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Masters of Doom Excerpts 7

Warrior-GS writes "GameSpy has started a three-part series excerpting a chapter from David Kushner's upcoming book, Masters of Doom, which chronicles the beginnings of id Software and the release of the original DOOM. They also interview the author. In coming days, they will have a retrospective of id games, as well as an interview with ex-id guys, John Romero, Tom Hall, Jay Wilbur, Mike Wilson and Sandy Petersen. Should be a pretty interesting three days."
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Masters of Doom Excerpts

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  • 5 hours? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by PD ( 9577 ) *
    This article has been up now for 5 hours and ... I get first post?

    Anyway, should be a good book. I imagine that it's quite a few people's fantasy to write a neat game, sell it, and drive Ferrari's for the rest of thy days.
  • dooms history (Score:2, Interesting)

    by BackSpace ( 41879 )
    Does any one remember this. [] The linked "dooms history" documents seems to have disappeared. I know I have it somewhere on one of my backup CDs. It was an entertaining and comprehensive read. Does any one know if it is archived somewhere else on the web?
  • The conversation between Sandy and John was so dead on! I've worked with both of them and got a great chuckle out of it. Sandy is a blast to be around. If you saw him in Sears, you wouldn't know that he even worked with computers. Get him talking and he becomes animated and passionate about what he's talking about. Sigh, I miss working with ya Sandyman!

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