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Movie-Licensed Games That Might Not Suck 125

Thanks to GameSpot for their new mini-feature discussing movie licenses that might actually make decent games, as opposed to "every big-budget blockbuster getting a cheap and dirty game that is less a game and more a lackluster piece of promotional material." The suggested movies include Run Lola Run as a game "with hundreds of available outcomes", Battle Royale as a "twisted and sadistic" action title, and Fletch with "a Max Payne style of narration.. to represent Fletch's internal dialogue." But, the big question - do Slashdot Games readers have any better suggestions?
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Movie-Licensed Games That Might Not Suck

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  • Blade Runner (Score:1, Interesting)

    by ae0nflx ( 679000 )
    I always thought that the movie 'Blade Runner' (one of my personal all-time favorites played exactly like a video game. It has some normal movie (typical gameplay) that leads up to a boss. Then it has more typical gameplay, which goes to another boss. I dunno, just a thought. Good movie though.
    • Erm... It WAS released as a game a few years ago. Point and click adventure if I recall. Wasn't too bad from what I heard. Never played it myself.

      A game with a narrative style like the movie "Memento" would be pretty innovative. For those who've not seen the movie, I'm not spoiling anything by saying the story is told backwards. You get a scene in color, then a black and white scene (which is basically background on the lead character) then the next scene in color is set BEFORE the first color scene, and e
    • There was a Blade Runner video game. It was produced by Westwood and I think it was published by EA. You diden't play as Dekkard, but you played as another bounty hunter parallel to the story in the movie. IIRC you actually ran into Dekkard several times in the game.
      • Re:Blade Runner (Score:2, Informative)

        by fatboyslack ( 634391 )
        It was published by Virgin Interactive, before Westwood was bought by EA, and then Destroyed by EA (The Ba$tard$) /rant
      • Heh. Sierra/Dynamix made a Blade Runner style knockoff (based on the movie, not the game, I assume). They even hyped it as being like Blade Runner, I dunno if they had any permission :P

        I think it was Rise of the Dragon [lysator.liu.se]

        • that movie was funny, why didn't they just take an x-ray to see if they had bones or computers inside!?! instead he asks a million questions and makes an educated guess...yes this is a robot.
    • Re:Blade Runner (Score:2, Informative)

      by fatboyslack ( 634391 )
      Westwood made an excellent game based on 'Blade Runner'. It didn't follow the storyline too well, which made it more interesting. It was a point and click and explore kind of adventure game similar in gameplay to 'Grim Fandango'. But, it was damn hard, and I couldn't finish it. There some very cool parts of it.
      • Re:Blade Runner (Score:3, Interesting)

        by EricTheMad ( 603880 )
        "It didn't follow the storyline too well"

        Of course it didn't follow the storyline. It wasn't supposed to. It was a completely new story that ran parallel to the events of the movie. It actually had several elements from the book (Do Androids Dream of electric sheep) that weren't in the movie. The interesting thing about was that each time you started a new game, it randomized a few elements. So you never knew if the person who was a robot in the last game is this time around, or if your own character
        • I did say I didn't finish it :).

          Also, did you ever read the so-called sequel to Do Androids Dream of ELectric Sheep? Written by another author 'in the spirit of PKD'. Its a travesty of literature justice.
  • Cool as Ice (Score:5, Funny)

    by leifm ( 641850 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @07:14PM (#6494938)
    You could try to prevent your character from ending up as the butt of many jokes, choose not to be in a TMNT movie, something..
  • by devnull17 ( 592326 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @07:19PM (#6494967) Homepage Journal

    Making movies from licenses from good movies isn't necessarily hard. I think the main factor in explaining why almost all movie licenses suck is that most movie-licensed games must be released, ready or not, at the same time as their respective movies. Add to that the fact that the production cycle of a typical movie is shorter than that of the average game, and you have a recipe for disaster that smells vaguely like most of what Acclaim releases.

    There's no reason that licensed games have to suck. Some [gamefaqs.com] don't [gamefaqs.com]. (Goldeneye was released years after its movie counterpart, and didn't really have a strict deadline to meet.) It's just that rushed games tend to suck.

    Producing a good game nowadays requires more time and money than most licensors realize. When licensed games are treated less as a marketing tie-in and more as separate entities, their quality will improve dramatically.

    • Agreed.

