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Silent Hill 3 Enhanced Version Slated 21

Robert writes "Konami of America announced today that an enhanced version of Silent Hill 3, the highly anticipated third title in Konami's best-selling horror series, will be released in October 2003 for the PC, and earlier for consoles. More info can be found at 3DAvenue."
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Silent Hill 3 Enhanced Version Slated

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  • Nightmares (Score:2, Interesting)

    by VGMSupreme ( 228396 )
    Ok, I can now offically say that I am going to get nightmare from just seeing the screenshots of the game :-)

    To tell the truth, I have never played any of the Silent Hill games, (got into Resident Evil first... I think I am regretting it now) but I think this new game seems interesting enough for me to want to play.

    I just hope the controls in this game are not like Resident Evil 1. I can't stand having "left" and "right" just rotate your character. You should be able to move while turning. *sigh*
    • The games are worth playing (I've played both Silent hill and resident evil, RE being the first one I played). The Silent Hill story is more 'evil', and much more dark than RE. Definately worth playing through the first one.

      As far as the controls, they are the same, but if you learn to use the strafe buttons, you can turn and move at the same time, no problem.
  • I question how well this games going to do with big releases like Starwars Galaxies coming out - close to 600 applicants just for beta.
    • 600! Wow! (Score:3, Funny)

      by JMZero ( 449047 )
      Who would have thought there were that many Star Wars fans out there who were also into computer games?
    • Yeh, good question. Cuz, you know, I don't know how people can play more than one game. That's just absurd. I'm not even going to mention the absurdity of people playing two different games belonging to two different genres. Nor am I going to mention anything about people who don't play MMORPG games because those people just can't possibly exist. Can they?

      Where the hell is my AC button, damnit?!?!
  • PC AND Consoles (Score:3, Interesting)

    by ShaoK ( 669527 ) on Thursday May 01, 2003 @01:17PM (#5853740)
    It's good to see the PC version release of a game sometime near the console release.

    One thing from the article []:

    In addition, a key feature of the PC game is that players will be able to save the game at any point during play, as opposed to using the red save points found in the console version.
    Am I the only one that views this as sort of a non-feature? Maybe it is just my console-at-heart attitude, but i think having only pre-determined save points adds to the degree of challenge to the game. You know if you die, you have to go back and do stuff over..adds an element of risk to a game. Going through and finishing a game is more rewarding...instead of effectively playing the game in some sort of slow motion by saving every 2 seconds.
    • Depends on the game.
      For resident evil/silent hill types, absolutely (plus the 'finite' amount of saves really adds to it, also), but some games (especially FPS) have no business doing this.
      Aliens Vs Predator comes to mind. Originally, you could only save at the beginning of the level (and the levels were HUUUGE!!). They made a patch to allow 3 (and eventually 5) saves per level. This still made the game almost unbearable.
      • In some cases, it's good to let you save any time you want, but then personally limit yourself. For example, in Tomb Raider, the levels are huge, and while my first time through I saved CONSTANTLY (something like 200 quicksaves by the time I finished the game), my next time through I saved only at the beginning of the level, or when I had to leave the game alone mid-level. I found the game much more suspenseful and true to its atmosphere, in that I had to actually fear. I also did this with Quake, and le
      • Personally I liked the fact that you could only save at the start of the level in AVP; it really added to the challenge and the atmosphere. Instead of quicksaving continually, you were forced to play tactically and learn to stay alive, which increased the tension and made the gameplay much more fun.

        Just my opinion, but I was disappointed they added the save facility. Sure it was frustrating to die 30 minutes into a level, and it was annoying when you were interrupted and couldn't save, but the game was d
  • I haven't been able to even play the second one yet (the first one was KILLER)!!
    • I'v been waiting darned near 6 months for the PC version of SH2 to make it to NZ... local retailer keeps putting back the shelf date.
      They finally removed it from their coming soon section altogether last week. I called em up to ask what the deal was and was told
      Infogrames wont be bringing it into NZ because they dont think they will sell enough units to justify spending cash to get it classified (pg13/r16 etc). :-(

      Am having to import a copy from Oz. Tis a sad state of affairs I tells ya.
  • The second game was amazing.. can't wait for the third..
  • ...they won't piss on those of us who didn't buy the thinking child's console (GameCube) and are releasing on a platform that most people have.

    [cough] MGS [cough]
  • by immanis ( 557955 ) <> on Thursday May 01, 2003 @02:05PM (#5854319) Homepage Journal

    Silent Hill is, easily, the scariest game I've ever played. The first one was so good, I had to have the second one, though I was afraid to play it. It's the only game I've ever played that made me NOT want to push the button to see what happened next. It's also the only game that has ever gotten my heart pounding in my ears without the use of multiplayer. At one point, I had to save and walk away because it was 3:00am, I was playing alone in the dark, and I just couldn't go on.

    Ok, so now I sound like a wuss. But I LIKE being immersed in a game. And Silent Hill sucks you in. If you let it.

    Someone mentioned Resident Evil. Resident Evil is to Silent hill like, oh, Resident Evil: The Movie is to The Ring. It's like comparing biting into an apple and finding a worm, vs biting into an apple and watching the apple bleed warm, thick blood. It's like reading a Goosebumps novel at recess vs reading an HP Lovecraft story in the middle of the woods in New England at midnight on All Hallow's Eve over a black candle.

    • I've never played the original Silent Hill, but Silent Hill 2 was by far the scareist thing I'd ever willingly subjected myself to. That was, until I played Fatal Frame. I was actually able to play Silent Hill 2 in the dark for a bit. It took about 30 seconds before I had to turn the lights on to play Fatal Frame. I still haven't been able to make myself go farther through it. What a game.
    • I've played the 1st 3 Res Evil games, and I thought they were pretty scary. I'm going out to Playland tonight to pick up Silent Hill based on your description. And the other reply about Fatal Frame- I'll have to look that one up (I already knew a little bit about Silent Hill).

      Of course, if I don't like it, I will have to hunt you down and roshambo (sp?) you! :)

      Thanks for the indirect recommendation.
  • Oh Yeah (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Joehonkie ( 665142 )

    Man, I have two words for people who don't understand Silent Hill:

    Zombie Babies!

    That was one game that really gave an inspiring "Jesus God, Get me the hell out of here I'm gonna die!" feeling to me. Immediately after playing the first one I was walking around an almost empty underground tunnel in the NYC subway and my wheeled luggage started making a noise JUST LIKE that damn radio in the game.

    PC port good. I have the PC Silent Hill 2 and it looks sweet thanks to all the high-end parts I shell out

  • I've played Silent Hill 2 for about 20 minutes and found it to be quiet boring. What's so scary about it? Fatal Frame scared me, yes but not Silent Hill at least not yet.

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