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Quake First Person Shooters (Games)

Tenebrae Quake 219

viperstyx writes "Ah, the days of running around in bland 3d environments and fragging your best friends surrounded by a plethora of sprites and simple textures. What if we could go back to those days, except with per-pixel shading and transparent water? Well now, thanks to Tenabrae Quake you can. This small [just over 3mb] mod to the original quake engine allows users to play Quake while taking advantage of new technology like per-pixel shading. Its beautiful and definitely worth any old skool gamer's time =]"
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Tenebrae Quake

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  • by coryboehne ( 244614 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @06:38PM (#4134426)
    I can only hope that someone will take the lessons learned from this and possibly re-vamp the old doom, maybe doom II would be eaiser, but doom would be oh-so-cool if someone were to add in modern features and graphics, but allow the gameplay for the most part to remain the same... Or, maybe I'm just nuts....
  • What have i seen last couple of days on slashdot: A story about getting back to the old internet with BBS systems, Time travelling, and now this. Someone trying to make a point that the past is better than now???
  • Re:Why? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by mike3411 ( 558976 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @06:44PM (#4134443) Homepage
    I think that's the point, some people prefer (or at least enjoy) old-school gaming style. If people like to play Quake because of the gameplay, why not update the graphics to make it look better? I know if I were a fan of any old game purely for its gameplay, I'd appreciate newer, shinier graphics.
  • Was the scare factor.

    I LOVED the single player aspect of quake.

    When the demo was first released, a friend and I got together and played through it co-op.

    Nothing like turning a corner just to find some big ass bad guy... with me screaming... dying.. and shouting "OMG! Dont go around that corner!" (I am talking about first running into a shambler btw... hehe)

    A big part of what gave this effect was the atmosphere combined with the fact that, at the time... neither of us where very good at playing this type of game.

    The new lighting and whatnot (from what I've seen in the screenies...) it looks like this type of atmosphere has been enhanced greatly.

    The only real problem is the fact that... after playing through the game so many times, and many years of FPS action, I am quite good at not dying. Yes this is a PROBLEM. LOL... I don't want to get through the entire game on nightmare and only die once...

    This is one of the reasons why I really look forward to Doom III. It looks like the atmosphere and hopefully decently hard badguys will provide a decent thrill factor.

    In this kind of game, I want to come around some corner and literally jump out of my seat.

    The only game I've played lately that has done that for me was Return to Castle Wolfenstein. And only then, it was a few key moments. Like one part where you come through a hallway with a door at the end... and a window to the left just before the door... you can't really SEE through the window yet... but as you walk up a body flys at the window... now that scared the crap out of me! LOL roommate says, "Why did you just scream like a girl?". hehehehe.
  • Re:Why? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by BrookHarty ( 9119 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @06:59PM (#4134484) Homepage Journal
    Id like to see a remake of Duke Nuke 3D with newer gfx, and sound that works under WinXP. One of the first multiplayer games where you could fly (jetpack) and plant laser trip wire bombs. Nothing wrong with tweaking a already good game with new gfx.
  • by eddy ( 18759 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @07:05PM (#4134504) Homepage Journal

    The original quake had transparent water.. well, if you run a special VIS-pass over the maps and used glquake (or had the power to run a special executable which did it on the fly -- I think -- I never did that though). I played it that way all the time, and it was much fun.

    Sprites? Didn't Carmack say he only used three sprites in quake? Or was that quake 2.. no, I think it's the original quake that only had three or so sprites (waterbubbles and something and another).. ah.. I found it on google [google.com].

    We coded lots of ways for sprites to behave (allways perpendicular, pivot along Z to face origin, pivot on Z to be parallel to view plane, fixed orientation), but we wound up only having three sprites in the entire game: explosions, drowning bubble, and a gold ball light in the registered version....

    As for the doom-engine games, there's already DooM Legacy [newdoom.com] which features TCP/IP network play and split-screen two-player mode on one computer, and more.

  • Re:Why? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by roushi ( 599040 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @07:20PM (#4134547)
    It's too bad Zerstorer doesn't work with Tenebrae. Maybe if someone could hack it to work, then you'd have a good reason to try it.

    Zerstorer is easilly the greatest single player Quake episode ever. Better than Beyond Belief, better than Rubicon, better than Prenumbra of Destruction, and better than Prodigy:Special Edition.

    (link: http://www.planetquake.com/retroquake/zer.htm [planetquake.com] )
  • by Etcetera ( 14711 ) on Saturday August 24, 2002 @07:53PM (#4134634) Homepage

    Don't forget ZDoom [notgod.com]. I'm waiting for the next rev of that to come out so they can all start synchronizing their codebases. OpenGLJBoomZDoom. Yeah.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday August 24, 2002 @08:22PM (#4134732)
    I have just spent 200 Euros to buy a video card that will run today's games. It has more memory than my mainboard and the processor is nearly as fast ( and it cost more than my mainboard is worth, I suspect ).

    So, how much better are these new games, now I have all this X hundred MHz rendering-Anti-pipeline-fx-rendering bollocks ?

    Nix, nul, niente, zero, no difference.

    There are more pixels on my screen and the mist is rendered better. Oo oo.

    Games manufacturers need to cut their ties to video and sound card manufacturers and produce better games, not games that REQUIRE the latest tech, while adding NOTHING in gameplay.

  • GLDuke (Score:2, Interesting)

    by roushi ( 599040 ) on Sunday August 25, 2002 @01:25AM (#4135535)
    Someone was working on GLDuke [gamez.pl] (screenshots from some random site), but I have no idea what's up with the project anymore. Last I heard, it was scrapped. The Official site [dukenukemcenter.com] yields a 404.

    I did find an alternate site [thisstrife.com] with the last binaries and source that the guy did. If anyone wants to pick up the project, I'm sure you'd get lots of love.

    Just think, the same project could be applied towards GLBlood, GLShadowWarrior, uh..*shudder* GLTekWar, and a few others. Heh. GLPaintBrawl. :)

    Seriously though, I hope someone does something good with this stuff.

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