      However, the good licensed games frequently pass under the radar of games news sites. Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak [hamtaro-games.com] is one of the only license-based games I've ever run out to buy on release day. (The kids' storybooks came first, then a TV series and movie, so it had full potential to suck.) It's a great non-violent GBA game with heavy puzzle elements, an RPG-style story and super happy fun everywhere. (There is stuff resembling violence, but it's nicely balanced out by the scat jokes.)

      Since the game
    • So really what should happen is that games should be based on movies that were released long ago.. For instance, take the Star Wars games. The old ones (Dark Forces, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, etc.), were great and were also released independant of and movie release. The newer SW games, however seem to be released around the same time as the new movies, and they blow. Same thing with Blade Runner. That was released years after the movie. It turned out well. Enter the Matrix, however, well, we all know how that we
    • Spot on. You're absolutely right. The best games that are going to be made off of movies are going to the be the ones where their dev. cycle is allowed to progress as they wish.

      Aliens vs. Predator is great fun. That's based off of movie stuff that there isn't even a movie for. It was cool because they did it at their own pace, and it was something that fit the genre.

      However, most of the movies this guy suggests in his article are retarded ideas for video games. The article's mainly a failed attempt t
  • I can see it now. Irwin falls over with catastrophic results during random points in the game.
  • That Two Towers game was a blast. I'm looking forward to the Return of the King game with two player play, more characters and whatever else they pack into it. Fun.

    I'd like to see a Fight Club or Big Trouble In Little China game. Just to see what they'd do with them.
  • After reading the english translation of the original book, I've had wet dreams about making a Battle Royale mod. Plenty of weapons (guns and melee, but limited ammo and disarm abilities), 10 seconds between each characters spawn, 3 minutes without a kill = death for everyone (mirroring the book instead of the movie). Sounds like a fun game for LAN parties... Too bad I don't have any coding skills.
  • Star Wars Episode I: Racer was more fun than the movie - while it lasted (which was not very long, especially if you weren't on a good LAN to play multiplayer on). In fact, Racer was the game which finally convinced me to get a video card with 3d acceleration.
  • ground rules (Score:5, Insightful)

    by evilWurst ( 96042 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @08:03PM (#6495256) Journal
    Just set a ground rule: don't start development of the game until the movie is already done its theatre run, gone to rental, gone to Wal-Mart purchase, and been shown on normal broadcast TV.

    By then, the biggest factors that work to make a movie game SUCK are gone:

    1) the movie is finished, and the game cannot increase hype for the movie, therefore there is no reason to rush or cut corners. There is no pressure to get the thing out the door before the movie is out.

    2) the movie is finished, and therefore the movie's name on the box won't be enough to sell the game. Thus the game will actually have to be good on its own merits.

    It isn't a guarantee of success, but it sure helps avoid failure.
    • C'mon. This would never happen. The whole reason for releasing the game at the same time as the movie is that it doesn't have to be good. People will buy it anyway because of all the hype surrounding the movie. If the point of the gaming industry was to make good games then your plan would work. But the gaming industry is only worried about making money. Every once in a while the consumers get lucky and they will release a good game, but if they don't have to spend the time and money developing one, t
      • That is true. It's unlikely to change for new movies, except for the few good game houses that care.

        But for _old_ movies that haven't had games made for them yet... we've got a few decades of untapped material with potential.
  • by Monthenor ( 42511 ) <monthenor@@@gogeek...org> on Monday July 21, 2003 @08:21PM (#6495352) Homepage
    Considering how much the movie totally sucked, I was surprised that the game license has such depth and longevity.

    Why no, I don't know what I'm talking about. Why do you ask?

  • movie (Score:3, Funny)

    by austad ( 22163 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @08:22PM (#6495356) Homepage
    I think The Ass Collector [imdb.com] would make a great game. Just imagine being Rocco, running around and collecting ass. They could even make it a MMORPG.
  • Personally, i feel the the tomb raider video game has really lived up to the standards set by the movie......
  • A game based on "The Bad Lieutenant" ?

    • Maybe as a mod for GTA III. But you'd have to be able to model nuns and a naked Harvey Keitel. Yikes.
      • If you want Keitel, then a Reservoir Dogs game would be cool... Actually, no it wouldn't, especially if you chose to play Tim Roth's character. Just lay there bleeding for the entire game...

        The problem with licences fall into two categories:

        The Rush Job: Game is rushed to coincide with the movie. See the piss poor "Enter The Matrix" and "Hulk".

