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Decaying Orbit - From Yaroze To Nuon 14

Thanks to InsertCredit for pointing to the Nuon-Dome page, which has the latest info on the Nuon port of cult 2D "space action" freeware title Decaying Orbit, which was originally created via Net Yaroze for the PSOne. In this title, you must "navigate your way through levels filled with [gravity-changing] planets, nebulae, enemy emplacements, and who knows what else.." in order to get home. Since the DVD players that include the bizarre Nuon console-on-a-chip can read normal CDRs, there's a downloadable/burnable demo of an "optimization forthcoming... first three levels" of Decaying Orbit.
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Decaying Orbit - From Yaroze To Nuon

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  • Ya know, even if you don't have a NUON or don't care about the game itself, the details about porting the game are pretty interesting.

    I have to admit, though, I was under the impression the NUON was more powerful than it was. Maybe it's just kinda weak in the 2d area.
    • Nice to see NUON getting used.

      I remember when I bought the Tim Burton remake of "Planet of the Apes" (I liked it, bite me) it said it was NUON ENHANCED. To which I thought "What the fuck is NUON?"

      I looked into it and learnt two things.

      1) Very few players were built with a NUON chip in them.

      2) Only about 6 DVD's were released with features that took advantage of them.

      It's a real shame as I'd love to know what the content on the DVD is that uses NUON. I'd at least like to see what I paid for, but ah well
      • Re:Cool (Score:3, Interesting)

        by K3V ( 530047 )
        To be honest, the NUON features that were available for DVD movies were not very useful or intriguing. The problem was that movie studios didn't want to invest much money into the features since there weren't many DVD players with the chipsets, and the DVD player manufacturers didn't want to make a lot of models with the NUON chipset because there wasn't much NUON content. Unfortunately VM Labs ran out of money before the situation could be resolved and NUON is now left in the hands of the users. Luckily s
  • The PS2 is a console with DVD features. Now we're seeing DVD players with the seeds of gaming features. The future I think lies somewhere in between. As a start I see the ubiquitous games section on every commercial website being incorporated into DVDs.
    Hopefully with internet connectivity and a decent multi purpose controller we'll see some good convergant interactive titles coming out soon.
  • .. compatable player in the UK ?

    i've just been reading Edge magazines 10th bitrthday edition and they have T3K listed in their top 10 shoot-em-ups of all time. i've been meaning to get this game for a while, but i have no idea where to start.

  • They asked the makers "Why did you call it NUON?"

    They replied "Because NUON will buy it!"

  • I read what was up there. I don't think I properly understood. I would see a sentance, then I would see words like NUON and Ya-what? I loose non-geeks and often geeks with my use of Jargon in my day to day speech, but this one lost me. Lots of research to even see what they hell they were talking about.

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