the new stuff they're doing with DOOM III
      2. The fact that Quake is one of a few games with available GPL'd source
      3. The fact that many people still own the game or have ever owned it (I had to break out my old CD)
      4. The sheer novelty of it - he could have chosen the more up to date (relatively speaking) Quake II engine but this is even more impressive
      5. And finally, this now officially labels this guy as a badass graphics programmer.
      I can hear it now...

      MR. BURNS: "I need a programmer! Get John Carmack on the line!"
      SMITHERS: "He's unavailable sir."
      MR. BURNS: "Then get me his non-union Belgian equivalent!"

  • by coryboehne ( 244614 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @06:38PM (#4134426)
    I can only hope that someone will take the lessons learned from this and possibly re-vamp the old doom, maybe doom II would be eaiser, but doom would be oh-so-cool if someone were to add in modern features and graphics, but allow the gameplay for the most part to remain the same... Or, maybe I'm just nuts....
  • Why? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by neksys ( 87486 ) <grphillips AT gmail DOT com> on Saturday August 24, 2002 @06:39PM (#4134428)
    Stuff like per-pixel shading and transparent water effects won't change the gameplay one bit. Quake will still be Quake, only instead of being able to play on your old P100, you now need a much more powerful machine and graphics accelerator. Games don't improve because the graphics are updated - in fact, part of the appeal of games like Quake is that we can look back at the game and marvel at what they could do with what they had at the time. It's a sad state of affairs when a fantastic game that still looks great today has to have its graphics improved to sate the appetites of those with a sweet tooth for eye candy.
    • Re:Why? (Score:3, Interesting)

      by mike3411 ( 558976 )
      I think that's the point, some people prefer (or at least enjoy) old-school gaming style. If people like to play Quake because of the gameplay, why not update the graphics to make it look better? I know if I were a fan of any old game purely for its gameplay, I'd appreciate newer, shinier graphics.
      • Some people (including myself) think that anything more recent than Quake Classic just... Doesn't compare.

        The original Team Fortress was by far the best (Especially the Canal Zone capture and hold map - Now THAT was fun to play! No one else has come up with a C&H map for more recent TFs that was anywhere close to CZ in complexity, size, and joy of gameplay.

        Let's not forget that Quake3 could use its sounds revamped up to classic Quake standards. Rocket explosions have just been plain wussy since classic Quake.

        And Threewave CTF was by far the most fun CTF I've ever played - 3W for Quake 3 is close, but as of yet no mapper has yet to create a map like McKinley Base where the advanced sizzlefry (LG suiciding on the enemy flag carrier in the water) could be put to such good use. And classic 3W maps meant you HAD to learn the grapple to get the best mobility - Not like most other CTF mods where you've got a grapple on a map that's entirely playable without it, so it's just a way of moving faster, not of getting to new areas.

        Too bad the source release fragmented the classic Quake scene, finally killing a game that was lasting a LONG time even in the face of Quake 2 and (to some degree) Q3.
    • by The Pi-Guy ( 529892 ) <> on Saturday August 24, 2002 @06:48PM (#4134454) Homepage
      Yes, back in the day... <VOICE name=Grandpa>

      Back in the day, we had to walk 20 miles in the snow to get to the town's graphics processor... (it was an ATI Rage, and we hailed it as the greatest thing ever...), then we had to take the pixel that it gave us and walk all the way another 20 miles to get to the town shader... he'd shade each and every pixel by hand... once we finally got our pixel, we'd have to walk the 20 miles back home again to put out pixel right in the memory, with our DIP switches.... And don't you forget it Michael, it wasn't frames per minute, you'd be lucky if you could get 1 frame per hou-- whatzat sonny??

      ****LART**** </VOICE>

      Thanks. Needed that.
    • So? Even if you're not a sucker for sweet graphics, this doesn't hurt anyone. And chances are the developer learned a lot from this, and so will lots of other people who like this sort of thing.
      I for one am downloading it (as soon as the site becomes available again) and am looking forward to trying it out on my GF4. I really like Quake 1, and I can't wait to see the (even) better graphics.