        Too Old: Then you get a game like the upcoming "Starsky and Hutch". YEAH! A game based on a 25 year old TV series... Only one that can pull that off is Star Trek,
        • What we need is more games to movies. And no, I don't mean shite like Tomb Raider,

          So you pick one of the few movies anyone could ever point to as a decent movie from a game license, and call it 'shite', and then ask for more movies from game licenses, riight. Come on, where's Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 3? Maybe if we can find more games based on movies to make new movies from we can get more great movies like Resident Evil...
          • Erm... Tomb Raider... Not shite? Erm... Congratulations. You're one of the three people who liked it.

            I don't know a single website or person who saw that movie who thought it was anything other than crap.

            As for Resident Evil... Let's see, Res Evil, Tomb Raider, either you're a troll, or wouldn't know a decent movie if it bit you on the ass since BOTH movies were panned by fans of the games (well, in TR's case those who only went to see Lara's tits were probably not disappointed.) Unless you're being sarca
            • Erm... Tomb Raider... Not shite? Erm... Congratulations. You're one of the three people who liked it.

              I don't know a single website or person who saw that movie who thought it was anything other than crap.

              I'm simply going by the fact that I know several people who did like the movie, though many (if not most) didn't know it had anything to do with a video game.

              As for Resident Evil... Let's see, Res Evil, Tomb Raider, either you're a troll, or wouldn't know a decent movie if it bit you on the ass since
  • Not all suck.. (Score:4, Interesting)

    by CashCarSTAR ( 548853 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @08:27PM (#6495386)
    If you include all licensed franchises, Golden Eye was great, the various X-Wing/Tie Fighter series games were golden. TMNT/GI Joe in the arcade as well.

    To completely buck the CW, on a lark I rented Enter The Matrix the other day. I avoided it because of the bad reviews. I shouldn't have. Quite frankly, it is one of the best pure action games I've played in a long time. The good action game has pretty much died in the 3d era..it's good to have a fun one to play. The camera does suck sometimes, but it's not the worst I've seen. The driving stages are somewhat cheap, but they as well are fun. The game on hard is somewhat short, but provides a refreshing skill based challenge...something I havn't had in a long time.

    I get the feeling people just expected more from it. I expected a simple beat-em-up with some cool cutscenes. I got what I was looking for. (And more, to be honest.)
    • To pick a nit... (Score:4, Insightful)

      by Jerf ( 17166 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @10:01PM (#6495915) Journal
      If you include all licensed franchises, Golden Eye was great, the various X-Wing/Tie Fighter series games were golden. TMNT/GI Joe in the arcade as well.

      To pick a nit, I'd submit there's a major difference between movie license and franchise license. Of the games you list, the only one that might be considered truly movie licensed is Golden Eye, and given the enduring popularity of the James Bond franchise, even that is stretching it.

      X-Wing and Tie Fighter were emphatically not movie licensed; there isn't a Star Wars movie five years either side of the original X-Wing (maybe more, I'm being conservative). GI Joe was popular for decades. I don't recall if TMNT had any movie-specific games, but it did have a lot of non-movie specific games.

      Now, this [gamespot.com] is a Star Wars movie-licensed game. It is not immune to licensing crapiness.

      Actually, Star Wars does have one of the few truly movie-based games that I did not read uniformly bad things about, and that was the Pod Racer games. Still, an exception does not a trend make.

      Anyways, just a little nit, but when seen this way, the movie license sucks trend holds very strongly, whereas franchise licenses sometimes work out OK. (The best Star Trek games were set in the Original Series universe, 20-25+ years after the show went off the air, for instance.)
      • Okay, Golden Eye was definitely a movie-based game. Had the same basic plot and everything. It was a good game though. The Pod Racer game was only semi-movie-based. It took a small portion of the movie and made a game out of it. I wouldn't consider it to be a movie-based game myself. X-Wing was a movie-based game, it just wasn't released anywhere near the same time as the movie. That is probably why it didn't suck. As long as they aren't trying to rush crap out the door to cash in on the popularity

      • Rogue Squadron got good reviews, and is a BLAST to play! You get to re-enact some scenes from Empire if I recall (been a couple of years since I played it.)
    • Easily entertained are we?
  • How about Repoman? think about it...

