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Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater Trailer Leaked 30

Asriel86 writes "GamingHorizon has a leaked trailer from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Expect more details from E3 next week." The trailer confirms the name of this much-awaited title, as well as showing some spectacular action, apparently in a jungle setting. Other articles and mirrors include this one at, and this one over at Gaming Age.
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Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater Trailer Leaked

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  • I suspect something got lost in the translation of the subtitle. Because, wow... imagine the jokes.

    I am ashamed that my mind works this way, but I can't help it. Forgive me.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, the movie shows Mr. Pliskin eating a snake, as in a replite.

      If it's a gay game character you're after, there's been much speculation about Ryo Hazuki from the Shenmue series..

      • Thanks - I actually wasn't able to get the video (though I tried) - I am not about to net-install some random p2p client download thing.

        That said, regardless of the contents of the game (eating of said reptile) - The name just brings to mind cheesy middle school jokes. Which are sure to be made, and could be a bad marketing move. i.e. something lost in translation.

        I am not "after" a gay game character (but not really against it either.. could be a good sign of social progress)

        Guess my point is that I don
      • On a somewhat related note, why did they choose the last name "Pliskin"? Did it have anything to do with the lead character in Escape from New York [] (or LA []), named Snake Pliskin? Was Kojima a fan of the movie?

        • That's because Solid Snake was based on Snake Pliskin. And naming him Pliskin in Metal Gear Solid 2 was a homage to that fact.

          Also, he called himself Eracoy(sp?) Pliskin, and the Eracoy(sp?) is a type of snake.

    • Gameforms [] suggests it's military jargon. From here []:

      S Soldier support is the #1 priority.
      N Never say, "it can't be done."
      A Accept risk, and allow soldiers to make mistakes.
      K Know your soldiers' problems.
      E Exact high standards and lead by example.

      E Earn your keep - use initiative.
      A Acknowledge good deeds publicly; discipline privately.
      T Training is not only everything - it is the only thing.
      E Encourage employer and family interest and involvement.
      R Respect all soldiers, regardless of their rank.

  • This might be the game to cure my incontinance.
  • another mirror (Score:3, Informative)

    by rumpledstiltskin ( 528544 ) on Saturday May 10, 2003 @01:00PM (#5926494) Homepage Journal
    Another mirror here []
  • I click on that link and all I see are enormous b00bies thrust towards me!
  • It looks impressive, but not as striking as the MGS2 trailer was (the fact that the MGS2 trailer was on brand new hardware using a bunch of pretty visual effects never seen before on consoles contributed to that)

    As to the name, i guess it's ok, as long as it doesn't involve Lorenzo Lamas []

  • Big Boss (Score:5, Interesting)

    by aleonard ( 468340 ) on Saturday May 10, 2003 @02:17PM (#5926888)
    Rumors I've heard:

    1) That's not Solid Snake; it's Big Boss. Since Big Boss died in the early 21st century (I think Metal Gear 2, where he died, took place in 2005) at the age of 75, to look like Snake (who is roughly 30-35 now) would place it 40-45 years prior to 2005 - In other words, the Vietnam War.
    2) And that does look like Vietnam, a la Rambo: First Blood Part 2, doesn't it?
    3) "Snake Eaters" is nickname for some in the US Army Special Forces, including the Delta Force and Green Berets, which I think Big Boss was supposed to have been a member of.

    In fact, a quick google search of the terms "snake eater army rangers" turns up information on this book: "Don Bendell, Snake-Eater: Characters in and Stories about the U.S. Army Special Forces in the Vietnam War. New York: Dell, 1994. 166 pp."

    Another link says "Some climb mountains or hike the Appalachian Trail. And for some, the way to scratch this itch is to join the military, join the military and become a "snake eater," a "night stalker," or a member of the super-secret Delta Force."

    4) If it is Big Boss, then, why call it MGS3? The MGS line appears focused on the saga of Solid vs Liquid, the two snakes. Shouldn't it have a different name? Like how Aliens went back to Alien 3. Then again, it could get real confusing like the Legacy of Kain series, Blood Omen series, Soul Reaver series, etc.
    5) If it's Big Boss, this will freaking rock. :) But I hope it's more than a simple recreation of Rambo: First Blood Part 2.
    • Re:Big Boss (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Babbster ( 107076 )
      You're exactly right about "snake eater" being a nickname for members of Army Special Forces (the "Green Berets"). Specifically, it was a derisive term coined by other members of the Army in the 60s who were making fun of their training where they would be sent out on a "mission" without enough supplies to complete it and were expected to live off the land. They were, and I would presume are, taught during training how to prepare wild animals, including snakes, so that they are edible.
    • Another point - perhaps, like the MGS2 trailer, we're only seeing a prologue set in Vietnam. Remember, the MGS3 (I presume) poster available on, I think, shows a map of RUSSIA, and there are no jungles in Russia...
  • Disappointed!!! (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Dot.Com.CEO ( 624226 ) *
    The trailer looked as if we were talking about some action FPS. Snake spraying bullets? What the hell?!??!??! Where is the stealth element that made the previous game amazing?

    SS2 on the PS2 was craptastic, especially the second part. Truly disappointing, the story was one of the worst EVER. If this trailer is anything to go by, we are going to have another disappointement coming our way...

  • This snake thing is starting to freak me out... And I'm starting to think it's true that Hideo Kojima has a snake fetish... The Snake brothers... the Snake on the patriots flag, the snake like metal gear ray... I bet that's the only reason he's taking back his word on never working on another MG title again (I might've heard that one wrong) I think we may expect to see a naked Solid Snake going ace ventura style and calling on snakes to fight against his enemies.
    • Actually, Hideo Kojima commented several times in different interviews that he's a big fan of Escape From New York and Escape From L.A..

      And guess who the main characters name is? Snake.

      If you seen movies, you'll notice that the voice acting in MGS for Snake is pretty damn close to identical to that of Kurt Russel's.

      I heard (or read) that Kojima is no longer producing and directing MG titles, but he did say that he was planning on helping with the script for MGS 3.

      • Actually, in MGS2, Snake infiltrates that hexagon facility thing claiming his name is Lt. J.G. Iroquois Pliskin.

        The protaginist of Escape from LA is Snake Pliskin.

    • The Snake brothers... the Snake on the patriots flag, the snake like metal gear ray...

      Actually, the patriots' flag in MGS2 was supposed to be a reproduction of the "Don't tread on me" flags flown by members of the American revolution. So, I don't think it was so much his "snake fetish" as much as it was a total fit for the "Sons of Liberty" concept.

  • Here's a site everyone might find interesting

  • Snake? What are you eating? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAKE?!
  • Interesting to see a Metal Gear Solid title back in something like the original Metal Gear jungle setting. Playing the old NES titles will probably give a loose indication of what MGSIII gameplay would be like. Except that I hated the old NES Metal Gears. Ah, well, that's just my problem. I've faith in Kojima now; he hasn't led me wrong in years.

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