      In short: grow the hell up, stop nagging and fire up your NES machine/emulator for a nice game of Mario Bros instead.
    • Was the scare factor.

      I LOVED the single player aspect of quake.

      When the demo was first released, a friend and I got together and played through it co-op.

      Nothing like turning a corner just to find some big ass bad guy... with me screaming... dying.. and shouting "OMG! Dont go around that corner!" (I am talking about first running into a shambler btw... hehe)

      A big part of what gave this effect was the atmosphere combined with the fact that, at the time... neither of us where very good at playing this type of game.

      The new lighting and whatnot (from what I've seen in the screenies...) it looks like this type of atmosphere has been enhanced greatly.

      The only real problem is the fact that... after playing through the game so many times, and many years of FPS action, I am quite good at not dying. Yes this is a PROBLEM. LOL... I don't want to get through the entire game on nightmare and only die once...

      This is one of the reasons why I really look forward to Doom III. It looks like the atmosphere and hopefully decently hard badguys will provide a decent thrill factor.

      In this kind of game, I want to come around some corner and literally jump out of my seat.

      The only game I've played lately that has done that for me was Return to Castle Wolfenstein. And only then, it was a few key moments. Like one part where you come through a hallway with a door at the end... and a window to the left just before the door... you can't really SEE through the window yet... but as you walk up a body flys at the window... now that scared the crap out of me! LOL roommate says, "Why did you just scream like a girl?". hehehehe.
      • I also loved the first player option of quake. Although I got into TCP/IP and rarely played afterwards it was fun.

        My favorite part was playing with the CD going in the background. My favorite soundtrack had to be Bone's "E. 1999 Eternal" ( Track List [])

        Very creepy on a few maps.

      • Haven't I read this exact post in response to 2-3 other fps articles here on /.?

        I apologize if I am mistaken, but this seems hauntingly familiar.
      • Yep, I can't say I've recalled any game that scared the crap out of me quite as badly as Quake did that night I was playing the shareware version, lights low and amp cranked. Just got to the end of the level and there was nifty pressure plate in a stone courtyard with two big blocks next to it. Yes, we all knew something was going to happen when you stepped on it... (step)click(/step), spin around look and look for the monster. No Monster, but the blocks were floating... Hey, they're going to the indentures in the gate. Maybe that's the way out... click! RwRRRROOOOoooRRRW!!! "Eeeeeek" *munch, munch, munch*...

        The sequels just haven't done the original justice.
    • Re:Why? (Score:4, Interesting)

      by BrookHarty ( 9119 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @06:59PM (#4134484) Homepage Journal
      Id like to see a remake of Duke Nuke 3D with newer gfx, and sound that works under WinXP. One of the first multiplayer games where you could fly (jetpack) and plant laser trip wire bombs. Nothing wrong with tweaking a already good game with new gfx.
      • you could fly (jetpack) and plant laser trip wire bombs.

        Holograms, remotely detinating pipe bombs. Death match was fun, toss out a bunch of pipe bombs in front for video camera, run to the control room and watch the TV, when you see your mark running into the room and start picking up the pipe bombs, you press the detinator button... ;-)

        • Drop pipe bombs on an elevator, wait next to it for someone to call it... Detonate when elevator stops. Pipe bombs were the ultimate in sneaky. Tripmines aren't that useful because you can see the beam. They should have gotten rid of that for multiplayer.
      • Just thinking about a remake of Duke Nukem 3D, They are doing an update, its called Duke Nukem Forever. Been waiting for it so long, forgot aobut it even coming out. ;)
      • GLDuke (Score:2, Interesting)

        by roushi ( 599040 )
        Someone was working on GLDuke [] (screenshots from some random site), but I have no idea what's up with the project anymore. Last I heard, it was scrapped. The Official site [] yields a 404.

        I did find an alternate site [] with the last binaries and source that the guy did. If anyone wants to pick up the project, I'm sure you'd get lots of love.

        Just think, the same project could be applied towards GLBlood, GLShadowWarrior, uh..*shudder* GLTekWar, and a few others. Heh. GLPaintBrawl. :)

        Seriously though, I hope someone does something good with this stuff.
    • Re:Why? (Score:4, Insightful)

      by xercist ( 161422 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @07:00PM (#4134488) Homepage
      I saw the screenshots and thought to myself "damn cool!". Sure it doesn't change gameplay, but *That's fine*, quake 1 had great gameplay in my opinion.

