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Give The NGage And Phantom A Chance? 71

Thanks to GameSpy for their 'Sole Food editorial urging gamers to take another look at the NGage and Phantom games hardware. Regarding Nokia's NGage game/phone hybrid, the piece suggests: "Gamers should be excited by what Nokia is bringing to the table. Mobile multiplayer gaming via Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS is a wonderful idea and definitely the future of portable gaming." As for Infinium Labs' Phantom console, the author is cautious but optimistic: "I'm not advocating the Phantom, but I'm very much fascinated by what Infinium purports it will introduce to console gaming: digital distribution. This is definitely the way gamers will buy games in the future." Reason enough to think again?
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Give The NGage And Phantom A Chance?

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  • by Mike Hawk ( 687615 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @04:26PM (#6853243) Journal
    play games that look marginally better than GBA games

    Alright, I've had just about enough of the untruths flying around here. Pre-hate if you must, but please be accurate.
    Here is the GBA version of THPS:GBA []

    And here is the N-Gage version:N-Gage []

    C'mon folks, you don't have to like it, but at least be honest. The GBA version is barely the same game while the N-Gage version is exactly the same as the original.

    Someone keeps modding me down for not towing the party line here, but its clear this device is not going to do well, so why keep lying about it?
  • by burns210 ( 572621 ) <> on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @02:11AM (#6856759) Homepage Journal
    Ok, i think the open source/Linux community has an interest in gaming, but lack the funds for hardware production which keeps console systems out of our reach... So my idea? create a framework, of APIs, opengl, etc. with a nice gracphical development enviroment to program a full blown game. These games wouldn't run on a console, necesarily, almost a virtual machine(similar to a java program). This console software could be put onto a linux desktop box and run as a program, or even have an option as a bootable drive, that makes the desktop act as a client(restart your computer, if you have a linux-console-cd inserted, it will boot to your linux console).

    That way, in the future, some company can take this console software and build a custom console box that is tailored to run the games/virtual machine really well.

    Note: this would turn into almost a very custom distro, with the goal of playing linux-console games very well, and developing the tools to make coding new games very easy...

    Just a thought

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