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Onimusha Live-Action Movie In Development 11

Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing out that has a story about the announcement of a live-action film of Onimusha, currently early in the planning stages, from the producers of Brotherhood Of The Wolf and the Resident Evil movie. The movie is slated to have a 50 million dollar budget, and the article mentions "..the subsequent episodes of the Onimusha game allow the story to be moved through both time and space, so the sequel possibilities are extensive."
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Onimusha Live-Action Movie In Development

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  • It strikes me as somewhat unlikely that the guys making this movie are going to break even on it unless it has some seriously spectacular appeal to it. 50 million dollars is a pretty big hole to recoup, though I'd imagine that probably merchandising and the all-powerful DVD sales will probably eventually make it profitable.

    This will probably be the first video game-based Movie I'll actually bother to see in the theaters. Tomb Raider inspired contempt in me, and Resident Evil, while sparking some small

    • Appeal??

      You've got zombies, nifty sword play, and busty ninja chicks. How can you go wrong?

      Look at the Resident Evil movie - zombies + chicks + gunplay. Same formula. (no, literally - both games are made by the same company, Capcom.)
  • That was one of the most amazing movies I've ever seen - well worth getting the DVD, or at least renting. If you missed it on the big screen, sucks to be you...

    Monica Bellucci's best role to date (that I've seen), as well.
    • Amen.

      Just when you think the movie has taken everything to the max, they kick it up to eleven.

      And then they do it again.

      And again.

      The last time I had my mind blown that many times cost $50,000 and I got hepatitis. Brotherhood of the Wolf was righteous.
    • I'm pretty sure the only way that you can actually enjoy this film is to be so hopped up on mind-altering drugs that when you see your dog you think it's the second coming of Jesus. Honestly, I don't know how anyone who is close to sane can enjoy this movie. I got a mild kick out of it, but that's because I'm mildly insane......
  • Actors (Score:3, Interesting)

    by GeorgeH ( 5469 ) * on Wednesday May 21, 2003 @01:36PM (#6008692) Homepage Journal
    A lot of people don't realize this but the protagonist in the game is based on a real, late actor Yusaku Matsuda []. I didn't realize this myself until I saw previews of Onimusha 3 which will feature Jean Freakin' Reno. It is interesting that an actor will be playing a video game character, who in turn is based on another actor.

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