      Yes, gameplay is more important than graphics and animations and eye candy. Now then, since we already have it, why can't we add some eye candy? Huh? Does it absolutely *have* to look less great than it could to be a great game?
      • Re:Why? (Score:2, Interesting)

        by roushi ( 599040 )
        It's too bad Zerstorer doesn't work with Tenebrae. Maybe if someone could hack it to work, then you'd have a good reason to try it.

        Zerstorer is easilly the greatest single player Quake episode ever. Better than Beyond Belief, better than Rubicon, better than Prenumbra of Destruction, and better than Prodigy:Special Edition.

        (link: [] )
        • by Osty ( 16825 )

          It's too bad Zerstorer doesn't work with Tenebrae. Maybe if someone could hack it to work, then you'd have a good reason to try it.

          From the Tenebrae FAQ [] (which is probably slashdotted by now, but luckily I have it sitting in my squid cache from visiting this earlier today thanks to Blue's News []):

          Q: I play with my favourite mod and now I get "progs.dat system vars have been modified, progdefs.h is out of date"

          A: To make colored lights, etc. possible I had to change the system vars and this means that tenebrae is not compatible with old progs.dat. It should be easy however to "port" old mods to tenebrae (essentially a copy paste job).

          Therefore, if you want to get Zerstorer working, it shouldn't take much. Good luck, and if you get it working let others know.
    • Yeah, but you know what? I will probably play through Quake again this weekend, and enjoy seeing it in a new light. I loved Quake when it first came out, and every time I get a new video card or LCD monitor or whatever, I play through it again. Does quake "need" new graphics? No! But it does give me a refreshing excuse to play again...
    • It's a sad state of affairs when a fantastic game that still looks great today has to have its graphics improved to sate the appetites of those with a sweet tooth for eye candy.

      Compared to today's standards, q1 doesn't have much going for it. And what's wrong with adding more eye candy? Once you've got a great game play-wise, the only route to take is to improve it visually. I think it's great that people are still polishing q1 up.. its kind of like finding an old piece of art and cleaning it up.
    • Re:Why? (Score:3, Funny)

      by Boglin ( 517490 )

      You've hit on a key problem in society today. People are constantly looking for the newest edition, instead of looking back to the classics. Like all those people I see sitting around in coffee shops reading translations of Beowulf. What's wrong with the original edition. It's still English, even if it is an mostly extinct incomprehensible dialect. But these people just demand the latest flashy MLA standards.
      Or when I got to peoples houses and they insist on playing Mozart on their piano. Mozart never even saw a modern piano! But instead of simply shelling out the thousands of dollars for a genuine harpsichord, these pea brained individuals insist on using the latest musical instruments.
      It just the same when people demand some new flashy version of Quake. What was wrong with the old system and its 255 shades of brown? It's just like when people start playing Quake on their new 2000+ XP systems. That wasn't what Id intended for this program. If you want to play Quake, you should darn well go out and buy an old pentium one system system to play it on. No Voodoo cards, either; it was a software engine first. And I don't want to hear any complaints about the 13fps; it just shows that you care more about eye candy than game play.
    • The point is that a fantastic game back in the day DOESN'T look great today. More often than not, such a game will look like ass.

      There is nothing wrong with updating the graphics for an old game. Its fun for the developers and fun for gamers to revisit a title that may only be collecting dust. New != bad. Games are graphical entertainment. If you don't care about graphics, play Nethack. []

      There is nothing wrong with adding quality that requires a more powerful computer. If you have any thoughts like "this Pentium 2 was good enough for games when I was in college, it should be good enough today" then you might as well forget about claiming to be a "gamer". Gaming drives much of the evolution of PC hardware.

      As long as an update to an old title is done with quality, I have no problems with it. Updates that suck (for example, George Lucas' bastardization of the original Star Wars) should be critized because they suck, but there is nothing inherently wrong with giving the technology a spitshine.

