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Capcom To Release Mega Man Anthology 70

TravelSizedMonkey writes "Planet GameCube has a press release from Capcom announcing the upcoming release of the Mega Man Collection for the Gamecube and PS2. It contains Mega Man 1 through 8, as well as two arcade games never released in the US, Mega Man: The Power Battle, and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. It's scheduled for release in February 2004, and includes extra unlockable content and updated soundtracks."
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Capcom To Release Mega Man Anthology

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  • by Daetrin ( 576516 ) on Sunday September 14, 2003 @07:57PM (#6959864)
    He said:
    Mega Man is a very Japanese game. Capcom clearly wants to sell a lot of these in Japan, so it makes sense that they would only focus on the two successful systems over yonder.

    You said:
    Sure, but I bet there are lots of NES owners who own an Xbox now and nothing else and are pissed at CAPCOM. I mean, what do they think I was playing when I was 8? A NES of course, like almost everyone else.

    Capcom is a Japanese company, as such they are probably more concerned than they should be with sales in their home country compared to sales in the rest of the world. (Sure, they'd rather have it sell well everywhere, but it's kind of embaresing if your product flops in your own teritory even if it does well elsewhere)

    As such, the first poster is probably right, the abysmal XBox sales in Japan may well have affected the decision.

    And you only own an XBox, and not a PS2 or GameCube? What were you thinking? To the best of my knowledge there are only three or four worthwhile games that are exclusive to XBox, but there's a lot for the PS2 and GameCube.

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