    GTA style controls, you go around and reposses cars, people shoot at you, you get a 1-up for every 100 pine air freshners you grab.

    They wouldn't even have to make the game good, all they need to do is include a few hits of acid with it and nobody will know the difference...
  • I hope the new Terminator-franchise game will be as good as the classic Terminator: Future Shock (which was one of the few games that actually gave me the creeps while playing, btw).
    Screenshots [shacknews.com] look promising. It's a good thing the movie is already out, so there's no pressure on the development team. This may help them accomplish most of what's in the press release [yahoo.com], at least...
    I guess only time will tell, but I actually set my hopes high on this one.

    // fixxxer
  • The suggested movies include Run Lola Run ...
    I think that's kind of backwards. I don't know much about Tom Tykwer, but the "what if" style of RLR suggests a certain video game or RPG derivation.
  • Maybe it has and I missed it.

    A strategy one player game where you are the
    President of the USA. I shouldn't have to go
    into to much more detail. You can imagine how
    cool it could be made. Imagine an online version
    where you have to compete with others and run
    a full campaign. It would be the same type of deal
    where college kids and unemployed people would have
    a lot more time to campaign, but it could still
    be made very cool. Taking your country to the
    brink of war and back. Consulting with FBI and
    other sources on
  • I could rant for thousands of words why these games are so often horrible, but instead I'll sum it up in a single sentence: These games are designed to sell the movie, and nothing else.

    Bzzzt, sorry try again. The game is being made to capitalize on the hype surrounding the movie. The amount of money spent on developing the game gets a miniscule return (if any) in advertising for the movie, and any company that is investing the money with that expectation is bound for disapointment.

  • Conan [amazon.com]. The three Conan movies could be made like they should have been. Adventuring before the time of the sons of Atrius.

    Drunken Master [amazon.com]. Learn Kung-fu. Get money and hire a master. Fight battles. Master drunken fighting and other forms. It seems to really lend itself to a good game.

    Spaceballs, the Video Game [amazon.com]. Play the game as Lone Star, dodging Dark Helmet.

    Yellow Submarine [amazon.com]. Avoid the Blue Meanies. Get the Beatles. Save Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

    Highlander [amazon.com]. Battle through

    • I can just see it now... the Highlander MMORPG, where the server keeps stats of how many Immortals you've killed + their kills + *their* kills, etc. etc.... I can see it looking a lot like that Star Wars game on X-Box with the lightsaber battles, eh?

      Problem is, will you get stronger with more kills? I'd see people making new characters just to be sacrificial lambs for their friends... alternately, if you don't get stronger, then you could lose your score to some newbie who's a bit better with his sword tha
      • the problem of gaining power by killing weaker characters is easily solved. Low level kills are worth very little to high level characters. Low enought that it's not worth risking getting your own head chopped of during your quickening. This would make a great MMORPG. If only I could code, I'd propose it to the company. Ya know, I thik I know some people who have worked on some MMORPG
  • Does anybody think of a movie based on a game that doesn't suck? At the moment the only game adaptations I can think of are Wing Commander, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, and, well, none of those qualify :)
    • Resident Evil was pretty good.
    • Super Mario Brothers, Tomb Raider... Oh wait.. You said movies that didn't suck. ;)

      Some people will say the Final Fantasy movie was pretty good....

    • Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat,

      The first Mortal Kombat movie wasn't that bad. The ones after that were aweful. The Street Fighter movie was bad, but the original Japanese Anime movie was awesome. The american dub isn't very good IMHO.

      If you ever get a chance to watch the original Japabese Street Fighter Anime movie (not the TV series) check it out. It has an awesome fight scene between Chun li and Vega which ends with Chun li kicking Vega through a brick wall and down 6 stories. A cool Charli

    • All depends of what you want about in a video-game inspired movie, especially considering that it is very hard to fit all the "what-if" complexities of a video game in a 2-hour movie.

      I only expect one of two things from a videogame movie, e.g. either:

      A - the movie is faithful to its origins, even if it sucks if you don't know the game (Wing Commander is a good example, so I don't consider it to be so bad).
      B - the movie stands on its own merits but maybe alienates the hard-core fans.