  • What have i seen last couple of days on slashdot: A story about getting back to the old internet with BBS systems, Time travelling, and now this. Someone trying to make a point that the past is better than now???
  • Mirror (Score:4, Informative)

    by MrHat ( 102062 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @06:43PM (#4134440)
    A mirror of the screen shots is at [].

    I must really be starved for attention to do this.
  • by 10 Speed ( 519184 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @06:45PM (#4134445) here []
  • Any one managed to get a linux build of this to work, and/or are there plans for one on the main site?
  • I just downloaded the source, and this patch, a few hours before the slashdotting (woo), but it looks like id's quake source is trying to use Mesalib version *2* (we're up to 4.0.3 now), and is still full of stuff for those damn non-standard 3dfx cards.

    Has anyone updated the quake 1 source for all of today's libraries? I'd really like DGA mouse (I can't stand playing FPS games under X w/o DGA mouse). Then perhaps this patch would work under linux too (the readme says it's written for win32 but differences *should* be minimal)
  • Wow! (Score:5, Funny)

    by RQuinn ( 521500 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @07:00PM (#4134491)
    Now even Quake1 runs bad on my Voodoo3!
  • I'm sure it's only because of the stencil shadows and per pixel lights. Nothing to do with /., nosiree...
  • by eddy ( 18759 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @07:05PM (#4134504) Homepage Journal

    The original quake had transparent water.. well, if you run a special VIS-pass over the maps and used glquake (or had the power to run a special executable which did it on the fly -- I think -- I never did that though). I played it that way all the time, and it was much fun.

    Sprites? Didn't Carmack say he only used three sprites in quake? Or was that quake 2.. no, I think it's the original quake that only had three or so sprites (waterbubbles and something and another).. ah.. I found it on google [].

    We coded lots of ways for sprites to behave (allways perpendicular, pivot along Z to face origin, pivot on Z to be parallel to view plane, fixed orientation), but we wound up only having three sprites in the entire game: explosions, drowning bubble, and a gold ball light in the registered version....

    As for the doom-engine games, there's already DooM Legacy [] which features TCP/IP network play and split-screen two-player mode on one computer, and more.

    • water bubbles, the centre of the rocket explosions, and... uhm... 1 more i think. maybe it was just 2.
      • by Osty ( 16825 )

        The final sprite was the flame in torches and such. So, water bubbles, explosions, and fires. Absolutely everything else was polygonal.

    • IIRC you had to revis the maps if you wanted the players underwater to show up: this, again IIRC, was frowned upon, since it was possible only with glquake, and people without hardware acceleration couldn't do it, so you had quite an advantage being able to stand around pools and shooting rockets at people underwater...

      it's been a long time, so I'm not 100% sure I'm remembering things correctly.
  • I can't seem to be able to download any of the vispatches(for transparent water) from any of the supplied links on the page. Anyone who knows where to get them?

    Without the vis-patches, I get a really interesting and bright effect, but it's definitivly not water. :)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Lets talk about Jon Carmack. Jon is the legendary programmer of such classic PC games as Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke nukem 3d, Quake 1, 2, and 3, unreal, and the upcoming doom3. Jon has single handedly created the genre known as the first-person-shooter. He has also popularized the Direct3d 3d format over Microsoft's competing Opengl format, as well as caused public interest in 3d cards when he first released accelerated quake for the s3 virge chipset. Jon carmack has redefined gaming on PC's.

    Now stop for a moment and think... What would have happened if Albert Einstein had worked creating amazing pinball games instead of creating the theory of relativity? Humanity would suffer! Jon carmack is unfortunately doing JUST THIS, using his gifts at computer coding to create games instead of furthering the knowledge of humanity. Carmack could have been working for NASA or the US military, but instead he simply sits around coding violent computer games.

    Is this a waste of a special and rare talent? Sadly, the answer is yes.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Not only is Jon carmack not contributing to society, he is causing it's downfall. What was the main reason for the mass murder of dozens of people in columbine? Doom. It's always the same story... Troubled youth plays doom or quake, he arms himself to the teeth, he kills his classmates. This has happened hundreds of times in the US alone. Carmack is not only wasting his talents and intelligence; he is single-handedly causing the deaths of many young men and women. How does he sleep at night?

