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Michael Michael On PomPom Shmups 13

Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing to an Adrenaline Vault interview with Michael Michael, one of the two developers at indie game outfit PomPom. They've just had their two good-looking PC shoot-em-up ('shmup') titles, the Robotron-inspired Mutant Storm and the Defender-inspired Space Tripper picked up by indie publisher GarageGames, and talk a little about the idea of "..more single stop online portals for quality independent developers, so that customers who buy a PomPom game and like it can return to the same site for similar titles by other developers, rather than hunting throughout the Internet" - definitely a good idea.
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Michael Michael On PomPom Shmups

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  • by Katravax ( 21568 ) on Thursday June 26, 2003 @10:13AM (#6302325)

    I own them both, and wish there were more coming. They have a very old-school feel and gameplay, but the gorgeous looks of modern games.

    Mutant Storm will make you go and buy a dual-stick joystick, like the Thrustmaster Firestorm []. It's a lot more fun than Crimsonland. Much more action, and it always shoots where you point, just like Robotrom -- no separate fire-button action needed.

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