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Capcom Announces Hyper Street Fighter II X 25

Thanks to ShackNews for pointing out Capcom's announcement of Hyper Street Fighter II X for PlayStation 2, which is due out this December in Japan, and will be properly showcased at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. Since Capcom are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Street Fighter series, it's likely the game will sport a best-of character roster - although, as ShackNews notes, " gotta admire Capcom's ability to create ever-more-ridiculous Street Fighter names (although personally, my favorite is still Street Fighter EX 2 + Alpha)." While awaiting the official unveiling, you can check out the original series via classic RePlay arcade magazine scans from
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Capcom Announces Hyper Street Fighter II X

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  • ...3? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Has Capcom ever come out with a Street Fighter 3?
    • Re:...3? (Score:3, Informative)

      by mishac ( 75996 )
      Yes they did. It was actually a pretty good game, but didn't have enough of the classic SFII characters to keep me interested. I muched preferred Street Fighter Alpha III, which I still play regularly with MAME. SFAIII included not just Ken and Ryu, but many of the characters from SFII (including Chun-li, Blanka, E Honda, Zangief, Dhalsim, Vega, MBison, and more), while still having newer characters.

      SFIII just didn't seem accessible to a casual arcade fan like myself, when I had no clue how to use 9/10
    • Re:...3? (Score:3, Informative)

      by sconest ( 188729 )
      Yes, they released 3 [] of [] them [].
  • by Mitaphane ( 96828 ) on Tuesday September 16, 2003 @04:57AM (#6973214) Homepage
    My personal favorite name was "Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game." As a game it was horrible but the there was something so funny about it's genesis: They took a good fighting game, turned it into a shitty movie, then turned it into a more shitty game based on said movie about game.

    It amazing how ludricious CAPCOM has gotten with all it's incarnations of Street Fighter. I tried searching for "street fighter" to see how many games there have been but there were over 50 hits. Does anyone know how many has there been?

    And of course the oblibligatory crazy amalgamation of the street fighter games:

    *deep breath*

    Super Street Fighter EX Zero II Alpha Upper-Turbo-Gold Plus: Special Hyper-Rainbow-Dash Championship Edition X: W Double-3rd Strike Impact: The Movie Vs. X-Men Vs. Marvel Super Heroes

    • Is that on the X-Cube PlayTendo GameBox?
    • by tankdilla ( 652987 )
      here's what IGN came up with as a list of all the street fighter games [].
      • That list is wrong, since you searched by "Street Fighter". :)

        It leaves out:
        Marvel vs Capcom 1
        Marvel vs Capcom 2
        "Sammy vs Capcom" (upcoming GGXX vs Capcom game, produced by Sammy)
        Capcom vs SNK
        Capcom vs SNK 2
        SNK vs Capcom (produced by SNK)

        This list [] is more accurate but has too much. That being said, almost all use the SF fighting game engine. If you want JUST Street Fighter games on this list (no Darkstalkers, no Marvel-exclusive games), you'll count about 25 unique "Ken and Ryu" based arcade games (exc
  • by ( 629916 ) on Tuesday September 16, 2003 @04:57AM (#6973217) Homepage
    " gotta admire Capcom's ability to create ever-more-ridiculous Street Fighter names (although personally, my favorite is still Street Fighter EX 2 + Alpha)."

    In Japan it is even worst, because the "Alpha" series is called the "Zero" series. For example the "Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper".

  • by cL0h ( 624108 ) on Tuesday September 16, 2003 @08:47AM (#6974140)
    When SFII first came out in my town someone decided that when Ryu or Ken do a dragon punch, the "sho-ryu-ken" sounds like "Paul Newman".
    So everyone started calling dragon punches Paul-Newmans to this day.
  • I wonder if someone will ever put a price on all the time that has been wasted playing SFII and derivatives. Even today, old friends of mine get together to play fighting games and they end up playing the same old game: Street Fighter II Turbo.

    I personally wasted a couple of years playing SFII, Turbo and Alpha (among other Fighting games), to realize that I was missing out on many other great games.

    I think CAPCOM isn't showing any thread of creativity by making ANOTHER SFII game to commemorate the 10
  • by Kyouryuu ( 685884 ) on Tuesday September 16, 2003 @11:34AM (#6975764) Homepage
    The really goofy part about the whole thing is that, as we saw with the Mega Man games in particular, Capcom can count beyond 2. At this point, I have to suspect they realize it's silly to keep it at 2 and do it as an ongoing joke. ^_^
    • Apparently the name Street Fighter II has more name recognition than just Street Fighter.

      It's kind of like playing an RPG where you get the Giant Shiny Adamantine Razor-Edged Poison-Tipped Whiffle Bat of Godlike Ultimate Strength of Poseidon. No matter how many extra names they add to it, it still looks like a whiffle bat.

  • ...I'm still waiting for Super Hyper Street Fighter Alpha Beta Zero Turbo X III.
  • What about Super Street Fighter 2? Why not just merge all the sidenames Capcom has picked up along the way and mash it all together? Like...

    Super Turbo Hyper Street Fighter Alpha vs Marvel Super Heroes vs SNK 3 Tournament Edition.

  • Please people, making fun of the Street Fighter game names got old about 10 years ago.

    The Street Fighter 2 games were always very fun, and if they can make a PS2 version worthwhile, then I think it's worth a try. If they include stuff like the World Tour mode from Street Fighter Alpha 3 for the Dreamcast, or a huge art gallery like Soul Calibur (Hell, there has to be enough SF2 art out there to fill the disc!).

    Still, I'd prefer to see a Street Fighter 4 with some new character... I'm getting sick of all t
    • The naming jokes are getting old? How about the games themselves? The preposterous names are simply an example of the lack of innovation the series has had over the years.

      Sure, there were a couple decent SF games over the years, but nothing amazing or genre defining (like Soul Caliber for the DC). I hope when a title comes out with a name I can remember (SF4?!), it'll be a sign that Capcom has spent some time innovating, rather then simply cranking out the next sequel & watering down a already bland

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