    Carmack is a classic example of a very talented and intelligent human being that is bent on total world destruction. Incredibly, he has made millions of dollars getting people hooked on psychotic games where they compete on the internet to see who can dismember the most people. I believe there is something morally wrong when millions of people have computerized murder fantasies, and we have Jon Carmack to thank. Carmack has used his superior intellect to create mayhem in society. Many people play games such as quake so much that their minds are permanently warped. A cousin of mine has been in therapy for 6 months after he lost a 'death match' and became catatonic.

    It is unfortunate that most people do not realize how much this man has damaged all the things we have worked hard for in America. Jon has wasted his intelligence, caused the deaths of innocent children, and warped this country forever. To top it off, he got rich in the process and is revered by millions of computer users worldwide. Perhaps one day the US government will see the light and confine Jon Carmack somewhere with no computers so he can no longer use his intelligence to wreak havoc on society.

  • as with most screenshots, they look fantastic as little thumbnails, and then as they are larger, they look blocky and pixelated - as is what is to be expected.

    I'm gonna start just sitting further away from my computer - that will make it always look snazzy
  • by Sludge ( 1234 )
    Wow, this is pretty cool. I gave it a spin, and found a couple of impressive things right off of the bat that weren't covered by the screenshots.

    My k7 1.2ghz and a gf2 can crunch the data, but it's not running very fast.... maybe 20 fps. The docs said something about Nvidia cards needing to run it in 32bpp. I couldn't be bothered to check, though I didn't notice any graininess.

    My first thought on how to go even farther with this is to procedurally refine the textures. Obviously, the artist's intentions would go a long way to production quality, but they wouldn't beat content designed for this. The question is, is it better than the original content?

    If the programmer's intent is to make quake look cooler, and not to just flex his coding muscles, it would be fun if he ran 50 or so quake demos from the net, and figured out the most heavily shot parts of the levels, and put damage decals and what not in them when they load, to give them a worn look. After all, more people have died in dm3 since 1996 than in both world wars combined. :)

    • Probably the worst thing about the new engine is that the textures... suck.

      The author took the original textures and added bumpmapping/glossmaps to them. An improvement, but still, the base textures are 8-bit low-res images.

      Check out ip

      testmap.bsp goes in tenebrae\maps, the .tgas got in tenebrae\override

      There are two bumpmaps - bump2 and bump1 - Copy thone or the other to mmetal1_2_bump.tga to switch between em'.

      Yes, it is a gay looking texture. So sue me, it was a few minutes of work and is just a variant of the basic patterns tutorial. BUT it is much higher resolution than the originals, and isn't degraded from close-up viewing. It also shows off the glossmapping capability (The greenish-blue is highest gloss, blue is mid-gloss, purple is lowest gloss, but blue is at a lower elevation in the bumpmap) One has noise added to the bumpmap for extra texture.

      There's nothing stopping someone from using high-res textures/bumpmaps - The engine supports it, someone just has to make the content.
  • This is why I love the Id games, they give ppl new ideas years after they have come out.... I'd love to see UT given this same treatment or even doom ;)
  • The site seems to have a lots of pictures, even though the textures are a bit blocky and they could stand some anti-alliasing. But what I would really like are some before and after shots so I could see (before I download, read everything and install) just what the visual difference is. Am I the only one who finds it odd that this seems lacking?
    • Only two though... And they do NOT do justice to the capabilities of these hacks.
      • There are now, after I sent the author a request for them. There were none when I first visited.

        The shots do seem to show the key differences (remember the water issue is really a patch from someone else). The shadow differences are there, his hack does give shadowed areas where Quake had too much light. Don't expect a completely different game, but it's a nice improvement. The two comparison's don't show the player's shadow, but some of the other shots he gives do.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday August 24, 2002 @08:22PM (#4134732)
    I have just spent 200 Euros to buy a video card that will run today's games. It has more memory than my mainboard and the processor is nearly as fast ( and it cost more than my mainboard is worth, I suspect ).

    So, how much better are these new games, now I have all this X hundred MHz rendering-Anti-pipeline-fx-rendering bollocks ?

