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KnoppiXMAME 1.0 Released 212

Ant writes "KnoppixMAME is a bootable arcade machine emulator with hardware detection and autoconfiguration. It works automatically on all modern and not-so-modern hardware, including gameports and joysticks. It is powered by Knoppix Debian GNU/Linux, X-MAME, and gxmame." Update: 06/19 23:18 GMT by S : Although there are earlier versions in the release directory, looks like V1.0 hasn't made it onto the FTP just yet. Meanwhile, Jim points out the AdvanceCD image, which is "..also a bootable ISO image of a minimal Linux distribution containing MAME, but weighing in at 16 MB rather than 200 MB so there is more room for ROMs."
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KnoppiXMAME 1.0 Released

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  • Except for a very few gems, the current crop of games has been pretty lackluster.

    It's like all the ideas for games has dried up and all that's left to do is rehash old tried and true ones.

    Played Out.
  • Re:But does it... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Aliencow ( 653119 ) on Thursday June 19, 2003 @07:11PM (#6248724) Homepage Journal
    The install it on your computer and be done with it? I don't see any reasons to use the CD other than the convenience of popping it into any machine..
  • While I'll probably get shot in the head for this, I don't like this overspecialization.
    Why run just mame when with gamebase ( I have a frontend that will happily organize ALL my emu collections, including N64, SNES, atari c64 and god knows what else. (yes, arcade roms too).
    It provides screenshots, categories, favorites, alternate configs and god knows what else. It runs on windows 98/2000 but it might run under wine or whatnot.
    Now to finish building that arcade cabinet I started 3 years ago... *sigh*
  • Can I buy ROMs? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by akvalentine ( 560139 ) on Thursday June 19, 2003 @07:42PM (#6248961)
    Is there any one out there that sells ROM collections? I would be interested in buying some, but I can't find any.

    If nobody does sell them, why do the copyright holders care if they are traded, since they aren't losing any revenue?

  • Re:Yeah (Score:4, Insightful)

    by jesse.k ( 102314 ) on Thursday June 19, 2003 @07:50PM (#6248999) Homepage
    or you could download Mame32 and be playing that in windows and actually be on topic.

    Seriously though, the Knoppix boot cd isn't too hard to configure.
  • by heli0 ( 659560 ) on Thursday June 19, 2003 @07:52PM (#6249017)
    All the more reason to stop wasting $50 a pop for new games and instead building a stand alone mame machine to play those old tried and true ones.
  • by Zenki ( 31868 ) on Thursday June 19, 2003 @09:25PM (#6249621)
    All of the pins on the cartridge have a purpose. Some are for addressing and some are for data. There's probably a grounding pin and a power pin. Anyhow, go to a website like or :P and look for the pinouts online.

    You'd need the know how to write a program to use a parallel port to drive the important pins (basically start addressing from the base address of the cartridge and save the data that comes back over the data bus. Keep going until it fails.) and you can build yourself a dumper. At least that's how the smarter people used to do it in the day before companies would just sell you the stuff.

    Of course, you're going into problems with carts that do funky tricks like memory mapping and such, but the info above is about all that i understand on the subject.

    As for Sega CD's, if they are just standard ISO9660 cds, you can dump them using any decent cd writing software.
  • by drinkypoo ( 153816 ) <> on Thursday June 19, 2003 @11:30PM (#6250463) Homepage Journal
    Perhaps it would be a good idea to set up a bittorrent link next time :)
  • by dew-genen-ny ( 617738 ) on Friday June 20, 2003 @02:34AM (#6251335) Homepage

    I've been thinking recently, that a really good way to get people into linux would be to have a couple of really decent games for the platform.

    The trouble being that we're in a chicken-egg senario right now (the chicken did btw...) - no killer linux only games exist, and because mostly only geeks are using linux at home right now, no (killer) games are written for linux.

    So how about using knoppix as the answer - basically, if you want to play our game, you have to put the disk in and reboot.... a knoppix like distro could boot, and then the game could automatically load on top of that. No doubt performance would be better since you're now not likely using 500megs of ram on all the quickstart agents that inevitably seem to load up on boot...

    You could also include a way of just booting up into a normal kde system by hitting the right key on loadup - the kids would absolutely love the new/coolness factor of it, and voila! 10 years from now we'll have kids remeniscing how the first time they touched linux was when it came distributed with XYZ linux.

    Plus linux can get some great press because it's suddenly a gaming platform as well!

  • by Erik Hensema ( 12898 ) on Friday June 20, 2003 @04:06AM (#6251638) Homepage

    Except for a very few gems, the past crop of games has been pretty lackluster too. However, we have forgotten about them.

    Same goes with music. The eighties brought us a whole load of crappy music, but I can remember only the good songs.

    It only means one thing: we're getting old.

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