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Kojima's Policenauts Re-Released In Japan 6

Thanks to the TNL forum regulars for finding a French-language story showing that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima's cult interactive fiction title, Policenauts, will be re-released for Playstation in Japan at a budget price this August. There's an excellent English-language Policenauts fan site which gives a little more information on this Japanese-heavy 'Lethal Weapon set in the future' title, which has Meryl Silverburgh of Metal Gear Solid fame as one of the main game characters. There's more info at a very comprehensive Kojima 'game gallery' over at JunkerHQ, but this follow-up to Snatcher is still missing an English translation, sadly.
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Kojima's Policenauts Re-Released In Japan

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    ( This is from an article over a year old. It offers a quick, thorough biography of Mr. Kojima )

    Â Â Â ÂMaking a game today requires many skills, and in a sense the 38-year-old Kojima has been preparing for MGS2 his entire life. As a child growing up in Kobe, Japan, he played outdoor games like thief-and-detective (the Japanese equivalent of hide-and-seek) with his friends, flattening himself against walls and peeking around corners in much the same way as Solid Snake, the hero of MGS2,

  • Snatcher did have an English release, on the MegaCD and it was just as good as the Playstation version! I realise that it is unlikely that people will have a megaCD hanging around any more, but if you pop along to the gens( homepage you'll find a megaCD emulator that is more than capable of playing it. Then just go p2p for the image! (I just looked and it's not hard to find). While you are on the megaCD, consider also grabbing SonicCD, in my opinion the best of the sonic games (just ma
    • Snatcher did make a release to Sega CD back in the day and your right, the article's author is complaining about the lack of Policenauts English translation. Sure there are fan sites devoted to the unofficial english translation but the hardcore fanbase truly wants (& deserves) a properly translated Policenauts.

      For the younguns (I'm 19 but I was into this) Snatcher was a hyperviolent Blade Runner esque cyberpunk thriller set in the future and was one of the first gameplays that truly could appeal to ad
  • Yet another game that won't be released in the US.


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