    Nix, nul, niente, zero, no difference.

    There are more pixels on my screen and the mist is rendered better. Oo oo.

    Games manufacturers need to cut their ties to video and sound card manufacturers and produce better games, not games that REQUIRE the latest tech, while adding NOTHING in gameplay.

  • ok, COMPLETELY OFFTOPIC! But I need to know there a way to play quake with mouse for looking, and keys for strafing? Like every modern 3d shooter can (and often does) ? Never been able to get it right..
  • My cpu is a nueral net process.... errr its a p4 1.5 and i get about 5 fps on the default settings. (640x400x32) Now, I thought that the 8500 had big fat pipelines and such? WATSA DEEEEEAAAL? Any Geforce3 or 4 users try this yet? I keep wondering to myself if ATI gets thier benchmarks by skipping important steps.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday August 24, 2002 @09:36PM (#4134947)
    VERY cool, goto the quit screen with the credits, and hit D. If you shoot the well of wishes sign in the nightmare hallway it tells you this.
  • Doom modem deathmatches with a friend in the same area code. That is "old skool".

    No, Quake marks the beginning of the "new school"... when single-player totally fell by the wayside, and the boring, sparse level design and turd-colored texture motif not only permeated Quake, but everything that followed.

    On the bright side, Quake got me off the PC and playing console games again, something I hadn't done since the SNES' heyday.

  • Beaver: Gee Wally, it sure would be swell if there was a Mac OS X version of this Quake mod.

    Wally: Well Beave, maybe you should ask one of geek friends over at Slashdot if they can port it over to Mac OS X for the Macintosh community, maybe even suggest to the author to post the source code.

    Mom: Oh Boys, don't be silly, now run along and do your homework.

    Wally and Beaver: But mom...

    Ward: Boys! You heard your mother! Now do your damn homework!
  • Its beautiful and definitely worth any old skool gamer's time =]"

    Quake is old school? Jebus, I must belong in a nursing home if anybody considers that old.

    /old man voice
  • This small [just over 3mb] mod to the original quake engine . . .

    And to think I used to worry about how to squeeze an extra 1024 bytes onto my games floppy. Wow.

  • Quakeforge has some cool effects too: colored lighting, nicer particle effects, rippled water, etc. I'd suggest checking it out.

    There are also multiple OpenGL-based doom*/heretic/hexen engines, want 32-player UDP/IP play? what about looking up and down? they got it :P not to mention the wolfenstein opengl port(s).
  • After reading the documentation, it looks like this engine hack can't reach its fullest potential without some modifications to the actual content (maps, textures) ni cal/textures.htm has information on how to create texures including bumpmaps and gloss maps for Tenebrae. So if they are created, high-res textures CAN be used!

    See for an example of textures that can be used as a starting point. These are high-res, but no bump/gloss maps (whereas Tenebrae comes with bump/gloss maps, but no improvements otherwise on the stock Q1 8-bit lowres textures.)

    If you go to any map other than E1M1 you'll notice that the lighting just isn't as spectactular, nor are the textures - That's because the author only generated bumpmaps for the E1M1 textures and only tweaked the lighting for the E1M1 map.

    Try taking one of the high-res texture packs from the above site and putting the TGAs in the tenebrae/override directory, and firing up dm2 or dm4.

    You'll see that Tenebrae DOES support high-res texture packs. Unfortunately, dm2's lighting is CRAP under Tenebrae. (Note that the docs say elsewhere that Tenebrae only uses maps where the spawnflag for DM is off - This is probably it.)

    I would love to see Tenebrae with high-res bumpmapped textures. I'm gonna try tweaking the lighting in the BSP this afternoon, but I don't have the ability to do the bumpmaps. :(

    A merger of Tenebrae and Telejano would be cool too...
  • I just tried out Tenebrae Quake and the only thing I'm sure now is that I can kiss goodbye any chances of having DOOM III run on my computer. Looks like I'll have to go out and buy a new video card.

    Tenebrae is nice tought. The shadows are nice, even tought they are blocky, but that's normal since the models are blocky too. There seems to be a problem though with the enemies : they look like someone applied a bit too much of car wax on them...

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