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Nintendo Announce New Titles, Other Rumors 55

Ian_Bailey writes "In official announcements, Nintendo has confirmed a number of new games, including a sequel to Wario Ware Inc. for the GameCube and a new Donkey Kong game developed by Namco. Furthermore, Nintendo indicated that a 'new game product' will be unveiled in Spring 2004, which could be their N5 next-gen console. Finally, after the IGN PS2 rumor reports, they have now had a look at the 10 Biggest Rumors on GameCube, including Metroid Prime 2, Too Human, and a realistic-looking Zelda."
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Nintendo Announce New Titles, Other Rumors

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  • Could Be... (Score:3, Funny)

    by GTRacer ( 234395 ) <gtracer308 AT yahoo DOT com> on Thursday August 07, 2003 @11:33AM (#6635308) Homepage Journal
    ...Nintendo indicated that a 'new game product' will be unveiled in Spring 2004...

    Yes Yes Yes! Maybe this will be the new GameBoy Advance Ultra, with quality backlit screen, comfortable controls, PSP-beating graphics, backwards compatibility...

    Of course, this model's "optional" component will be the battery pack.

    - PSP will 0wNz0r GBA!

    • Which would make it just like all the other handhelds that required the user to purchase batteries. Just like the original GBA.

      What a silly thing to say ...
  • by the_riaa ( 669835 ) on Thursday August 07, 2003 @11:37AM (#6635354) Homepage
    Wario Ware was great on GBA because of it's ability to have short, but fun sessions. I could sit down and play for 5 minutes if I wanted, and then quickly jet to somewhere else. With most home console games, you sit around and play for what, a couple of hours? I at least hope that if Wario Ware gets ported to the Cube, that it a) has a whole lot more minigames/unlockables/more old NES themed ones (my favorites) b) can command and hold your attention for more than half an hour or so and c) has good multiplayer support. The GBA version was a suprise to most of us, but damn, it was great.

    Oh, and if Donkey Kong Racing is the game on the horizon by Namco, I'm all for it. If they can duplicate the fun that was Diddy Kong Racing on the N64, I'd be a happy person. The Cube currently is lacking in racing titles (XG3 the only good one), but with F-Zero, Mario Kart, XGRA, and possibly DKR, the cube could have an amazingl lineup in the genre.

    • I imagine there will be mini-games galore in a Wario Ware for GCN. it will probably be to Mario Party as Wario World is to Mario Sunshine.
    • I second that Wario Inc opinion. It's one of the more innovative game out for GBA..

      I haven't been a big fan of the GBA.. ever since getting one, the games are kind of dry.. maybe I've grown, but ya..

      I hope Namco maintains the style of racing for Donkey Kong racing that was for N64, when it was developed by Rare, I don't know, but Ridge Racer V for N64 wasn't too good... and Mario Kart is right around the corner...

      I guess only time will tell... Nintendo can't afford to lose any more ground..
    • I've been playing warioware with the game boy player.. its a great game, and the fun only increases with more players. we take turns, see who can last the longest in the main game.... and it has some excelent multiplayer, too. the multiplayer games are meant for two players holding onto the left and right side of a game boy... in practice, this isn't so hot... however, the GB player makes all GCN controller ports work the same... so the way we do it: the person with the wavebird uses the left trigger, the
      • There's a game called Dong Dong? Heh, the insanity that is nintendo.

        If the Cube dropped $50 and still came with a free game that would be a no brainer!!! They'd sell a crap load of them.
    • Yay for Wario Ware. That game was what made me buy a GBA. I still play it, a month after purchase. It's the proof that Nintendo still has that 'Nintendo magic' for creating innovative games.
  • GBA expension (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Recently there have been rumors about some sort of SuperFX chip for the GBA to give it more capabilities like 3d and friends, I suspect this is the thing that will be launched next year.
    • I doubt it for two reasons:

      1) When SNES games sold for $50/each, the extra cost of the SuperFX chip was high enough that it only ended up being used in a few games, only one of which was a 3rd party game. GBA games are only $30-$35 each, so there's less room to make money.

      2) It wouldn't generate much interest. If that's all it was, they wouldn't hint at it 6 months in advance like this. If a new chip to put in GBA cartridges in the announcement, a lot of people will be disappointed because they would've e
      • 1) When SNES games sold for $50/each, the extra cost of the SuperFX chip was high enough that it only ended up being used in a few games, only one of which was a 3rd party game. GBA games are only $30-$35 each, so there's less room to make money.

        It's also very old technology, and wouldn't be anywhere near as expensive as it was back in the days when StarFox first hit the shelves...
    • The SuperFX chip will most definitely show up on the GBA, but most expect that it will debut by the end of the year.
    • Wasn't there an article a couple years back analyzing the SuperFX chip, showing how it actually hurt performance overall due to it's unoptimized nature? I do think the idea was cool though, and would be great in GBA games if they can make it tiny and not power hungry.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I was OK playing with my GameBoy back in 1988, but now I think it's time that we all mature a bit and play GameMan. :-)
  • by Ondo ( 187980 ) on Thursday August 07, 2003 @12:32PM (#6635861)
    At Yahoo! news they quote Iwata as saying "We are preparing a new product which will be surprising and unique". I don't think the next console would qualify.
  • Something new & revolutionary? Well, considering the multitude of GBA expansions, it's probably not one of those. I think it'll be some sort of prehipheral for the GCN, maybe some game where you need special input (like DDR).
  • by PaleZer0 ( 632282 )
    Weren't there rumors that Ninty was making a VR let device using those Kodak screens? Could this be it? If it is, it seems late in the cube life cycle. Maybe its a new system that has vr. :):) ::Pale goes and plays his Virtual Boy::
  • Has this platform had any decent non-action RPGs released for it, or have any been announced? There are already enough action games for it that I'm interested in that would justify my purchase, but my favorite genre is still RPG -- less so because of the general lack of originality in the console RPGs, perhaps, but maybe they've come up with something decent for the Nintendo?
    • by CashCarSTAR ( 548853 ) on Thursday August 07, 2003 @02:30PM (#6637276)
      Evolution Worlds is a fun beginner level RPG.