      Sometimes you can get
  • I'm a sucker for movies about smooth gangster types. I think they would make some wicked games too (obviously, kind of what GTA is). There need to be games loosely based on Reservoir Dogs, or The Usual Suspects, or even Killing Zoe (anyone else see that movie? Tarantino did a good job, I think). Heck, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll make a new movie for Tarantino's new movie, Kill Bill. Sorry, almost a shameless plug!
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday July 21, 2003 @10:32PM (#6496093)
    The Running Man..
  • If you've lost your faith in movie-game ports go BUY Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic RIGHT NOW. This is literally one of the greatest games that I have ever played. How many games have made you yearn to play through it a second and third time before you're even half-finished with your first?

    My advice: Don't rent. Buy! Now! Go!
    • If you've lost your faith in movie-game ports go BUY Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic RIGHT NOW

      And if you want to lose more faith in movie-game ports, go buy Star Wars Galaxies! :)
  • My friend and I have this running joke about how someone should make a Big Lebowski online game. (MMORPG?, I dont know the correct abbreviation)

    We say this only because everyone we know that plays EverQuest, etc.. is a pot smoking, drunk, unemployed loser. It's so perfect. People online bickering over rare creedence bootlegs and attacking with +5 ferrets. Ahhhh.

  • Play the "ARE YOU LOOKIN AT MY EYE?!?!" mini-game!

    Get help from the Eeeeeeeedians!

    Fight ze Trappers!

    Consume Human Flesh!
  • Ok, let's start off by getting a few things out of the way. Enter the Matrix sucked. It sucked a lot. The first few levels were fun, I liked the overall game play at first, but then I got to the driving levels...

    But who reading games.slashdot.org wouldn't like to see a decent Matrix video game? If ETM didn't suck so horribly it would've been great (yeah, that last sentence sounds real intelligent I'm sure). The game concept was there, everything else just wasn't. Numerous graphical problems, engine

  • Tron!

    Oh wait....
  • 28 days later (Score:4, Informative)

    by anon* ( 637224 ) <slashdot@baudkarm[ ]om ['a.c' in gap]> on Tuesday July 22, 2003 @01:14AM (#6496794) Journal
    Seems like a natural. Lots of zombies to kill. The players goal could simply be to survive until the virus runs its course.

  • No, not the games, the "this movie would make a good game" bit: MacGamer's MovieGamer [macgamer.com]. Also talks about Battle Royale, but also such diverse movies as Taxi Driver, Red Dawn and The Breakfast Club. Only the Beaches piece is a bit over the top:

    From firearms to facials, aromatherapy to assassinations, Beaches: the First Person Shooter could have it all. Using the Soldier of Fortune II engine with advanced sound features from Undying (to catch not only the hiss of flying lead but also the spirit-lifting cuts f

  • so far based on the MP demo its very good. Cant wait for the Full version on august 27th.
  • I think we all know that Atari's E.T. pretty much started the whole "movie licensed games are horrible" adage. With over 2 million E.T. games having to be burried underground, it's a wonder the trend continued through the NES all the way up to the 4 generation consoles of today.

    In any case, there are some good movie licensed games out there. However, I have yet to play one game that was made especially for a movie that introduced innovative concepts, gameplay, or level design. I think if a developer/
  • The heyday of the movie game IMO was the 8-bit era, bleeding slightly into 16-bit. The Spectrum/Timex and C64 saw some great tie-ins (for the time):

    Short Circuit - where you had to use hacked CCTV cameras to plan your route; a proto-stealth title.

    Cobra - the Stallone movie. A simple side-on shooter, very hard without being unfair.

    Alien / Aliens - the first was a fairly abstract team-based game using a top-down plan on the Nostromo - like seeing the tracking system used when the captain gets killed in the
    • I actually loved the home alone NES game. You had to run around and pick up/set traps in a house while two goons chase you for 15 minutes until the police get there. I never beat it though...but it will make you paranoid as all getout from all that running...oh yeah...and you can hide behind furnature and the like.

  • Quite a few films could make good games, and it doesn't really matter if the film was good or not, as long as it contained that one good idea.

    Pitch Black could make a great survival horror type game, and I would have loved to have seen a point'n'click adventure like Dark City, or maybe any Jackie Chan film being made into an update of the classic scrolling beat'em'up (ala Double Dragon)
  • City of The Lost Children? Older game based on a surreal french movie which didn't get too much exposure. The game was actually excellent for its time and managed to capture the feel and mood of the movie quite well. One of the few movie based games which was actually like the movie.
  • Golden Eye is still the best game-movie (movie-game?) made, ever. It's amazing how well Rare Ware hit the nail when it came to fun factor in the game. I've always tried to figure out what made the game so fun, but I've never found out. I mean, by todays standards the game is so limiting! No jumping, small levels, little interaction... What could possibly make the game fun? Was it the "realistic" weapons? I tried Perfect Dark, but it just didn't appeal to me for some reason. I guess much of the fun had to do
  • From Films:

    1) Legend

    The most underrated fantasy film ever. Great RPG opps.

