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Kojima On Boktai, Metal Gear Solid, More 8

Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing to Gamespot's new interview with Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima. It was conducted at E3, and he discusses his light-sensitive GBA game, Boktai, as well as the Metal Gear Solid remake/enhancement for Gamecube, Metal Gear:The Twin Snakes. Kojima particularly notes Japanese film director, Ryuhei Kitamura, who is directing the new real-time cut-scenes for the game, and says "Mr. Kitamura really respected and honored the original work... but what you'll see later on in the game is totally different. You'll be shocked." He also talks a little about Metal Gear Solid 3, saying "This time we said keep it nice and simple and go back to the basics."
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Kojima On Boktai, Metal Gear Solid, More

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  • shocked? (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    "...but what you'll see later on in the game is totally different. You'll be shocked..."

    I hope this isnt' the same kind of "shocked" we got in MGS2 when he went: "Surprise! Snake isn't a main character! Introducing wussy, whiny blond kid! We know you'll love him!"
    • No no, it'll be like this. Some spoilers for various games below.

      Snake and Otacon ride off on a snowmobile. Weary, sore, Snake slowly reaches up and pulls off his trademark headband/bandana thingy.

      As he does, a torrent of long, styled, bouncy blonde hair is freed to stream in the wind! Yes! Solid Snake, Hero of Zanzibar, is none other than SAMUS [prettyodango.net], and Otacon finds up that yes, love REALLY CAN blossom on a battlefield.

  • Boktai, smoktai (Score:3, Insightful)

    by quandrum ( 652868 ) on Saturday May 31, 2003 @06:47PM (#6087095)
    Wow, it's amazing how much the Gamespot GBA editors don't give a damn about the GBA. I mean, MGS3 and MGS:TS are cool and all, but I want to know more about Boktai. "Hey, you're creating a cool new inovative game. But lets talk about you rehashing a movie.. err game for an entirely different platform. We like to call ourselves journalist!" Maybe I've just been stealth-gamed out, but then I also really like new things! oh well
  • Yeah, right! (Score:4, Interesting)

    by sebi ( 152185 ) on Saturday May 31, 2003 @06:49PM (#6087105)
    So, these three games are very different in nature, and I'm very proud of all these three games and I hope that everyone gets to play these games and enjoy them.

    Unfortunately you would need three different systems to play them all. The premise of Boktai is really cool, and previews seem to indicate that it will be fun. But isn't releasing this game in September really really stupid? Wouldn't it make much more sense to get it out in July or August, when many people might actually be on holiday in the sun? Depending on where you are September is the month when it slowly stops being fun outside.

    I will probably get 'Twin Snakes' when it comes out, mainly based on Silicon Knights' strong performance on 'Eternal Darkness.' After the MGS2 trailer I really thought I would get a PS2 to play it eventually. That never happened and I'm not going to get one now.
  • No offense to the Japanese or anything, but is it that hard to translate the name of the damn game? Words like "Boktai" have no meaning to us english-only people. If it's the name of the main character, I can let it slide, but still...

    Oh well, I guess it's better than giving it a really bad name like "Corpse Killer" or "Revengers of Vengeance". Not sure if those were the results of bad translations or what.

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