      However, I think what you're looking for is Skies of Arcadia Legends. That is a very good deep RPG that I think you are looking for. The ship-to-ship battles are especially fun.
    • by Ian_Bailey ( 469273 ) on Thursday August 07, 2003 @02:39PM (#6637438) Homepage Journal
      I assume you're talking about Traditional RPGs, with random battles and menu-based attack sequences (typically with summons). Sadly, there are only a few options available.

      Firstly, the easiest to get a hold of is Skies of Arcadia. With a few twists on the traditional battle system, and a thoroughly satisfying environment (airships, plenty to explore and do, lots of bosses, sometimes too many random battles), this is one of the few options available. Another, much more mediocre game is Evolution Worlds.

      In the upcoming months, Japan will see Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos, both of which look promising. Whether either of these will be released in North America remains to be determined, though.

      On the other hand, if you really need an RPG + Gamecube fix, I highly recommend getting a GameBoy Player for your GameCube (free with purchase!) and pick up one of the dozens of great RPGs out for GameBoy Advance. The Golden Sun series is one of the best franchises in a long time, and Mega Man Battle Network has also gotten good reviews as well. These games will espeially appeal to you if you're one of those old-schoolers who misses the days of the SNES.
      • Just an additonal note, this game is confirmed to be released in Q2 2004 (April-June). This game has an anime-influenced art style with other common elements of the 'Tales' series.
    • Skies of Arcadia is not only one of my favorite RPGs, but one of my favorite games of all time. It's not an action-RPG, but it still takes quite a few spins on a genre that's getting a little stale:

      -The discovery element is a great system (the map is only revealed as you discover it and you're also encouraged to search for landmarks and receive fame and money from the Adventurer's Guild).
      -The ship-to-ship battles, although a little redundant late in the game, are very fun.
      -The "Sky Pirates" theme is just
  • I think that would be saved for the next gen system from nintendo, not on the gamecube.

    Nintendo usually sticks with a style for a few games and the latest look for the zelda game is phenomenal and got an awesome response, they'll surely keep using this engine for atleast one more game.
  • by Mean_Nishka ( 543399 ) on Thursday August 07, 2003 @02:46PM (#6637551) Homepage Journal
    Let's face it - people don't like great games.. I think what we have here is now that games are at crticial mass, most non-geeks want stupid, pick-up-and-play titles.. Nintendo games (the good ones anyway) have always focused on depth, gameplay, and story. Something that just doesn't jive with most of the market.

    I'm 26. I remember back when I was a kid, video games were mostly the domain of the 'geeks.' Any gamer (even at the casual level most are at today) was really not a mainstream non-geek person! :). Looking at the market for sports titles, and the unbelievable sales volume for the PS2, it's obvious that most game players are not geeks. And it's for that reason why PS2 and Xbox are ahead.

    I have an Xbox and like it.. But most games for it are generic crap with just a few notable exceptions. When I really want to sit down and play something, my Gamecube is always winning out.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Nintendo is going to settle into a very comfortable niche in the market. Just like Apple, they will appeal to a certain market segment that will eat up every title thrown at them. I don't know why everyone is beating up on Nintendo for producing quality that nobody else seems to be able to match.

    • I don't know why everyone is beating up on Nintendo for producing quality that nobody else seems to be able to match.

      Easy -- if you trash Nintendo, you 'justify' your support of whatever other console you've got. The psychology of fanboy-ism is pretty simple.

      All I do is try to point out all the good games I've got for the 'Cube, and encourage other people to pick them up. If they don't, oh well. That's not going to stop me from enjoying 'em. Of course, at the same time, it'd be great to see an awes
    • very comfortable niche

      That is not going to keep a console afloat. You have to have more than just a niche. You have to be a player or you get no titles. Will a developer make a game for the unit with the niche 500,000 units or the the console with 6million?
    • Nintendo is going to settle into a very comfortable niche in the market. Just like Apple, they will appeal to a certain market segment that will eat up every title thrown at them.

      This could prove to be a problem for Nintendo. Mainly because of profit margins. Apple survives because, while their sales are not as high as their competitors, their profit margins are greater. The profit margins on consoles are generally very slim, if they are positive at all. In the console margin, shooting for high profit ma
      • one word: gameboy...

        The gameboy is the best selling game console in history, if i remember right. Nintendo makes zillions on that thing, and even with the PSP coming and other portable gaming systems, nintendo has a huge fan base, huge list of games(thousands!) a decade of experience, and namebrand recognition.
        • Let's hope they can maintain that market. Remember that Nintendo OWNED the console market for most of the eighties and early 90's. When Sega beat them to the bunch with the Genesis, they were forced later split the 32-bit marketplace, and then ran a distant second to Sony the following generation.

          I think we're on the verge of a major handheld revolution here.. If Nintendo could cram the Gamecube into a handheld form factor it would literally save the platform and open up a new market for them. But as N

  • It was already on /. for crying out loud!

    What it will be, is a sort of WiFi networking option for your GC. It will either work thorugh game imputs, to make any game multiplayer over a wide period, or with specific games.

    A not-so hot idea if you live in the boondocks, but if you live in the middle of a college campus or the like, this could easily be the next big thing if it catches on.

    If they include a voice chat system, frankly all bets are off.

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