    2) @))!, I mean 2001...maybe. maybe better make it the next one Dave. 3) Ran, by Kurosawa

    Everybody loves Samurai. and its Shakespeare too. Lots of political intrigue.

    Now the good stuff: books and radio plays:

    4) Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe.

    A radio play that doesn't suck. at www.zbs.org Listen to Ruby 1. Its a cyberpunkish radio play.

    5)Snow Crash

    6) Neuromancer

    7)Memory,Sorrow, Thorn

    8)and of course, the Foundation se

  • I think this might make a good action/RPG style game. It's got unrealistic fighting, magic and powerups built into the movie. The game practically writes itself! And as a bonus, you could probably get all the original actors for the voices, except maybe Kim Cattral.
  • How about games made from book licenses? I think there's more untapped potential there. It leaves more to the developers' imaginations, gives them more creative license. In particular, a MMORPG based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld would be awesome. I know there is one out there, but with a concurrent user limit of 300, I'm not sure it woudl qualify as an MMORPG. A higher tech commercial offereing would be pretty sweet. That's one I would be willing to plunk down $10 a month for.
  • While Requiem for a Dream would make for an interesting drug-related game experience, I'd have to argue that Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [imdb.com] would have the greater potential to leave a mark on the video game industry as a unique gaming experience and a well-needed break from the norm.

    Why settle for one addiction when you can have twenty? The ideas of drug experimentation and mixing alone would make for a unique gaming experience (with pretty colors and oodles of famous quotes). Graphics designers could g
  • I always thought this would make a great game. One player takes the role of the humans trapped in the house. The other takes the role of the zombies outside. Set it up like an overhead RTS but without any resources to gather. The only goal is that the humans have to survive until daylight or, if you are the zombies, kill everyone. The humans are quick and armed but can suffer from low moral and can be infected. The zombies are slow and stupid but you get A LOT of them. You would have to spruce it up with di
  • REALLY old Stallone movie. Would make a great game.

    Oh wait, they did that already in spirit but not name. (Carmageddon).
  • God, I'd do ANYTHING to have a Battle Royale video game. Especially if I could play the fat kid with the crossbow. I can't help but laugh every time I picture him jumping out of the trees to attack the girls. Anybody know where I can buy a DVD copy of this movie?

  • I know I'm going back some years...but I'd like to "bop my way all the way back to Coney!"

  • I think a cell-style animation game based on Cowboy Bebop universe would be pretty interesting. There are lots of possibilities from running single missions (like the episodes) or the more involved plot lines of the last episodes of the latter DVDs.

    Give the player the ability to switch between characters so that while Ed and Ein are hacking, Faye and Spike can be off hunting, while Jet is off getting information from his sources. Maybe a mix of RTS and FPS.

    If they can pull off a real-time 2-D cell anima
  • ...as an MMORPG. You can side with Humungous and his gas-hungry freaks, or protect the innocent, who retain control of the guzzoline refinement plants. The game would include vehicular combat (cars, trucks, trains and gyros) and hand to hand (guns, stabbing weapons and boomerangs). Characters can keep pets, build boobytraps to protect their vehicles and homes and practice fighting in the Thunderdome. Best of all, there will be only one V8 Interceptor.
  • keep bernie alive!

    or dead, but in one piece.
  • Jet Li's "The One" would make a great game. Seriously, it writes itself. You jump around between alternative realities getting stronger as you kill your counterpart in each universe. It ends with a big fight between you and your last remaining (now fantastically powerful) other-self. Plus character design would be a sinch ;-).
  • I was thinking about a Battle Royale game myself just last night.

    The conclusion I reached was that it would work a lot better as a MMOG - and here's how it would work:

    Instead of having persistent servers, each server would have a life of three game days or up to an hour after there was only one survivor. (The last hour would be for participants to talk about the game that just happened, swap strategies, congratulate, etc.) Afterwards, the server would return to a "waiting" state until it had another 40 pl

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