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Edinburgh Games Festival - FightBox, Fable, More.. 6

TheNomad writes "This past Monday, the first ever Edinburgh International Games Festival was held. In the middle of the massive Edinburgh Festival cultural season, this is an interesting development for games and gaming. There's a review of the event over at, including details on Peter Molyneux's demo of Fable, the BBC's TV series/game, Fightbox, and other cool stuff." FightBox, a TV show which is "...a gladiatorial arena-style competition between virtual characters, created by members of an online community who compete... to get a chance of appearing on the show itself", is particularly interesting.
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Edinburgh Games Festival - FightBox, Fable, More..

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  • by darylp ( 41915 ) on Friday August 22, 2003 @07:11PM (#6769697)
    As anyone who bothered to download the client and had the misfortune to install it on their system would testify... Fightbox is shit.

    Sure, some coked-up media suit in Soho would be wetting themselves at the chance to merge broadcast TV with games culture, but the problem with that is for such a concept to work, they need to have a playable game. Instead, we get 'Quake on a 386' levels of sluggishness, piss-poor gameplay, and drab, unimaginative design.

    Although I would GLADLY buy a beer for someone who manages to customize their fightbot with a 'Goatse' skin and get it broadcast on national TV.

    Anyway, everyone KNOWS the best interactive 'gaming' TV in the UK is on Game Network after 11pm.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that FightBox sounds a little like SmashTV? I know it's not, but still, that's what the blurb sounded like to me.

    Speaking of which, where is SmashTV? We need a remake! Just a copy of the arcade game, only with polygonal graphics. It could look amazing! And now we have dual analog sticks on every console, you you could have full 360 degree movement and aiming!

    Big Money. Big Prizes. I Love It!

  • It sucked. Well it wasn't too bad for a first attempt at interactive Gaming TV. The controls weren't fluid enough and the qualification games were dull. Also there was a limited number of moves (punch kick etc). The main way to customise the warrior was to upgrade the thing to have better power so you could attack more often. Which was yawnsome. Something with the move depth of a fighting game and the character building of a Final Fantasy. So getting the dragon fist would allow you to do a jumping upper-
  • "Fightbox" is being pitched as a replacement for "Robot Wars" (which the BBC just lost to a commercial rival).

    If the comments I've read so far are accurate, I don't think it'll last very long (but then I'm hardly in the target age group, so I may be very wrong...)

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